Very Good List of Foods for Those with NKD (Natural Killer Cell Deficiency)

#NKD NK Cell Deficiency: Natural killer (NK) cell deficiency is

an inherited immune system disorder in which the patient has low or absent levels of a certain type of white

blood cells called NK cells. The NK cells help the immune system fight against disease and infection. These cells recognize

and destroy body cells that have become infected with viruses or cancer.

Very good list of foods/herbs here for people with NKD:


The genes are shaped by their

environments…where they are. Change that environment and you may change those genes. But intead of paying through your nose to change those genes, why not change the factor that changes those genes?

How Your Environment Hacks Your

Genes for You

Although there are no studies to say in concrete terms that food can reverse of prevent NKD, what

else is there for patients to lose if they have given up living?

If I have NKD, I will keep food grade

hydrogen peroxide and silver spray (pharmaceutical grade) handy.


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Lifes’ Hard Knocks Can Leave Marks That Turn Genes On and



Why Your DNA May Not Be Your Destiny


Eric Richards, Ph.D., professor of biology at Washington University in St. Louis

once said: “..studies do not demonstrate inheritance between generations, but they do show that the early

nutritional environment in the mice and early behavioral environment in the rat studies can change the DNA packaging on the

genome.” –

How Culture Shaped the Human

Genome: bringing genetic and the human sciences together


What’s Anti-Cancer, Anti-Parkinson’s and Anti-depression, a Herbal Psychedelic Root and from Peru?

1. In Brazil or Peru, Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine also known

as “Ayahuasca” or “Hoasca” can be bought in their markets and it is common for people to turn to a healer for

treatment with Ayahuasca (pronounced a-ja-was-ka), especially with cancer.

Ayahuasca and cancer treatment
Peer-reviewed studies using the “Ayahuasca” or “Hoasca”

Ayahuasca and Cancer

Is Ayahuasca Showing Promise as an Alternative Cancer



Part of the Ayahuasca vine tree


2. The root bark of the Ayahuasca is not only found to be anti-cancer, it is


found to be effective treatment against Parkinson’s Disease. Ref:



3. Banisteriopsis

Caapi Vine aka Ayahuasca is also a natural antidepressant:




Some studies have shown that “Ayahuasca” or “Hoasca” can treat drug and cigarette

smoking addiction as well.

However….Ayahuasca is illegal in the U.S.A. but legal in Peru, allowing indigenous

medical traditions surrounding ayahuasca as part of its national heritage.

Interview: Celebrity Psychonaut Dennis McKenna

In Brazil, ayahuasca is only allowed

on religious grounds, but not for medicinal purposes.

In Holland, ayahuasca is not forbidden to be used, nor

prohibited for import.




I took a look at the plant in one

botanical website, the plant looks ordinary and has dark green leaves. But what info lies behind these innocent-looking

leaves took me by surprise.

On its own, the ayahuasca leaves, known as “Chacruna”, is not psychoactive because it has

no DMT. But for the creation of the ayahuasca herbal drink used by the shamans, adding P. viridis to the concoction made it


According to shamanic healers in the Amazonian forests where Ayahuasca can be found in dark and wet

areas, the ayahuasca herbal drink can cause nausea or diarrhea. It is what Peruvian

shamans call a complete and concrete “purge” or detoxification. The human body releases its locks, and its mind. purging the

negative memories from cells.

Not everyone will vomit or will have visions after the drink.

One of the

Most Beautiful Thing Ever Mentioned by Those Who Did Not Felt Like Nausea

“I remember hearing other people’s

purging, puking and coughing start and I wondered if it would begin for me. Gentle rumblings in my abdomen began but didn’t feel nauseous or that I would start

throwing up. Hearing retching, I was genuinely surprised I wasn’t turned off, I was simply taking it in. If anything, I felt

lighter and warmer and wanted send love out to people that were physically purging. There was a deep connection to their

pain and process. Any noises were basic human responses, there was no judgment from me, just acknowledgment.” –



Shamanic healer-psychiatrists

share that participants have extraordinary experiences: they may see the spirits of

their ancestors, or recover forgotten memories etc. Some may feel very part of nature and feel the conflicts

of life. And so, some may cry with sudden sadness as the spiritual part of their minds awaken.

Ayahuasca experiences can often be very intense, and for the purposes of healing, you may relive some

traumatic or intensely emotional experiences from your past.… Make no mistake, drinking Ayahuasca is a spiritual

experience that often leads to profound insights that may cause you to make some very life-altering decisions. Do not take

this medicine lightly!”



I WAS INTRIGUED! Could this mean that even the most

evil of murderers and psychopathics will now have the chance to feel remorse because they ingested some of this herbal root?



Video: Long-Term Effects of the Ritual Use of Ayahuasca on Mental


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Like Dr. Jos Carlos Bouso, PhD, many have found the herb to be

non-deleterious when taken longterm. Ref: Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine is considered “safe and without adverse long-term






Well…here comes the BAD NEWS!

A) Ayahuasca is suspected to be fatal when the herb exceeds the

normal dosage as this news reveal.

B) It’s also believed that some bogus shamans use to (a ‘witchcraft

plant’ that’s a member of the nightshade family) instead of the actual more harmless ayahuasca leaves. to was blamed for the death of teenager, Kyle Nolan.

C) Aside from these complex rules for the shamanistic ceremony, Peru is also known for bogus

shamans who prey on female tourists: “Common are stories of female tourists who, under

ayahuasca’s stupor, have faced sexual predators posing as healers. A nurse from Seattle says she booked a stay at a lodge

run by a gringo shaman two hours outside Iquitos. When she slipped into ayahuasca’s trademark ‘state of hyper-

suggestibility’, things got weird.

‘He placed his hands on my breast and groin and was talking a lot of shit

to me,’ she recalls. ‘I couldn’t talk. I was very weak.’ She said she couldn’t confront the shaman. During the

next session, he became verbally abusive. Fearing he might hurt her, she snuck off to the river, a tributary of the Amazon,

late that night and swam away. She was lucky.

In 2010, a 23-year-old German woman traveled to a tiny village called

Barrio Florida for three nights of ayahuasca ceremonies. She ended up raped and brutally beaten by a ‘shaman’ and his

accomplice, who were both arrested.

Last November, a Slovakian woman filed charges against a shaman, claiming she’d

been raped during a ceremony at a lodge in Peru.” –







Cross-section of the Ayahuasca vine tree

from the Amazonian forests in Peru


D) For at least 4 days before

the shamanic ayahuasca ritual, participants in such shamanic cleansing must be total vegans (no meat

especially pork, chicken liver and pickled herring, cheese, eggs, honey) and abstain from:


chocolates and coacoa,
gassy drinks,
fava bean, broad beans, lima beans,
all soy

products including miso, beancurd and soy auce,
mature avocado,
ripe bananas,
figs, pineapples,

all fermented foods including the Korean kimchi, yogurt and sauerkraut,
sugar, salt, spices like

dill, parsley and wild fennel,
beer, alcohol,
tranquilizer, sedatives, painkiller, amphetamines, antihistamines,

noise, social interaction or even sex!

The herb Ayahuasca aka Housca may

interact “violently” with tyramine, which is a substance produced when the human body breaks down any food with amino

acid tyrosine (epecially from cheese and dairy milk). When this happens, hypertension follows,

which can be fatal. Death from hallucinogenic amine intoxication is real


E) Ayahuasca

cannot be taken with any western drugs, painkillers, prescribed or not. This page lists known human fatalities

concerning consumption of the herbal mix:

F) It is

not recommended for those with heart pressure or heart problems, digestive problem or if diabetic, mentally ill,

bipolar or pregnant.

G) It is important that one is HYDRATED (constantly drinking water)

hours before the shamanic ayahuasca ritual. (Note: There is controversy amongst shamans on whether plain water should be

drunk during the ayahuasca ritual a some shaman healers believe doing so actually make puking lasts longer.)





It is easy to get ground Ayahuasca from but

you SHOULD NOT be ingesting it without any one monitoring your health. The good news is

you do not need shamans to have safe positive ayahuasca cleansing. in Tarapoto, Peru (alternate link) is one such

place where Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine aka Ayahuasca without the use of toxic to.

And until you

are under the right people for a ayahuasca cleansing ritual, here’s a good ayahuasca forum to check out:

Also, many anti-cancer foods without risks or inconveniences associated with ayahuasca.

More Than 70+ Anti-Cancer Foods You Can Use to Reverse or Help Prevent Cancer




A lady’s true-life experience with ayahuasca

Ayahuasca Can Change Your Life — As

Long as You’re Willing to Puke Your Guts Out

Ten Celebrity

Ayahuasca Users

Ayahuaca according to a retired

professor, Donald Topping

Ayahuasca herbal drink is made

with the vine trees’ leaves known as “Chacruna“.


