Where to invest Best Investment Funds

Where to invest Best Investment Funds

Currently, inflation does not allow you to save for a few years or months and reach the goal you have set. This happens because inflation does not allow money to retain its value, so it is no longer enough to save, you must invest to increase capital.

There are various types of investment, however the most recommended for people who do not invest often are investment funds . Here are some options for investment, in what we have considered the best investment funds.

What are the best investment funds?

An investment fund is a group of people who want to invest and together, they add an amount that is invested together to receive higher returns or simply to be included in investments where the initial amounts are somewhat high for a single person.

Generally it would be believed that the best investment funds are those that generate higher returns, but this rule is not always 100% met, we explain why.

It is true that what one looks for in an investment is high returns, however, there are factors that can make our investment, in the end, not the fruits we expected. Why? Well to explain, let’s talk about gross and net return.

Gross yeld

This refers to the total return, without discounts, which is usually the one that banks and brokerage firms make known.

“Investment with 8% annual return”

Net Performance

This performance is the one that you will really be able to enjoy your investments since it is the difference between the gross return and the commissions that you will have to pay for an investment.

“8% gross return – 2% in commissions = 6% net return”

Here we can observe how the perspective changes, so it is no longer the best fund that handles higher yields only, if not the one that in addition to considerable returns is accompanied by low commissions.

Your fund options

  • Among the investment funds with the best ranking we will find:
  • Equity investment funds and low fees:

In this type of funds we can find those with commissions from 1.2% and in the medium term such as the Global Fund 1 of HSBC or the long-term fund Investment Fund IXE Strategy 3 that offers you 0% commissions.

We suggest these funds since the commissions are low and by itself of variable income, the yield is usually considerably good.

Investment fund in debt instruments:

These types of funds do not represent a greater risk for your money and in the case of INTERCAM Investment Fund Debt and Banorte Debt Investment Fund handle low commissions of .10% and .24% respectively

If you are one of the people who do not want to take a risk and have a safe investment and return even if the latter is not so high, we suggest these last funds.

Remember that all fund options are subject to commission and performance calculation to determine whether they are convenient or not. We suggest you analyze the three fundamental points of an investment, term, performance and commissions.

Mary Spurlin

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