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I Went Shopping For Seeds and Look at These Bunny Ear Plants

In the last one week, I took some days to shop around for seeds of vegetables, fruits and herbs (those that are not easily available in Singapore) that were good as food as good for the human body.

I have to say that I just love it when I can get organic wheatgrass seeds at such…Continue Reading

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Very Good List of Foods for Those with NKD (Natural Killer Cell Deficiency)

#NKD NK Cell Deficiency: Natural killer (NK) cell deficiency is an inherited immune system disorder in which the patient has low or absent levels of a certain type of white blood cells called NK cells. The NK cells help the immune system fight against disease and infection. These cells recognize and destroy body…Continue Reading

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What’s Anti-Cancer, Anti-Parkinson’s and Anti-depression, a Herbal Psychedelic Root and from Peru?

1. In Brazil or Peru, Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine also known as “Ayahuasca” or “Hoasca” can be bought in their markets and it is common for people to turn to a healer for treatment with Ayahuasca (pronounced a-ja-was-ka), especially with cancer.

Ayahuasca and cancer treatment http://smo.sagepub.com/content/1/2050312113508389.abstract
Peer-reviewed studies using the “Ayahuasca”…Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Including its Leaves Are Anti-Cancer, Also Mentioned in Islamic Holy Quran

There are so many foods we have not eaten in this part of the world called SINGAPORE and already we are told that cancer has no cure. Pic:at https://www.facebook.com/SavingDinner/photos/a.251687819733.141546.79258169733/10152961022204734/?type=1

Well, guess what? Pumpkins ARE anti-cancer!

SHOCKING: The Muslims’ Holy Quran mentioned pumpkin as anti-cancer….now backed with scientific proof that “The pumpkin plant…Continue Reading

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A Tale of Cow Poo and Mind-Controlled Ants (zombies!)

Some doctors are now ‘pest’ removers. 🙂 A tapeworm (usually living in crabs and pigs) lived in a man’s brain for 4 years (headaches, memory loss, giddiness).

In other words, proper accurate medical diagnosis TOOK 4 YEARS!

How did man survive (with no brain damage)?
Answer: Worm ate more plaque than…Continue Reading

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Finally Singapore Authorities Gets IT – That Milk Can Shorten Your Life!

#dairymilk FINALLY yesterday 29th Oct 2014, the mainstream news here in Singapore reports that MILK is not healthy and could even shorten your life if you drink it often. NOW, our health authorities get it and I am glad we are progressing because we are so many years behind science!

This…Continue Reading

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Ebola is a Bioweapon Engineered by CDC but Not a Pandemic + Solution

“Ebola came to USA in 2014” is actually a lie. Ebola virus patented in which year by the USA’s CDC? http://www.google.com/patents/CA2741523A1?cl=en

What the CDC did was, for few years up to 2014, they were bringing in ebola-infected patients, sneaking them into the USA. And yet they did not announce it…Continue Reading

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Your Prescription Drugs Are Being Recycled for Other Diseases – Amazed or Alarmed?

This is sooooo common, more so than most people think! Blah blah viagra being used for weight loss seems like a big deal until you find these via google too:

— Viagra, Cialis May Help Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients
— Viagra May Help With Weight Loss
— Viagra May help Crohn’s…Continue Reading

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Something About Root Canal Surgeries That Most Dentists Are Not Even Aware Of

I know of someone who is constantly having rashes that resemble “heat rashes” that never quite go away. He said: Just blame it on the heat!!

Then through a friend, it dawned on me he had Root Canal Surgery about a year ago- a dental procedure that has the potential to leak gum bacteria into…Continue Reading

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More Than 70+ Anti-Cancer Foods You Can Use to Reverse or Help Prevent Cancer

Anti-Cancer Remedies Shown here are Vegan.  Wasp poison, honey etc are not shown.