Psilocybin, aka magic mushrooms, actually calms, rather than stimulates, certain brain


Six Amazing Discoveries About Psychedelics

“Are there healthier Coffee alternatives? I

understand that ground coffee powder is already acidic and carcinogenic.”
Alternative: Kola Nut (DIY Grind it to powder).

[For healthier chocolate, google caocao beans.]

Pumpkin Including its Leaves Are Anti-Cancer, Also Mentioned in Islamic Holy Quran

There are so many foods we have not eaten in this part of the world

called SINGAPORE and already we are told that cancer has no cure. Pic:at

Well, guess what? Pumpkins ARE anti-cancer!

SHOCKING: The Muslims’ Holy Quran mentioned pumpkin

as anti-cancer….now backed with scientific proof that “The pumpkin plant with all its parts consists of highly effective

nutrients, where it is considered as a super food for many diseases and cancers, especially gastrointestinal cancer.” –


“Pumpkin is a rich source of cucurbitacin E, a unique and powerful anticancer

compound which researchers have just discovered is highly toxic to triple negative breast cancer cells in vitro. In fact,

cucurbitacin E killed up to 85% of these highly aggressive breast cancer cells by triggering programmed cell death.” –

Here’s a list of 70 Other Anti-Cancer Foods!

More Than 70+ Anti-Cancer Foods You Can Use to Reverse or Help Prevent Cancer

A Tale of Cow Poo and Mind-Controlled Ants (zombies!)

Some doctors are now ‘pest’ removers. 🙂 A tapeworm (usually living in crabs and pigs) lived in a man’s brain for 4 years (headaches,

memory loss, giddiness).

In other words, proper accurate medical diagnosis TOOK 4 YEARS!

How did man

survive (with no brain damage)?
Answer: Worm ate more plaque than brain tissue…the kind that causes stroke in humans.

How did the worm survive?
Answer: Egg of worm absorbed like how nutrients get absorbed in the guts. Nutrients and

parasite egg gets circulated in blood. Hatched in brain.


Vegans do not eat seafood! 🙂


thinking of parasites? Here’s an interesting story of how ants become ZOMBIES (they’re mind-infested by parasites

too): “The Lancet liver fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum has a very busy life. As an adult it spends its time in the

liver of a cow or another grazing mammal. Here it mates and lays eggs, which are excreted in the host’s feces.


snail eats the poo, taking in the eggs at the same time. The eggs hatch in the snail and make their way into its digestive

gland, where they asexually reproduce. They then travel to the surface of the snail’s body. As a defensive maneuver, the

snail walls the parasites up in cysts and coughs up the balls of slime…doing exactly what the parasites wanted it to do.

An ant comes along and gobbles up the fluke-laded slime balls. The flukes then spread out inside of the ant, with a

couple of them setting up shop in the insect’s head. When night approaches, the flukes take control. They make the ant

climb up a blade of grass and hold tight, waiting to be eaten by a grazing animal.

If the ant is still alive at dawn,

the flukes release their control and the ant goes about its day like normal (if the ant baked in the sun, the parasite would

die, too). At night the flukes take over again and the cycle repeats until the ant becomes cattle food.” –

And you know, ants and termites are eaten by some people in Africa and Australia!


actually live longer and in better health even with parasites than when fed by humans corn and antibiotics!

Scientists may be genetically engineering viruses to control minds
of rodents! Me no

like bio weapons!

Meat causes inflammation, says Dr. Michael Greger. Latest studies show meat inflammes within one hour of consumption. This inflammation starts to

calm after 5 to 6 hours so if you are eating again after 5 to 6 hours, your body becomes inflammed continiously for at least

10 hours. Constant inflammation causes cancer.

The crabs where those worms

come from? They
are capable of feeling pain too, not just cows, chickens, goats,

fish and frogs!

Talking about snails, any one using snail cream as a beauty anti-wrinkle cream? Hopefully, no

parasites in such cream too!

Thanks for reading these GROSS pre-Christmas

tale (factoids)!


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Woman Contracts Parasitic Worm In Her Brain From Pork


Sushi lover’s entire

body left riddled with WORMS


Finally Singapore Authorities Gets IT – That Milk Can Shorten Your Life!

#dairymilk FINALLY yesterday 29th Oct 2014, the mainstream news

here in Singapore reports that MILK is not healthy and could even shorten your life if you drink it often. NOW, our health

authorities get it and I am glad we are progressing because we are so many years behind science!

This was just one of

those info I have been sharing for years about milk and especially pasteurized and homogenized milk.


The other

info about milk is just shocking!

Milk Accelerates Heart Disease and Linked to Cancer, etc etc.

DUMEX MILK at one stage.

Theres’ X.O. in Processed Cows?? Milk etc etc Milk is not natural!

If you have menstrual

cramps at the time of the month, it is NOT normal. If you’re losing a lot of hair although you have no exposure to

radiation of any sort, that is NOT normal. It could be the hormones in dairy milk that is causing all these abnormalities!


I am not going to lie that raw milk has lesser allergens than

convenional ultra-high heat treats milk. But I am also not going to lie that you can get food poisoning if you are not

drinking straight from a clean cow’s udder!

We may cry over spilled milk but mother cows really mourn or cry over the

loss of the calves taken away to be slaughtered so humans can drink cows’ milk, like this mother cow here!





Breastmilk is best for babies (unless

mother is on western “medicine”) and children above 7 do not need milk. Adults do not need milk.

Enjoy the other milk

Coconut milk or smoothie

Nut Milk – Make Your

Almond Milk



1. AVOID or reduce all animals’ milk whenever possible. Goats’ milk is less ‘evil’ but also has

antibiotics and antibodies human body does not need.

2. Don’t count on camels’ milk either (avoid Middle East

Respiratory Syndrome aka MERS).

3. Do not eat soy foods or drink soy milk regularly. Phytoestrogens found in soya

bean, can stimulate breast tumor growth (even at low dosage). – ?? one of the phytoestrogens found in soy ?? induces MCF-7 breast

cancer cell apoptosis via the mitochondrial pathway ??

4. Stop donating to

cancer foundations who have not educated people on what can prevent and/or reverse cancer.

And if you have to take

milk, take the fermented ones – YOGHURT without any artificial preservatives or artificial flavours. Stay away from yighurt

with food labels with “permitted” any thing and “natural” any thin!


What could be the

perfect Milk Ad? ASH in the movie, Alien!


or REVERSING CANCER? Feel free to scroll through some of my pics at photobucket!




What Does ENSURE milk ensure

What Does ENSURE Milk Ensure?


more dairy you eat the sicker you get, and the sooner you die!

Milk-free cakes – Why Not

Fruity Tiramisu Cake – No Bake and Gluten-Free

Debunking The Milk Myth

Scariest Food of 2010 and why you should take


A graduate of Cornell’s School of Veterinary Medicine once

told a story of a cow who hid one of her twins from slaughter.


Life Span Could Shorten from Eating Too Much Red Meat (Often)




Ebola is a Bioweapon Engineered by CDC but Not a Pandemic + Solution

“Ebola came to USA in 2014” is actually a lie. Ebola virus patented in which year by the USA’s


What the CDC did was, for few years up to 2014, they were

bringing in ebola-infected patients, sneaking them into the USA. And yet they did not announce it as an epidemic back then.

Why is the pandemic only now in 2014?

So, what is the scare now? Why only now? Cos now, they have the Ebola

vaccines they say YOU, the uninfected, needs!

NO MATTER what they use to justify you need Ebola or other shots, DO NOT

agree to have those vaccinations even if they are provided to you for free! There is Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. and Canada But Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children


EBOLA DECEPTION: Vaccine Agenda Fully Exposed – Final Edition [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

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Bank robbers

are not going to inform the bank before they rob! So, even if the crooks release bioweapons, they are not going to tell you

that. Until the damage is done, they will be silent on this.

And even more evidence they intentionally spread Ebola:


Usually viruses cannot survive outside any mammalian body but ebola virus can

survive in even sneeze droplets etc, it is actually an engineered bioweapon (engineered by the CDC).

There is good

news though! There are already cures for Ebola. Ebola cannot infect you if you have even trace amounts of selenium in your

body. Colloidal silver (silver spray) easily kills ebola in the air.

I remember someone telling me Colloidal

silver works on Ebola too:


An African man infected

with Ebola revealed he is cured because he ate a lot of vitamin-c rich foods. Check out what Dr. Thomas

Levy said, can easily kill Ebola Virus and that you can get one from your kitchen or supermarket.


There is really NO pandemic on ebola at all! People dying of cigarette smoking or

cancer alone is more!

And given that there is no pandemic, there is really no need for any one rich or not, to give

millions to the very people who engineered and made the original Ebola virus stronger. If you have donated thousands or millions for Ebola “causes”, you have been DUPED.



The Five Biggest

Lies About Ebola Being Pushed to Govt and Mass Media

Scientist Working on Gov’t Ebola Drug Joked About Culling



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align=”center” banner_width=”200″ banner_height=”190″ start_timing=”12″ banner_timing=”7″ gap_timing=”40″


Despite World Panic, The Rate Of New Ebola Infections Is

Already Slowing Down





Your Prescription Drugs Are Being Recycled for Other Diseases – Amazed or Alarmed?

