Practice online trading with demo accounts – Offshore Accounts

Practice online trading with demo accounts – Offshore Accounts

Before attacking to invest your money in the stock market, you must be a minimum experienced, have a minimum of knowledge. First of all, you have to take online courses, get acquainted with stock market concepts, lexicon and different theories.

Once you have gained some knowledge, you can train without the risk of losing your money on an online trading game. There are different online trading games nowadays. The principle is simple: you create your account and you then benefit from a fictitious capital to invest in the financial markets.

The courses are not really real time, there is a slight shift but nothing too embarrassing. This fictitious account allows you to use the different analysis tools, to invest in different markets and to follow your progress. This type of game allows you to train, to know his way of being faced with a game of money and to know its limits.

Many binary options sites offer this type of formula with demo accounts. You can choose a broker through this site to also test their free offers. Once experienced, nothing prevents you from going to deposit money on a trading site and get started for good!

What is the purpose of an online trading platform?

A trading platform is actually the software you download after submitting your registration on a trading site. This software allows you to access different trading rooms around the world in real time. This platform offers you multiple possibilities: place an immediate buy or sell order, trigger threshold, trigger range, make technical analysis, use various tools, consult your performance, your portfolio …

They are more and more developed to offer you more and more professional equipment. Of course, the specificities of the platforms vary from one trading site to another. It is therefore important to compare them all before registering.

Trading courses available on the internet to learn

There are more and more specialized sites that offer free online courses, which take over the stock market from A to Z. Many people still think that the scholarship is reserved for professionals because it is a complex field with very technical strategies . But with the advent of the internet, learning has become more accessible and easier.

The online trading courses are particularly well structured, with videos, images to make concrete all theories. You can learn at your own pace, go back to a point if you have trouble, deepen it by watching tutorials … All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Day trading: what is it exactly?

Day trading is an investment strategy based on a very short period of time. It is estimated that you do day trading when you buy a value and you resell it 1 hour later, or during the day. This technique consists of realizing as many capital gains as possible within a very short period of time.

To achieve this, one must invest in highly speculative stocks with high volatility. The courses change quickly, you can win big (or lose big) but the risk is big. To be able to multiply the gains in a day, the traders do what are called back and forth: they buy and then sell the same action several times in a single day.

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