Anti-Cancer Foods 1. to 6.
In 1911, Dr. August von Wasserman discovered that selenite (selenium) injected into mouse cancer tumors caused them to decompose.

In the 1970s, studies by Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer produced a 70% reduction in breast cancer tumors by adding trace amounts…Continue Reading

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Long-Term Aspirin Lowers Hereditary Cancer Risk By Over 60% but UPS Risks of Vision Loss

Can’t remember which newspaper I had read from (either the New Paper or the Straits Times)!] ? It said that aspirin lowers heredity cancer


I remember the hospital doctor…Continue Reading

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How My Mum’s Diabetes Type 2 Was Reversed in 5 Months Without Medicine Nor Insulin Shots

Diabetic sufferers do not need to LIVE WITH diabetes, they can reverse it! Yes, diabetes type 2 can be reversed.

My mum’s diabetes Type 2 was reversed in 5 months, just with a change of diet, following the advise of DeWayne McCulley’s Death to Diabetes (book) and SIMPLY RAW: Reversing…Continue Reading

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Representative of LiveSmart360 FALSELY claimed “All Our Ingredients Are Natural”!

He could not even answer me on whether their gelatin is vegan or not. This is what I’ve found about some ingredients in products marketed by LiveSmart360.


A. Rebaudisode A in this product means chemically processed stevia?



B. Why is “natural flavors”…Continue Reading

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Bad News For Those Of Us Who Think Canned Drinks Are Safe

Here is an article from author Lee Eula titled “This Common Metal May Foster Breast Cancer and Other Diseases

“You can use thin sheets of this metal to wrap and store your foods… and you might even use pans made from it to cook the food you’re storing.

What’s more, you may drink many of your favorite…Continue Reading

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What Does ENSURE Milk Ensure?

#milk Most commercial milk formula are problematic. My grandaunt was on Ensure a year before her bronchitis escalated to pneumonia. I was telling my mum that she should have some fresh juices from fruits and wheatgrass. Most milk powders are not healing patients.

In Singapore, Renci Hospital is no…Continue Reading

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Meat’s Relation to Chronic Diseases: Meat Facts You Should Know

Dr. Michael Greger is right: …what exactly is
in the meat that is so significantly increasing cancer death rates, heart disease, and shortening people’s lives? A few possibilities include heme iron, nitrosamines, biogenicamines, advanced glycation end products, arachidonic acid, steroids, toxic metals, drug residues, viruses, heterocyclic amines, PCBs, dioxins, and other industrial…Continue Reading

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14 Reasons To Refuse Subway

I would never have penned my thoughts about Subway except when a few months ago, I noticed the “VEGAN” ingredients coming to Subway in the USA caught my eye. I could not remember exactly what it was, but it was definitely NOT healthy.

These days, fast food chains are targetting people who want healthier foods and…Continue Reading

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Knowing Identity of Infant Milk Manufacturer and Their History Can Reduce The Likelihood of Buying Bad Milk

I recently read a news posted by ChannelNewsAsia that made me dig up part of my communication with a doctor friend. You see, 2 years ago when she asked me what could be causing one of her patient’s baby who kept having diarrhoea. She was very puzzled.

Continue Reading

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Some Raw and Cooked Vegan Foods I Took Recently

I don’t always take pics of raw vegan food I create for myself or family. Here are some from my digital camera and my Pinterest friends.

I am eating more of these crinkly yellow fruits. When unripe, it’s smooth and reddish-green. Know what these are?

Know the name…<a href=Continue Reading

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Drinking from Bottled Water and Six Other Actions Account for Premature Andropause

Two curious German scientists from the Department of Aquatic Ecotoxicology in Frankfurt, ] ?Germany, studied ]commercial bottled waters and found that they contained toxic “xenoestrogens”.

Excess Estrogen An Epidemic!


What are xenoestrogens? ?Xenoestrogens are a synthetic form of the female hormone, estrogen, and have been…Continue Reading

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