This is sooooo

common, more so than most people think! Blah blah viagra being used for weight loss seems like a big deal until you find

these via google too:

— Viagra, Cialis May Help Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients
— Viagra May Help

With Weight Loss
— Viagra May help Crohn’s Disease

BUT Viagra

increases the risk of skin cancer


— Low-Dose Aspirin May Benefit the Brain
— Aspirin Lowers

Heart Attacks and Strokes
— Taking aspirin daily may cut a womans’ risk of ovarian cancer.

BUT aspirin has many

hidden dangers doctors do not tell you:

Do you know….Taking aspirin to foil heart attacks may do more harm than good

And I remember some quack-busting site saying that if a CTM medicine works for more than one disease and sound too good

to be true, it could be a medicine of quackery. Would viagra and aspirin fall into that category of “quack products” as


These days diabetic “medicine” no longer in use are recycled as cancer “medicine”! Wow – some

kind of instant magic!

And they are even trying to push anti cervical cancer vaccinations

on……BOYS! Probably one day, some penile “medicine” would be recommended for women. Who knows?


Many mainstream approved-by-FDA “medicine” meant for patients of Multiple Schlerosis or other diseases are

being “REPURPOSED “. You can ascertain this to be true (or not) by checking out some of the following via Google and

see what you can find:

‘Recycling Expensive Medication’
‘Type 1 diabetes in mice averted with cancer drug’

‘Skin cancer drug can extend lives of cancer patients’

For example the headline “Diabetes Drug Actos Again Linked

to Bladder Cancer” is just a fine example of how an approved “safe medicine” for diabetes patient is later proven to cause

another disease.

Rezulin (linked to liver failure and heart disease),
Actos (linked to

congestive heart failure),
Victoza (linked to potential pancreatic damage).


prescription meds are so safe, why were these 3 (separate) medicine for type 2 diabetes, withdrawn from the market

Have these info shocked or alarmed you? I was (when I first got to know this!) And it made me angry and sad.


Bristol-Myers Squibb once had to stop the development of a potential Hepatitis C “medicine”

as well. This occurred after 9 willing human guinea pigs involved in their clinical trial, got hospitalized. The tenth

person passed away. You can find B.M.S’s press release here:


Avastin is the world’s most well known

cancer “medicine” for breast cancer. But do you know the reasons why Avastin “increases fatal side effects in cancer

patients”? Ref:


This meant that whatever is supposed to be

treating cancer tumours are actually encouraging growth cancer tumours. How scary is that?


clinical trials for Namenda, a drug approved and meant for mild Alzheimer’s, showed no improvement in participants’ mental

function to perform normal every day tasks. Even in those with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s, researchers found

improvement to be negligent.

Namenda was discontinued as a result only to be replaced by Namenda XR! Ref:


irony is, Namenda XR had never been tested on those with brain seizures!


There are no health disclaimers

for people taking Lexapro with Zoloft (2 antidepressants). No health disclaimers that vitamin supplements interact with

prescription drugs.

University of California, San Diego Health Sciences was once quoted: “Most drugs (prescription

“medicine”) used to treat lung, breast and pancreatic cancers also promote drug-resistance and ultimately spur tumor



What makes prescription medicine totally safe The answer is: nothing.

Unfortunately, no matter how smart scientists are, it seems that no man-made pill are good enough for chronic illnesses.

The truth is, it takes A LOT of money in millions, and many years to prepare a new prescription “meds” for any disease.

In order for pharmaceutical companies to avoid spending millions, recycling existent but “poor sales” medicine for another

disease, is a “brilliant” idea for Big Pharma.

While so many questionable cancer drugs are mis-used, cancer-curing

Cannabis Oil is being suppressed and held out of reach from cancer patients. >> Spain Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer (2012 report)


Yep, your prescription drugs are being recycled for other

diseases and ailments – while the good meds or treatments are suppressed from public. While conventional meds and surgeries

are GREAT for emergencies, do you still trust prescription meds to only manage your chronic pain or illness? Is your doctor

well-informed to advise you?

Do you trust that prescription “medicine”, that could have been recycled for another







What Really Happens When You Take Antibiotics

How Medication Side

Effects Can Masquerade as Dementia

Pradaxa (Warfarin

Replacement) Can Be Very Dangerous!


OUT (On this list the most unremarkable is Dr. Mehmet Oz, so that gives you an idea of how fantastic the doctors on this

list really are):

Interestingly, 52% of 1,000 people polled do not mind using

un-used HIV and other meds returned unused by other patients. How do patients know that the meds were rejected for some

reason? Would they know

How do we properly dispose of

harmful medications that cannot be flushed

Something About Root Canal Surgeries That Most Dentists Are Not Even Aware Of

I know of someone who is constantly having rashes that resemble

“heat rashes” that never quite go away. He said: Just blame it on the heat!!

Then through a friend, it dawned on me

he had Root Canal Surgery about a year ago- a dental procedure that has the potential to leak gum bacteria into blood stream.

And the bacteria travels to various organs etc.

This person’s doctor gave him…you guessed it – anti-itch cream and


“A 5-day antibiotics regime destroys 1% of our body’s bacteria, destroying 1% of our bodies. We

become weaker and weaker. Who benefits from that?” – Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

Taking Antibiotics For Viral Infections Can Do

More Harm Than Good, CDC

Btw, antibiotics only works on

bacteria, so you have something caused by a virus, that antibiotic is useless if it does not do you harm to weaken your

immunity further.



A famous

dentist Dr. Peat, once said that a large portion of his customers who had root canals went on to have cancer

and chronic inflammation. He was so convinced, he stopped giving Root Canals to his customers.

With Teeth

Of course to this day, you will also hear of

dentists who said this is extreme bullsh*t.

Constant inflammation of the skin can lead to skin cancer. Not fear-

mongering but it is the truth.

Here’s Dr. Mercola about the dangers of getting a root canal

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banner_timing=”12″ gap_timing=”40″ banner_display=”7″]


I recalled warning this “rashes victim” (he had

rashes covering his neck and a large portion of his body down to his feet and soles) against having his root canals done (he

did it for the cheap in Malaysia). He was definitely not deaf but he decided to throw caution to the wind and ended up for

rashes ever since. I told him he needed to detox and to detox the right way (see a CTM doctor or a naturopathic doctor). I

do not know if he took my warning seriously, if he did I am sure I would hear back from him.



How to Reverse Cavities Naturally and Heal Tooth


Natural Antibiotics for Chest Infection Will Not Harm You

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align=”center” banner_width=”190″ banner_height=”159″ start_timing=”7″ banner_timing=”12″ gap_timing=”40″


Why Antibacterial Soaps Do More Harm Than Good

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align=”center” banner_width=”190″ banner_height=”159″ start_timing=”7″ banner_timing=”12″ gap_timing=”40″


Acne medicine like

Accutane makes you feel very dehydrated although you could be bloated from drinking barrels of water. >> Shocking Acne Facts – How People Are Being Fooled

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gap_timing=”40″ banner_display=”7″]

More Than 70+ Anti-Cancer Foods You Can Use to Reverse or Help Prevent Cancer

Anti-Cancer Remedies Shown here are Vegan. Wasp poison, honey etc are not shown.

Anti-Cancer Foods 1. to 6.
In 1911, Dr. August von Wasserman discovered that selenite (selenium) injected into mouse cancer tumors caused them to decompose.

In the 1970s, studies by Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer produced a 70% reduction in breast cancer tumors by adding trace amounts of selenium to the diet.Selenium is a very potent anti-cancer agent. 6 cracked nuts will give you your daily selenium; 100 to 200 mcgs is the goal.

Some foods rich in selenium:
€“ brazil nuts
€“ sunflower seeds
€“ buckwheat bread
€“ onions
€“ broccolli €“ Broccoli juice helps patient beat bladder cancer
€“ tomatoes

Sunflower seeds also contain anti-cancer €œPinoresinol-Lariciresinol€.

Six anti-cancer foods.

Anti-Cancer Food #7.

Curcumin €“ which is also found in tumeric €“ May Help Prevent Some Types of Cancer

Anti-Cancer Food #8.
Ginger powerful against ovarian cancer

Anti-Cancer Foods #9 to #11. €“ Oregano, Garlic and Thyme
The Four Top Cancer-Fighting Spices

GARLIC. Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects

Other garlic have shown that it kills insects, parasites, bad bacteria, and fungi. It also eliminates various cancerous tumors, lowers blood sugar levels, lowers harmful fats in the blood, and prevents clogging of the arteries.

Not made from assumptions and guesses but backed up with laboratory tests as evidence of this.

Anti-Cancer Food #12.
Grapeseed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed. There’s no need to wait for the extract, just eat the grapeseed fruit!

