Why I’ve Decided to Stop Buying Palm Oil with or without the Haze

Yesterday, I said I will be stopping support (no more buying) palm oil products. Foods, detergents, soups, shampoo that contain palm oil. Sodium Laureate Sulphate (SLS) is also made from palm oil and is linked to cancer tumours in animals, etc and is found in many personal care products.

For those who think it’s crazy, think again: There are people who are much much further away from Indonesia and the haze, and they had already stopped supporting palm oil years ago!

Snacktivists in San Francisco, CA have been raising awareness about popular products containing irresponsible palm oil tied to rainforest destruction (and the haze in Singapore and Malaysia) by stickering them with the message: “WARNING: This snack may contain orangutan extinction.REPIN: http://pinterest.com/pin/142707881915155583/

Wow! Iam not sure I will do that and risk getting fined but I want you, readers and friends to know, that we have to do something to HELP stop this haze, and perhaps more. Greenpeace against palm oil

Can I stop buying KitKat? I sure can! Vegans have no problem with rejecting dairy milk products any way. 🙂

Can I stop eating Subway sandwiches or any thing else that use palm oil? Isure can! I know it’s gonna be difficult to stop supporting all palm oil products but there are always alternatives for our shampoo, etc.

If you are wondering why I am doing this, the reason is simple: ?Palm Oil funds the burning of rainforests in Sumatra and Borneo, and many orang-utans are either hurt, traumatised, dead or near extinction because of these fires and their unnecessary loss their natural habits.

Please read this post to get a more detailed idea of the haze’s link with animal cruelty and disrespect for Mother Nature’s rainforests in Indonesia.

Stories from PALM OIL IS KILLING ORANG UTANS facebook page:

“People were chopping down a tree from the jungle in which the orangutans live and they saw the orangutan on the floor. They thought it was dead but soon realized it wasn’t so they chopped it’s hand off. All this just to plant palm oil !!”

“This orangutan was just walking around its home (the jungle) and a couple of men finished there, cutting down the tree job and decided to stay the night, when they saw the orangutan come close to there cam. They poured petrol all over it and set it on fire.”

“Did you know that most orangutans watch there mothers being slaughtered right in front of them when they are only days old.”



One of the most well-known palm oil plantation owners in Indonesia is CARGILL. Cargill, like Monsanto, participate in joint ventures related to hybrid and gmo grains. Surprised? These both are food thugs! Here’s the story by the Rainforest Action Network: http://understory.ran.org/2012/02/23/monsanto-and-cargill-the-thugs-of-big-food/ For those who’ve known me for years on Facebook, know just how much I detest GMO foods (linked to environmental and human health problems).

Google for dangers of GMO or genetically modified foods. Cargill poses a threat to farmers by pushing its genetically modified products onto the market, aggressively seeking patents for its seeds, and suing farmers that unknowingly cultivate Cargill-patented products on their farms. – http://www.greenamerica.org/programs/responsibleshopper/company.cfm?id=200

The Organic Consumers’ Association once wrote, “Down with Cargill and their Subsidiaries” ?http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_26479.cfm

As Cargill legally owns part of the rainforest they burned to plant palm oil, it is LEGAL for them to do whatever they want to the rainforests.

What about environmental laws of Indonesia? Can’t any thing stop these food thugs and orang-utan bullies any more? The EU can actually use Hemp Oil in place of Palm Oil for their biofuel.

Long-time friend, Ken Schabelski states that “There is no need to use something so detructive to health and environment, Hemp Fuel can save the world!

On page 8 of the FAS report talks about the global production of Hemp Fiber and Seed http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL32725.pdf ”

The other thing we may be able to do, is to petition the EU parliament to look into using hemp oil, instead of palm oil? It is because of this palm oil, Indonesian plantation owners and farmers were either coerced, threatened or bribed to burn the rainforests.

If we want good quality air, we must be concerned about what is happening overseas; can we continue to ignore what Mother Nature is trying to tell us about the orang-utans losing their rainforest homes? The haze is not going to stop as long as the rainforests in Sumatra (or Borneo) keeps burning several times a year.

Suggestions raised by Singaporeans

1. “More face masks” is a GREAT IDEA, except most of them are out of stock, so that leaves the poor and aged sick without the masks.

One of my friends, Prof. Colin Ong Tau Suan, has broadcasted this to help distribute the masks to those who need them more (you can help spread the word too!): SG Haze Rescue is seeking volunteers give out masks to neighborhoods with aging population. Interested, please send an e-mail to tyac.sg@gmail.com

2. “Cloud-seeding to bring on the rain” is a poor solution and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Cloud seeding involves pumping unhealthy gases into the air. Areas in USA where this is done experienced a higher rate of flu and asthma outbreaks.
  2. Cloud seeding cannot be fully controlled. At one point of time, China did it and Beijing rained icr-cubes (do a google for this news!)
  3. In dryers seasons, the moist (underground) peat of Sumatran and Borneo rainforests produces a lot of CO2, which may result in another rainforest fire. Nature will have a hard time trying to reverse the bad effects of rainforest burns, but I think Mother Nature need time to undo the bad things done to it since 1991! Genetically engineering our weather, foods and vaccines have their repercussions.

