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Very Good List of Foods for Those with NKD (Natural Killer Cell Deficiency)

 Share on Tumblr  #NKD NK Cell Deficiency: Natural killer (NK) cell deficiency is an inherited immune

What’s Anti-Cancer, Anti-Parkinson’s and Anti-depression, a Herbal Psychedelic Root and from Peru?

 Share on Tumblr  1. In Brazil or Peru, Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine also known as “Ayahuasca” or

Pumpkin Including its Leaves Are Anti-Cancer, Also Mentioned in Islamic Holy Quran

 Share on Tumblr  There are so many foods we have not eaten in this part of

A Tale of Cow Poo and Mind-Controlled Ants (zombies!)

 Share on Tumblr  Some doctors are now ‘pest’ removers. A tapeworm (usually living in crabs and

Finally Singapore Authorities Gets IT – That Milk Can Shorten Your Life!

 Share on Tumblr  #dairymilk FINALLY yesterday 29th Oct 2014, the mainstream news here in Singapore reports

Ebola is a Bioweapon Engineered by CDC but Not a Pandemic + Solution

 Share on Tumblr  “Ebola came to USA in 2014″ is actually a lie. Ebola virus patented

Your Prescription Drugs Are Being Recycled for Other Diseases – Amazed or Alarmed?

 Share on Tumblr  This is sooooo common, more so than most people think! Blah blah viagra

Something About Root Canal Surgeries That Most Dentists Are Not Even Aware Of

 Share on Tumblr  I know of someone who is constantly having rashes that resemble “heat rashes”

More Than 70+ Anti-Cancer Foods You Can Use to Reverse or Help Prevent Cancer

 Share on Tumblr  This Anti-Cancer Resource will be expanded from time to time!   Anti-Cancer Foods

Long-Term Aspirin Lowers Hereditary Cancer Risk By Over 60% but UPS Risks of Vision Loss

 Share on Tumblr  Can’t remember which newspaper I had read from (either the New Paper or
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