Anti-Cancer Foods #13 and #14.
Carrot and Spinach juice (anti-cancer recipe). Add wheatgrass juice, or juice raw broccoli!

Anti-Cancer Food #15.
The Juice of the Papaya Leaf (also known as €œpaw paw€). Harold W. Tietze in his book Papaya The Medicine Tree, tells the stories of many cancer survivors who reportedly used the juice to get rid of their cancer.

Anti-Cancer Food #16 to #18.
Researchers have also shown that €œallicin€ (garlic) (the organic compound which gives garlic its aroma and flavor) acts as a very potent antioxidant. Some of these anti-cancer enzymes come from raw (uncooked) foods.

Foods that contain allicin: bananas, avocados, green leafy vege (all uncooked), sesame seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, garlic.

Anti-cancer €œPinoresinol-Lariciresinol€ is found in sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are rich in manganese, selenium and zinc andreduces risk of colorectal cancer and even boost bone health. Read more on benefits of sesame seeds.

Avocados and 70+ Anti-Cancer Foods!

Researchers have found that there are compounds in avocados that can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. In some other lab studies oleic acid in avocados has been proven to kill breast cancer cells.

Here are other benefits of consuming avocados. Avocado against Cancer was also reported in Huffingtonpost.

Anti-Cancer Food #19.
Benefits of Ionized water (against cancer)

Anti-Cancer Foods #20 to #26. There are 7 kinds of mushrooms that are anti-cancer! Always consult a herbalist or a naturopathic doctor being self-administering mushrooms.

Death Cap Mushrooms may offer hope for deadly pancreatic cancer

There’s an enormous body of research evidence now that shows how medicinal mushrooms (Shiitake, Maiitake, Cordycepsp etc) boost the immune system and fight cancer. Even the button mushroom has cancer fighting ingredients! Ref: Deng G, Lin H, Seidman A, Fornier M, D €˜Andrea G, Wesa K, Yeung S, Cunningham-Rundles S, Vickers AJ, Cassileth B. A phase I/II trial of apolysaccharide extract from Grifola frondosa (Maitake mushroom) in breast cancer patients: immunological effects. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2009 [March 1. Epub ahead of print]

Grifola Frondosa Polysaccharide from Maitake Mushrooms enhances anti-tumour effects and ups immunity.

Antrodia cinnamomea, formerly named Antrodia camphorata, is a rare medicinal mushroom well-known for its miraculous effect on a number of health conditions, especially those pertaining to the liver and cancerous growths. But do note, these are not meat to be eaten in excess; eating too much of these may hurt your kidneys.


Anti-Cancer Foods #27.
Pickled fruit enzymes (natural probiotics against cancer)

Beware of pickled fruits with aspartame or artificial sugar. If you want to be sure, learn how to pickle your own fruits at home!

For raw foods that are too hard to chew, you can juice them into your fruit juice. Learn how to prepare raw foods!

Anti-Cancer Foods #28.
Baking Soda against cancer:

Cancer patients usually have an acidic body environment of 6 and lesser, a healthy body has a 7.4 pH value. The baking soda ONLY helps to re-balance the slightly pH value of your body’s environment, caused by frequent consumption of meat and processed meats for example. So if a cancer is caused by frequent smoking or by frequent contact with products that causes cancer (eg. paraben-containing lipstick or cream), baking soda may be of little help.

One needs to approach cancer cures realistically €“ find the root cause and then the solution.

Anti-Cancer Foods #29.
A Vegetable, Egg Plant (known as €œBrinjal€ in Asia), Can Cure Skin Cancer
Anti-Cancer Foods #30.

Black cohosh fights breast cancer by €œinducing apoptosis in human breast cancer cells€.

How to Transit Partially to Raw Foods More Smoothly and more Fun!

Anti-Cancer Foods #31.

Rosemary has anti-cancer properties too!

Rosemary Kills 90% Of Cervical Cancer & Liver Cancer Cells In Vitro!

Anti-Cancer Foods #32.
€œOjibwa€ or the Burdock Root Herbal Drink, Could Prevent 600,000 Cases of Breast and Colorectal Cancer. Contains no: sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or artificial preservatives. Vegetarian/Vegan Product. [A proprietary blend of Burdock Root (Arctium lappa), Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) (Leaf), Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus fulva) and Turkey Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum) Extracts]

€œIn 1922, Rene Caisse, head nurse at a hospital in Ontario, Canada, began providing an herbal tonic to patients with cancer. She saidshe had learned of this tonic from a woman who had recovered from breast cancer after being given the tonic by an Ojibwa medicine man.€ €“

I’ve also read peer reviews of the Burdock Root (European studies), and it is indeed anti-cancer.

Anti-Cancer Foods #33 and #34.
A Banned Ingredient (found in cannabis and hemp) Killed CANCER in a baby. €œ Although cannabis and hemp are two separate things, they can both provide tremendous benefits to Earth and its people. Video: Juicing Cannabis Journal With Facts by Dr. William Courney€

Active Ingredient in Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Cells

Marijuana (cannabis) and Hemp (hemp oil).
Marijuana Ingredients Slow Invasion by Cervical and Lung Cancer Cells:

Cannabis Kills Brain Cancer Cells IN HUMANS:

Cannabis extract makes brain tumors shrink, halts growth of blood vessels:

Study Proves THC From Cannabis Destroys Leukemia, Breast And Lung Cancer Cells

Cannabis compound clue to colon cancer:

Marijuana takes on colon cancer:

The endogenous cannabinoid, anandamide, induces cell death in colorectal carcinoma cells: a possible role for cyclooxygenase 2:

Cannabis Science Extracts Kill Cancer Cells In Cancer Patients Being Treated Through Its Licensed Distributor Rockbrook:

Anti-Tumor Effects of Cannabis:

Cannabis and Cannabinoids Antitumor Effects:

Marijuana Fights Cancer and Helps Manage Side Effects, Researchers Find:

Why Cops Bust Down Doors of Medical Pot (anti-cancer) Growers, But Ignore Men Who Keep Naked Girls on Leashes


Anti-Cancer Foods #35.
Thunder God Vine, a herb, annihilates cancer in 40 days.

Anti-Cancer Foods #36.
Apricot Seeds or Vitamin B17 Therapy that is banned in whole of the USA by allowed to be used on cancer patients in at least 2 Mexican Hospitals in Mexico. (Thank you Robert Mascher for reminding me of this that I meant to add a few months ago but was side-tracked!)

=== A NOTE about CYANIDE in Apricot Seeds ==

Glucose molecules contains carbon monoxide, but glucose don’t kill you. :) And here’s why cyanide in apricot seeds will not kill you, if you know what you are doing.

Natural cyanide (exist in seeds of most fruits but apricot seeds have the highest amount of cyanide) kills cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. This is because healthy cells have a non-penetratable shield that cyanide cannot attack.

Vitamin B-17 is active in apricots. It raises temperature in the body €“ like fever €“ to kill cancerous cells. (This is partially why the first symptoms of cancer is frequent fever as the body tries to use fever to kill cancer cells.) Natural cyanide is not poisonous if taken in safe amounts and when you keep to a diet without pro-biotics (the reason is mentioned below).

Seeds of acidic fruits contain cyanide and healthy cells are immune to safe amounts cyanide because they produce an enzyme that negates effects of cyanide. Cyanide goes on to kill only the cancerous cells ??something that chemo is NOT able to do because it kills healthy cells as well.

In the USA, the B-17 or laetrile injections are banned for sale. But you can have them by ingesting seeds of apricots, lemons, limes, cherries, apples, prunes and pears. The heavier you are, the more seeds you can take. (Cyanide poisoning you read online is due to ingesting HUNDREDS of these seeds!)

Up to 50 apricot seeds per adult per day is ok and not toxic. In children, up to 20 seeds.

[ In news that you read people dying from eating apricot seeds are mainly hearsay. Actual reports fail to inform the real number of apricot seeds taken. Of course, you can die of consuming hundreds of apricot seeds a day since Vitamin B-17 can raise body temperature. ]

For normal people *not diagnosed with cancer, we can take between 4 to 9 seeds a day without any poisoning. It keeps cancer cells in check.

People already on chemo should not be on these seeds because for every cancerous cells killed by chemo, 256 cells die. There may be many cancerous cells in one tumour, so imagine how many healthy cells die in every chemo session!

Finally, apricot seeds should not be consumed with probiotics (mentioned a little earlier on), including raw cultured vegetables like fermented saurkraut or the Korean kimchi as probiotics tend to increase the strength of cyanide. You just want cyanide to work with its normal strength against cancer ??let nature work its miracle with as little interference as possible.

If you are unsure of administering apricot seeds (ground to powder and added to your fav drink), approach a qualified nutritionist or holistic doctor.

Anti-Cancer Foods #37.
Pineapple Enzyme Kills Cancer Without Killing You

Anti-Cancer Foods #38.
Milk Thistle is effectve against SKIN CANCER

Anti-Cancer Foods #39.
Licorice Roots €œWorks better than chemo at killing cancer€ (good against prostate cancer and fights tooth decay too).