About Cloud-Seeding:

Cloud-seeding involves dispersing chemicals orgases into the air to serve as cloud condensartion or ice nuclei. The usual intent is to increase the chances of a rain or snow.

And carbon dioxide, silver iodode, calcium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium hydroxide are some substances used in cloud-seeding. Prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide results in increased calcium deposits on soft tissue (gout-like).

Carbon dioxide is also poisonous to the heart, and causes diminished contactile force. Due to the health risks associated with carbon dioxide exposure, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that average exposure for healthy adults during an eight-hour work day should not exceed 5,000 ppm (0.5%). Silver iodide is considered a hazardous and toxic pollutant by the USA’s EPA.

Potassium chloride has been used in lethal injections to stop the heart from functioning. Solid sodium hydroxide or solutions of sodium hydroxide will cause chemical burns, permanent injury or scarring, and blindness if it contacts unprotected human or animal tissue.

So, should we be concerned if cloud-seeding is used to bring on artificial rain? I’d say, don’t screw with nature! lol

For the lady who told me about palm oil cruelty 3 years ago, I am sorry I did not take your comments seriously. I thought it was a sham message!

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Household chemicals cause cancer, birth defects On the flip, the health threat is in your home as well. TV ads of Febreze is one of them. http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2013/02/27/household-chemicals-cause-cancer-birth-defects-wide-range-of-health-issues-who-study-admits/

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Indonesian Fire Maps (1997 to 1998) http://www.fs.fed.us/eng/indofire/

Rainforest Fires are not new, and quite frequent http://www.sott.net/article/117053-Fires-Rage-In-Indonesian-Borneo-And-Sumatra

Palm oil factories are as much to blamed for air pollution even when rainforests are not burned. “Smoke rises from a palm oil factory outside Pekanbaru, Riau province, which also produces paper.” http://rolandsheppard.com/Site/The_Myth_of_Kyoto.html REPIN: http://pinterest.com/pin/142707881915156410/

Haze Spread to Singapore ? Can You Hear Mother Nature Calling for Help? http://www.myqute.com/blog/haze-spread-to-singapore-can-you-hear-mother-nature-calling-for-help/

Life-Saving Tips for Hazy Days http://www.myqute.com/blog/life-saving-tips-for-hazy-days/ Cloud-seeding is not as effective as one thought.” http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/11/101101125949.htmCloud seeding fails, water crisis looms” http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/1281105/report-cloud-seeding-fails-water-crisis-looms

8 thoughts on “Why I’ve Decided to Stop Buying Palm Oil with or without the Haze”

  1. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I

    ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I’m

    quite sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  2. Just watched

    the CNA. They said the recent haze from Indonesia is caused by peat burning. Meaning, the natural combustion of rotting

    underground vegetation producing CO2 caused another rainforest outbreak. The underground is too hot because of previous

    rainforest burnings.

    How do they know? According to the CNA reporter, fire outbreak due to human’s intervention

    causes less smog, but peat combustion causes more smog (more haze).

    This is one of the repercussions of allowing the

    first human to burn the rainforest. Now, mother nature will refuse any thing to be grown for long there. :/

  3. …The

    intentional burning of rain forests provide no benefit to humankind whatsoever, only assuring an imbalance in the ecosystem

    of the planet.

    It boggles the imagination that this would be done for no other reason than the desire of companies to

    profit from its destruction at the expense of the flora and fauna that inhabit it, not to mention the rest of the planet that

    needs these forests to maintain the delicate balance of life around the world.

    But this is also a good time as any to

    seek alternative sources other than palm oil. With this tragedy taking place, perhaps industrial hemp can see its way into

    the public’s psyche as a unique and viable means of energy as a biofuel, among tens of thousands of other things.

    There are presently at least 30 countries world-wide taking part in the production of industrial hemp, with the People’s

    Republic of China as the biggest producer and exporter.
    If other countries get involved in producing hemp, there will be

    no need to upset the rain forests and no need to destroy trees as hemp is a useful substitute that in many cases does better

    than the trees that are being destroyed. One acre of hemp will produce as much as 4 acres of trees and while trees take

    years, even decades to replenish, hemp take just a few months.

    There is so much to be said about this innocuous plants

    and the benefits derived from it that even political stalwarts such as Senators Mitch McConell and Rand Paul, among others,

    are seeking reclassification of industrial hemp so the United States can get involved in the agriculture of it.


    time, perhaps, has come to be a productive industry that will create jobs, strengthen the economy of countries producing it

    and benefiting the planet as a whole by saving trees. There is more, of course, but that is a good start…

    1. Thank you

      Windy for your input! I think companies who create their own palm oil will have less incentive to switch to hemp oil.

      It’s the smaller food manufacturers who need a palm oil alternative, they would be more likely to use hemp oil.

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