Please TAKE NOTE: do consult a herbalist before taking licorice roots, it’s been known for side-effects in some people, namely cause high blood pressure or depletes potassium. (I would say that Licorice Root should be one of the last natural anti-cancer foods one should try as a €œlast resort€.)

Anti-Cancer Foods #40.

Saw Palmetto against Prostate Cancer. Read the note with scientific studies here:

Anti-Cancer Foods #41 to #48.

Pectin induces apoptosis (encourages death) in human prostate cancer cells (male prostate cancer)

Method for inhibiting cancer metastasis by oral administration of soluble modified citrus pectin (eg. pectin from lemons whose pH value is modified).

Usually pectin comes from foods which are high in water-soluble fibre, foods like lemons, oranges, apricots, peaches, apples, strawberries, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes.

Strawberries against Esophageal Cancer

Btw, Oranges are also rich in limonoids that has been shown to fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lungs, breasts, stomach and colon.

Citrus limonoids and curcumin additively inhibit human colon cancer cells

Anti-Cancer Foods #49.
Flax Seeds. Anti-cancer €œPinoresinol-Lariciresinol€ is ?found in ?flax seeds.

Lignans, a powerful phytonutrient found in flaxseeds, may have the power to slow or stop breast cancer.

€œWomen with breast cancer who increased their intake of lignans were able to extend their lives ?? sometimes dramatically.

So researchers decided to give a group of breast cancer patients a daily dose of flaxseed, which has up to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods, and the results weren’t just dramatic ?? they might actually save your life or the life of someone you know.

Study volunteers started each day with a muffin that included either a placebo or nutrient-packed flaxseed. After just ONE MONTH of a daily diet of flaxseed, breast cancer patients saw their cancers spreading more slowly and their tumors actually shrinking. The seeds were actually KILLING their cancer cells.

Flaxseed could be a game-changer. It could have the power to permanently alter the way we treat breast cancer, and may help women find relief from the twin heartbreaks of radiation and surgery.€

Higher lignan levels improve breast cancer surviva l

Anti-Cancer Foods #50.

Stinging Nettle Roots are especially effective against Prostate Cancer ? is effective in treating and preventing prostate cancer. However, it contradicts the effects of heart and blood pressure drugs. You should be drinking lots of water while taking this root.

Anti-Cancer Foods #51.

Green tea is anti-cancer

Anti-Cancer Foods #52.

Chlorophyll Can Prevent Cancer

That means all green leafy (but uncooked) vegetables have the potential to kill cancer.

Anti-Cancer Foods #53 to #56.

Dacryodes edulis fruit, Moringa oleifera and Syzygium aromaticum were named as foods containing polyphenols ?that kill prostate cancer.

Anti-Cancer Foods #57 to 59.

A research published by American Association for Cancer Research (2006) found that Capsaicininhibits the growth of Androgen-Independent, p53 Mutant Prostate Cancer Cells. (Capsaicin is found in chillies (chili), bell peppers (jalapeno) and cayenne pepper.)

Led by Dr. Timothy Bates of Nottingham University, researchers found capsaicin attacks tumour cells’ source of energy, and initiates cell-suicide but left the healthy non-cancerous cells alone and in optimum conditions.

Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute worked in collaboration with The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to discover Capsaicin’s ability to destroy a significant amount of the developed cancer cells. Capsaicin also arrested the development of the cancer tumours.

Capsaicin destroyed about 80% of the developed cancer cells growing inside mice. Tumour size significantly reduced by 20%.

Anti-Cancer Foods #60.

Graviola €“ another word for the fruit known as SOURSOP.

Some cancer foundations say that GRAVIOLA is not tested on humans, but isn’t it the same for the thousands of other anti-cancer meds prescribed to patients €“ many of them are not done on humans?

It’s funny because even doctors push GRAVIOLA (soursop) as anti-cancer. Dr. Ray Sahelianwould long been in legal hot soup if he promoted something that was not anti-cancer.

Annonaceous acetogenins are long chained fatty acid derivatives extracted from different tropical plants such as the tree Annona muricata, also known as Graviola. It has been recently shown that Graviola extracts exert multiple anticancer activities on pancreatic cancer cell models.

Here’s a study on graviola’s efectiveness on prostate cancer €“ and it’s not the only one that shows some activities on cancer cells:

Many more other studies on graviola’s effect on cancer can be found at

Additionally, graviola contains allicin, which is anti-cancer.

To understand Graviola’s interactions with other drug consumption, please check out

Anti-Cancer Foods #61.

Tumeric has chemopreventive effect against skin and stomach tumours (Swiss mice study).

Cancer Doctor Explains How Cooking with Turmeric Leads to Amazing Health Benefits

How People Confuse Tumeric with Curcuma

Go to my blog post to see a picture showing the difference between tumeric and curcumin:

Anti-Cancer Foods #62.

Chrysin, which is a flavanoid found in the flower of the Passion Fruit, was discovered to be the most effective of all the flavonoids tested. In fact, it was found to be equal in potency to the some cancer drugs, specifically aromatase inhibiting drug used to treat hormone sensitive cancers. Chrysin, from flower of the passion fruit, provides several other cancer fighting benefits not found in drugs. Ref:

Researchers from University of Florida found that the carotenoids (predominantly zeta-carotene) and polyphenols of passion fruit extract could kill cancer cells in vitro.

€œOverall, we have demonstrated that passion fruit juice might not be as beneficial by inhibiting the cancer cell cycle because of the large solvent effect noticed. The results did however, show that fractions of passion fruit juice was capable of inducing apoptosisand decreasing cell viability of MOLT-4 leukemia lymphoma. € €“

Passion fruits are also eaten to calm anxiety, and is being studied for insomnia (sleeplessness).

You can find more information of passion fruits and other herbs in the book, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs ?which is a FAR CRY from EFSA’s €œCompendium of botanicals reported to contain naturally occuring substances of possible concern for human health when used in food and food supplements€. Ref: Why is EFSA not going after those who may be placing questionable fillers, preservatives, artificial food colourings etc?

Passion fruits’ other names: Apricot Vine, Passiflora Incarnata, Passiflora Edulis Sim (purple passion fruit, Israel), Maracuja (Portuguese), Maracuy, Granadilla (South America and South Africa), Lilikoi (Hawaiian), Chanh Day or Leo Chanh (Vietnamese).

Anti-Cancer Foods #63.
Mango busts diabetes and cancer.

Anti-Cancer Foods #64.

The Cranberry Superstar Fruit Battles Bacteria and Kills Cancer

Cranberries against Cancer.

Anti-Cancer Foods #65.
Brussel Sprouts. Brussels Sprouts Defend against All Types of Cancer

Anti-Cancer Foods #66.
Horseradish, known as WASABI in Japanese is touted to be 40 more times better than what consuming broccoli would do.

Here’s a nice horseradish recipe to try.

Anti-Cancer Foods #67.

Alfafa are good foods for lung cancer and blood cancers.

Anti-Cancer Foods #68.

Watercress. Watercress fights cancer.

Other references:

Anti-Cancer Foods #69.
Pumpkin Seeds kills cancer.

In Japanese studies, consumption of pumpkins proved to reduce the risk of gastric, breast, lung and colorectal cancer, regardless of the family history of cancer.

NEW INFO: The whole pumpkin including its leaves are anti-cancer, Also Mentioned in Islamic Holy Quran

Anti-Cancer Foods #70.
Dandelions. The dandelion leaves used in teas are shown to work on various cancer, including leukemia.

The roots of dandelions are also anti-cancer!

Anti-Cancer Foods #71.
Wheat Grass. Scientists prove the healing effects of wheat grass juice and wheat grass extract

How My Mother Recovered from Terminal Cancer with Wheatgrass Juice

Anti-Cancer Foods #72.
Arugula. Like other cruciferous vegetables, arugula has high levels of a sulfur-containing compound called glucosinolate. According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, chopping as well as chewing arugula turns glucosinolates into indoles and isothiocyanates, which have cytotoxic effects on cancer cells and may help to protect against breast, prostate, cervical and ovarian cancers.

In a scientific review published in 2004 in Mutation Research, Yuesheng Zhang, M.D., PhD., of the Department of Chemoprevention at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, evaluated existing laboratory and animal studies and asserted that isothiocyanates have multiple anti-carcinogenic mechanisms, including inhibiting cancer-activating enzymes and arresting the progression of cancer cells. Zhang characterized the ability of isothiocyanates to attack both developing and fully developedcancer cells as remarkable.

Anti-Cancer Foods #73.
COOKED Black Beans make great vegan burgers if you are not using flaxseeds and peanuts to make mock burger. And it’s anti-cancer! Research links eating cooked black beans to lowered risks of cancer

THERE ARE AT LEAST 81 Anti-Cancer Foods I want to list but I have to stop at food #73 for now. :) I will expand this list whenever I have the time to do so (my apologies!)

Anti-Cancer Foods #74.
Blackberries against Oral Cancer.

Anti-Cancer Food #75.
Black Tea Reduces Risk of Ovarian Cancer

However effects of Black tea may be deactivated through consumption of caffeine in coffee

Anti-Cancer Food #76.
Uncooked Potato Juice
Skinning your potatoes? Not too fast! RAW (uncooked) potato juice is anti-cancer. Learn more from Master Tomizawa’s The Way to Healthy Life: Cancer not to be Feared

Anti-Cancer Food #77.
Read about anti-cancer Manchurian or Northern Wild Rice here!

Anti-Cancer Food #78.
Read about anti-cancer Sweet Potatoes here!

Anti-Cancer Food #79.
Read about anti-cancer €œGreen€ Coffee Beans here!

Anti-Cancer Food #80.
are anti-cancer!

Photo and Info

Anti-Cancer Food #81.
Peaches kill cancer cells too!

Anti-cancer Food #82.
Aronia (Chokeberry)

This study explains how Aronia (chokeberry) juice extract possesses unique chemotherapeutic properties that effectively targets and kills leukemia cells.

Anti-cancer Food #83.

Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine aka Ayahuasca, a herbal root found in Peru, kill cancer cells.

Anti-cancer Food #84.
The Syrian Rue aka P. Harmala

#anticancer #herb €œ€¦harmine, found in P. harmala (aka Syrian Rue), has appreciable efficacy in destroying intracellular parasites in the vesicular forms.€ In simple terms, the herb is anti-cancer but must be taken in right €œorder€ for it to be efficient and safe (the info is in my blog under (D) for Ayahuasca cleansing). Great historical and miscellaneous info on the and

Do you know€¦The roots and outer covering of the seeds of the Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) €“ from eastern Iranian region west to India €“ are also anti-cancer. Unlike the Ayahuasca, it does not cause nausea, nor contain tetrahydroharmine.

However, for the herb to work (drinking Harmala tea or chewing the seeds slowly before swallowing with water), you need to follow the rules listed in (D) of this article .

This herb is not prohibited anywhere in the U.S.A. but is prohibited in Australia. But no more than 250 mg should be taken, and should only be taken on an empty stomach.

250 mg is VERY little needed a it is not even one gram. Over-dosage can be fatal ref:

The irony is, Syrian Rue is used for fetal abortion. The seeds are very effective in paralyzing tapeworm parasites.

Ref: €œIn conclusion, the present study of the cytotoxic and antiproliferative effects in experimental models of cancer show that the TAF and three of the four alkaloids (harmine, harmalacidine and vasicinone) isolated from the seed extract of P. harmala have significant in vitro cytotoxic activity in tumor cell line.€ €“

Anti-cancer Food #85.

€œStudies have also shown this Asian wonder-herb to be a potent anti-inflammatory, to lower blood sugar and cholesterol (in mice) as well as lower cholesterol in some people which may make it helpful against diabetes and heart disease. Lemongrass is used prolifically in Thailand both as a natural medicine and in the daily diet, which may help explain why Thailand has colon cancer rates less than half that of the USA or Japan.€ €“

Info first shared by The Eden Prescription


Anti-Cancer Food #86:

Anti-cancer XANTHONES are found in Mangosteens. and they have shown effectiveness especially against colon cancer.

Anti-Cancer Foods #87 to #89:
Cabbage, Red Pepper, Lettuce.

Phenolics antioxidants found in common vegetables are also anti-cancer.

€œBroccoli possessed the highest total phenolic content, followed by spinach, yellow onion, red pepper, carrot, cabbage, potato, lettuce, celery, and cucumber. Red pepper had the highest total antioxidant activity, followed by broccoli, carrot, spinach, cabbage, yellow onion, celery, potato, lettuce, and cucumber€¦

The phenolics antioxidant index (PAI) was proposed to evaluate the quality/quantity of phenolic contents in these vegetables and was calculated from the corrected total antioxidant activities by eliminating vitamin C contributions. Antiproliferative activities were also studied in vitro using HepG(2) human liver cancer cells. Spinach showed the highest inhibitory effect, followed by cabbage, red pepper, onion, and broccoli.€ €“

Anti-cancer Food #90.
Blushwood Berries. Blushwood trees are known to grow only in far Northern part of Queensland (Australia).



Anti-cancer Food #91.
Watercress shows effectiveness against Prostate Cancer. Originally shared byThe Eden Prescription

This (non-vegan) blog has some good info on watercress and advises correctly not to overcook the watercress: In fact, you can eat some raw like lettuce after it’s properly washed of pesticide residue etc. Vegans can cook watercress with your beans. YUM!

Anti-cancer Food #92.
Wormwood herb aka Artemisinin
€œGuess what is deadlier than cancer? It is the treatment the patients undergo to get rid of it. The side effects are devastating. They suck out the patients’ spirit and energy. They drag patients into the holes of hell, and sometimes, the victims never come out.€ €“

Anti-cancer Food #93.
Black Seed Oil

Here’s David Wolfe with some of his raw vegan series of videos: (part 1 of 5) (part 2 of 5) (part 3 of 5) (part 4 of 5) (part 5 of 5)

You can find some raw vegan info in some of my public photo albums too!

Update: Due to David Wolfe’s oppressive censorship of basic info (comments) on his facebook page and the fact that he once promoted bear bile and antelope products for more profits, I am no longer promoting his info (as of June 2015). I was shocked to realize that although he paid lip service for dissupport to questionable vaccinations, his actions did not really show it.

Noticed Something? All that cure is not of any meat source. ARE YOU SURPRISED?

Eating large amounts of plant-based foods has been associated with lowered rates of cardiovascular disease and with decreased risk of cancer and stroke. Ref: Van Duyn MA, Pivonka E. Overview of the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption for the dietetics professional: Selected literature. J Am Diet Assoc. 2000; 100: 1511-1521.

The cancer chemopreventive actions of phytochemicals derived from glucosinolates (found in dark green vegetables).

Results clearly point toward a positive correlation between cancer prevention of many target organs and consumption of cruciferous vegetable or their active constituents.

Very low intakes of plant foods may increase risk of colon cancer.

Higher fruit and vegetable intakes were associated with lower risks of lung cancer in women

And surgeries like biopsies can actually spread cancer.

Stem cell therapy encourages chimerism (parasitic twins and unexplained lumps mistaken for cancer cos doctors are not sure what makes the lump grow). READ UP!! Chemo and tumour removals are not cancer patients’t only options!


Man who had cancer and was given 6 months to live. He denied the Chemotheraphy and made his own diet, cured himself despite of doctors saying he is insane to do it his way.

I believe this as I have known of one Singaporean lady whose throat cancer was cured through diet of nothing but fruits and veggies, and several other Singaporeans who reversed cancer through diet alone. Her oncologist said to her, €œThen it must be a wrong diagnosis, it wasn’t cancer!€

DENY DENY!! The cancer industry are very good at denying what works and what do not!

Spicing up anti-cancer broccoli with anti-cancer horseradish makes it an even better cancer-buster

The Top Ten Most Unhealthy Cancer Causing Foods (Infographic)

Mutagenics in Processed/Cooked Food

Research: Gold and Tea Outperform Chemo in Fighting Cancer

The news said that meat is one of the reasons why ppl end up with colon cancer. About 30% of people (in Taiwan or China or Hong Kong) over-consume meat. In my opinion, you can be eating very little meat every day and you will still be at a higher risk of cancer. The key is NOT to eat meat frequently or not to eat meat at all.

Cured meat, vegetables, and bean-curd foods in relation to childhood acute leukemia risk: A population based case-control study. BMC Cancer 2009, 9:15 doi:10.1186/1471-2407-9-15.

Eating 3 Ounces of Red Meat Per Day May Beef Up Cancer Risk.

Western Diet Increasing Colon Cancer in Asia

Irradiated Foods and Cancer

Here is a report stating actual studies done on microwaved foods €“ Many studies have shown that irradiated foods, which contain novel carcinogens called 2-alkylcyclobutanones (2-ACBs), have a worse taste and have potential adverse health consequences. The European Union recently voted to deny a permit for the expanded use of food irradiation, pending further study of 2-ACBs. New England Journal of Medicine.

Aspartame is linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in new Landmark Study on Humans

Breast-Cancer Drinking Water. Documented proof: California’s campaign to make excuses for Monsanto while allowing its own population to be poisoned via the drinking water:

Avocado against Cancer was also reported in Huffingtonpost

The Gerson Health Institute

Kill Pancreatic Cancer Naturally

How the Lord told me to Cure Cancer by George Cairns

A Note on Cancer and Especially Chemotherapy by Robert E. Catalano, President, American Natural Healthcare Society

Evidence suggests that up to 90 percent of landmark cancer research may be false. FALSE RESEARCH means false results on effectiveness of cancer medicine.

Every Doctor Knows Chemotherapy Causes Cancer ?? Says Surgeon

A study published in August 2003 revealed that of adult cancer in the USA and Australia, the use of chemotherapy, when looking at adjuvant and curative use, provided a cure only 2.1% of the time in the USA and 2.3% of the time in Australia.

Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money by Dr. Peter Glidden

National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society skewered in new book by leading cancer expert

Chemotherapy backfires causes healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors

Cancer physician speaks out about cancer fraud

Effective cancer prevention suggestions the cancer industry ignores

American Cancer Society More Interested in Wealth than Health€“more-interested-in-wealth-than-health.aspx

The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down

Proof that Cancer is a Man-Made Disease

Why our medical education fails mankind. Time to go back to basics: TRADITIONAL MEDICINE our grandparents know!

Why You Should Ditch What the Cancer Industry Teaches You

Needle Biopsy Can Spread Prostate Cancer

Do you want to be the 1 in 5,000 to die from a Liver Biopsy
A liver biopsy procedure that damages the gallbladder by mistake may lead to leakage of bile into the abdominal cavity, causing peritonitis. Fortunately, the risk of death from liver biopsy is extremely low, with a mortality of 1 in 5,000.€ €“

Diagnosis (through breast cancer screening) may give false positives (meaning, the woman who had the masectomy did not actually have any cancerous cells). Chimera is often mistaken as cancer (chimera occurs in people who had or whose parents had blood transfusions and ends up with 2 sets of DNA, the DNA go on to grow lumps of parasitic twins in the body that is mistaken for cancer). Lumps may be removed but they are not cancerous. Ask for a masectomy refund??

And secondly, biopsies and masectomies can also spread cancer cells. If you stick a needle into a tumor, you run the risk of dislodging a tumor cell into either a blood vessel or into the interstitial fluid.

A survey of histological studies reveals that there is a clear danger of seeding needle tracks with malignant cells displaced in breast stroma or in lymphovascular channels, associated with the traumatic effects of a needling procedure, according to Dr. Rosen, Department of Pathology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Consequently, Dr. Rosen warns that with tissue disruption, lymphatic and vascular channels may also be breached, and it is
conceivable that detached epithelial fragments may enter vascular channels and perhaps even be transported to lymph nodes.

Google for Tumour Seeding after a biopsy or masectomy/lumpectomy .

30 Chances for Cancer to Spread Through a Biopsy

What are the chances for cancer to spread after a biopsy? This SMALL risk is random and unavoidable. >

According to the New York Times:
€œ€¦there are no mandated diagnostic standards or requirements that pathologists performing the work have any specialized expertise, meaning that the chances of getting an accurate diagnosis vary from hospital to hospital.

Upon receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, most women are afraid and even frantic to do whatever it takes to fight and remove the cancer. In the conventional medical arena, typically this means full or partial mastectomy, drugs and radiation.

Imagine going through a surgery, having one or both of your breasts removed along with receiving debilitating radiation treatments and toxic drugs, only to be told that you never had cancer.

The diagnosis was a mistake. € -

What happens when brain vessels are damaged? The brain gets damaged too. This is what anti-cancer medicine ?? Avastin does.

But the cancer industry continues to promote Avastin as if it’s Lord Jesus, look here! And people continue running for the cure or shaving their heads.

If you do not want flesh-eating diseases, avoid this cancer drug as much as possible. This drug also damages brains.

Masectomies spreading cancer too. Radiation by Mammograms can spread cancer as well. Anti-cancer meds are causing harm. Do your own research!

CONFLICTING info on ScienceDaily?

Scientists Discover How Rapamycin (an anti-cancer medicine) Slows Cell Growth of Cancer Cells

But isn’tRapamycin an immuno-suppressant that de-activates cancer-fighting mechanism in human body? Read how Rapamycin deactivates T-cel (ie. turns OFF ?cancer-fighting cells)

And read here: The TWO FACES of RAPAMYCIN why this life-extending drug also increases risk of diabetes.

On using mice to test RAPAMYCIN:
Q: If this doesn t turn out the way you wanted it to there are still other drugs you can explore?

Dr. Tyler Curiel, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Health Science Center, San Antonio answers: Oh, absolutely. If this first set of experiments fails partially or in whole that still in no way will dissuade us from continuing to study this drug and from continuing to study the pathways that we think it affects. Because rapamycin clearly makes mice live longer, we just need to understand how exactly it works.

Is rapamycin the best drug to dothat? Is it the safest drug to do that? It would surprise me if the path they we re looking at doesn’t really make you live longer or help prevent cancer. It wouldn t surprise me at all if we find out Rapamycin is not the best drug to do that.

Rapamycin and Curcumin induces death in LEUKEMIA (cancer of blood)?

There is no need to give credit to a drug when curcumin, a natural herb itself, has proven to be a cancer-killer.

Curcumin kills cancer cells as mentioned in my anti-cancer note above.

PINKWASHING and Cancer-Causing Products

If you ever need to explain to your child what PINKWASHING is, this is a fine and true example.
Susan G. Komen (a cancer foundation in the USA), has no idea WTH they are doing. Monsanto (famous for giving you GMO herbicides and genetically modified foods) booth spotted at the Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure. ?This on the heels of a new study finding that Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cell growth via estrogen receptors.

More PINKWASHING products!

World-famous Johnson & Johnson was once sounded out for containing cancer-causing ingredients

#Cancer Chemical Warfare Agents And Toxic Waste Disguised As Household Cleaning Products


Brain cancer called glioblastoma, caused by frequent inhalation of polluted air at work place.

The TRUTH about Imitinef Mercilet’t (IM)

Brain and Bone Marrow Cancer Healed with Natural Therapies


GMO foods are now linked to Cancer as well. How to tell if genetically modified foods are not labelled? TRACE the Monsanto companies to food brands! Here’s the list. KEEP THIS HANDY!

Lab test conducted by Hong Kong Consumer Council in collaboration with the Centre for Food Safety in government test lab found GM corn in six snack samples. The test results were published in April 2013.
(1) Mexi-Snax CornTortilla Chips Nacho (Natural Snacks, LLC)
(2) Michael Season’s baked Cheese Curls Cheddar (Natural Snacks, LLC)
(3) Lady Liberty Crunchy Cheez Curls Baked Cheese Flavored Snacks (McLane Global ?? Trading, Logistics and Sales)
(4) Ricos Strips for Dips Tortilla Strip Chips (Ricos Products Company, Inc.)
(5) Fritos Flavor Twists Honey BBQ Flavored (Frito-Lay, Pepsi)
(6) Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips (Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Doritos)
Press release:


Going by Angelina Jolie’s example, men too, should have their breasts cut because ALL HUMANS have the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes! #cancer

Most inherited cases of breast cancer are associated with two abnormal genes: BRCA1 (BReast CAncer gene one) and BRCA2 (BReast CAncer gene two). But guess what? Everyone has BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, normal BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Angelina Jollie was duped. Yes.

So, are you now duped? Wanna remove your breasts? Males can get breast cancer too.

How Angelina Jolie was duped by cancer doctors into self mutilation for breast cancer she never had

Don t remove your breasts until you read this NCI disclaimer

Should we also cut our chromosomes out since they are linked to breast cancer? >> Having an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene doesn’t mean you will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Researchers are learning that other mutations in pieces of chromosomes called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) may be linked to higher breast cancer risk in women with an abnormal BRCA1 gene as well as women who didn’tinherit an abnormal breast cancer gene.

Angelina Jolie inspires women to maim themselves by celebrating medically perverted double mastectomy .

Also refer to my comments here: ?1590090301768

Celebrating the medical abuse of women ?? Why aren’t male cancer doctors cutting off their own testicles?

How Cheap Genetic Testing Complicates Cancer Screening

Angelina’s Breast Cancer Prevention?? Move May be Too Costly To Women (in USA) and Here’s Why

==== VERY IMPORTANT INFO HERE about MILK’s IGF-1 ??s Relation to Cancer ====

IGF-1 (hormones) found in Dairy Milk and Meat and Its Relation to Cancer could ACCELERATE CARCINOGENESIS

Unless scientists are now saying that milk and meat has no IGF-1 hormones, why meat and milk should be taken with caution, or at least restricted (ie. not taken regularly or at every meal).

IGF-1 raises risk of colon cancer by 2.5 times the normal opportunity ?? to acquire the cancer

A diverse body of evidence that related high levels of insulin and IGF-1 to colon cancer risk was summarized.

Milk Accelerates Heart Disease, Linked to Cancer, IBS Plus 15 Awful Milk Truths

6 Reasons to Avoid (Dairy) Milk

Milk, Cancer and Milk Alternatives

IGF-1 May Alter The Way Your Prescription Medicine Works

IGF-1 stimulates (not kill) growth of both prostate and breast cancer

6 Reasons to Avoid (Dairy) Milk
More info in my anti-cancer note:

CAFO cows (mass treated cows not wild-fed ??) produces more IGF-1 hormones in milk.

A relatively small case-control study conducted in Greece of 41 patients with colorectal cancer and 50 healthy controls supported the suggestion that high levels of circulating IGF-1 and IGF-2 and lower levels of IGFBP-3 were associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. Because the blood samples were drawn after the diagnosis of cancer in the Greek study, it cannot be excluded that the tumor increased IGF levels. In addition to colorectal cancer, individuals with higher circulating IGF-1 and low IGFBP-3 levels are at increased risk of prostate cancer, premenopausal breast cancer (86) and lung cancer.

A very bad article at
So drinking milk from hormone-treated cows doesn’t transfer the active form of these chemicals to your body.
My response: Are you sure? So if there’s protein in milk, I wouldn’t get them in my body too? I also wouldn’t get cow antibiotics in my milk into my body? And what does the INACTIVE form of chemical do inside my body?

UPDATED on 3rd May 2013:

Kelly, I am from the UK and I was recommended by a friend to ask you if you can recommend Chinese websites that portray the anti-cancer information you’ve published.

I have some friends in China who are interested, and now my friend’s husband’s father has cancer, and we’ve been talking about that. Do you, perhaps, know of any sources? That would be so greatly appreciated! ??
Thank you for your contact, I must say I do not read Chinese websites myself although I was schooled in it as my 2nd language. It is truly admirable when you try to find easier ways for life-saving information to reach your friends.

I cannot promise that the sites I recommend are vegan websites but here are 2 to start with: and

If you download it has a translation extension that detects non-English sites to be translated to English (you are given that option to translate).
NOTE: Do not request to have the MUSIC extension downloaded as Facebook views it as a malicious software.


UPDATED ON 5th May 2013

Lies of CANCER industry. Am skeptical of the word Medical Tourism. Minimally Invasive Chemotherapy?? All chemo are invasive!

If you use any part of my article, please give the me full credits as follows:

This extensive resource has been provided to you by Kelly Chen of Singapore.

You can also follow Kelly on Or

This article took me more than 2 years to compile during my spare time, and it is always expanding to include newest scientific information to help beat cancer.

Please check back from time to time for additional info that is always added to this list of anti-cancer foods. Knowledge is self-empowering and you may save a friend’s life. Thank you for reading and sharing! ?:)

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McDonald’s Made Me Lose My Appetite

(This used to be an old blog post I found via As much as I used to like their curly fries, I can’t believe they are calling their French fries and fast food free from trans-fat . People often forget that vegetable oil in its natural form and fried form is different. Molecules change. Trans-fatty oil is bad for the heart €” no doubt about this.

1. For 15 grams of fat from Filet O Fish, you’re getting 0 gram in proteins (and almost zero carbohydrates). If it’s any consolation, you’re getting 18grams of fat, 44 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of protein from Mcchicken. For a McSpicy Burger, you’re getting 26 grams of fat, 65 grams of carbohydrates and 23 grams of protein. It seems the higher the protein you get from McDonald’s fast food, the more fat you are also ingesting.

2. And if you’ve been keeping track of food news, you’ve also probably have heard and seen videos of McDonald’s burgers keeping for months (in someone’s jacket hung in the store room and forgotten for months). Yes, keeping as in €œno decay€.

3. It could be the nitrate (it’s chemically processed salt, the common salt you use at home) that allows McDonald’s burgers to keep so long! McDonald’s PR said it’s the fat that helps keeps meat patties fresh. Guess what €“ TBHQ, a preservative, is also said to be found in McDonald’s soil. McDonald’s TBHQ Laced Nuggets Sold in the U.S. but not in Europe. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to eat anything that does not go bad for months, you might as well be eating transfatty margarine. This stuff (margarine or hydrogenated fat) will not decompose for months even if you leave it out there in the open in room temperature. You’ll also notice that flies won’t be attracted to margarine. (It won’t matter if margarine is partially or fully hydrogenated or vegan, as long as a vegetable oil or butter is hydrogenated, it’s trans-fat.)

4. There’s this question of RENDERED beef fat. Does it contain euthanized pets’remains or some diseased corpse of a cow? Farms in America get money for every dead cow rendered into rendered fat or some protein feed for animals, and this is totally legal. Rendered beef fat may also contain oil from goats and pigs, making it quite HARAM for Muslims. (KFC in USA is known to use rendered beef fat for grilled chicken burgers.)

5. Anyway, I have to applause McDonald’s for being brave on its label.

6. In the USA, it is legal for male chicks to be seperated by gender before they are ground alive. Some of these chicks have not even opened their eyes : ? And this is BY FAR, the worst video I’ve ever watched! Cows GROUND alive (Thailand video but with Malay narration). [Viewers’ Discretion Advised, you may find that it’s less horrific to watch this without the audio.

Minors, please do not watch this alone, watch with an adult. ] I cried buckets after watching this! :( McDonald’s and Burger King’s grilled chicken products contain a dangerous carcinogen in a 2009 article. If this is true, will it also apply to all grilled chicken in fast food establishments? Get an idea of the number McDonald’s outlets are carcinoFRYing (just a new term I made up) people.

I wonder why can’t people choose ethical food businesses to make their own living? So when you eat a chicken burger, remember you may be eating chicklets’ fur and all toxins from their intestines. You just have to €œthank€ BurgerKing (and the likes) for glorifying meat in their TV commercials! Where do you think cows get their Protein without eating Meat


  1. Reasons not to eat FISH (video)
  2. McDonald’s TBHQ Laced Nuggets Sold in the U.S. but not in Europe
  3. And this is BY FAR, the worst video I’ve ever watched! Cows GROUND alive (Thailand video but with Malay narration). [Viewers’ Discretion Advised, you may find that it’s less horrific to watch this without the audio. Minors, please do not watch this alone, watch with an adult. ] >>
  4. May be someone should tell Mr. Sanka what he’spromoting when he won SG$80,000
  5. Get an idea of the number McDonald’s outlets are carcinoFRYing (just a new term I made up) people
  6. Study Finds Dangerous Carcinogen In Fast-Food Grilled Chicken
  7. A California attorney has formally demanded that McDonald’s and Burger King place a cancer warning on their French fries, as required by the state’s Proposition 65.
  8. McDonald’s and Burger King’s grilled chicken products contain a dangerous carcinogen in a 2009 article at
  9. Top 10 Carcinogenic Food
  10. Processed meat contains compounds that could damage cells and thereby cause cancer. €” Dr. Webb, Gynaecological Cancer Group, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
  11. Red Meat Linked to Cancer and Heart Disease
  12. Too Much Protein (especially if it’s from animal protein) causes cancer
  13. U.S. Government finally admits that cannabis destroys cancer cells and protects healthy cells
  14. Food Scientists Giuliana Noratto of Washington State University reveals that peach extract SLOWS cancer growth
  15. Essential Oil That Could Stop Cancer In Its Tracks (This info has not been verified for truth, please read and do your own research on this. And fel free to share if you know any thing more about essential oils for cancer.)

Long-Term Aspirin Lowers Hereditary Cancer Risk By Over 60% but UPS Risks of Vision Loss

Can’t remember which newspaper I had read from (either the New Paper or the Straits Times)!] ? It said that aspirin lowers heredity cancer


I remember the hospital doctor at NUH giving me an irritated response when I asked her if aspirin is panadol.] ? She had pushed aspirin for all her patients who had a stent inserted. ] ? (This kind of doctors are the ones who do not wish you to empower yourself with knowledge!)

Think about it – what sort of stent will not be soon covered by plaque? It’s just very important to eat right and not allow sticky sugary and hardened calcium from covering and irritating the wall of your veins and arteries. What’s even more stupid than stents? Dyed Stents (I wonder why!)

No one knows what other foods (besides cranberries) can react negatively to statins. But the good news is, there are many natural foods out there which are naturally anti-coagulating (discourages clots in blood which may lead to a heart failure or stroke).

How My Mum’s Diabetes Type 2 Was Reversed in 5 Months Without Medicine Nor Insulin Shots

Diabetic sufferers do not need to LIVE WITH diabetes, they can reverse it! Yes, diabetes type 2 can be reversed.

My mum’s diabetes Type 2 was reversed in 5 months, just with a change of diet, following the advise of DeWayne McCulley’s Death to Diabetes (book) and SIMPLY RAW: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (DVD). They’re just so life-saving, could save you thousands of dollars for amputations alone (gangrene is common n diabetic patients).


In fact, I bought the above-mentioned 3 years before my mum “caught” diabetes, and at that time, I uploaded these pics and info to my Facebook album: ” Mike Adams of recovered from Diabetes Type II without ‘medicine’…”


Back to what I was saying about my mother… She was diagnosed as borderline diabetes for many years. And I could see why – she was consuming a lot of sugary milk for her coffee. (I also predicted my grandaunt’s bronchitis (she’snot living with me and has never been under my care) a few years before she caught it, but that is another story. lol ?)

My mother’s ?first symptoms (pre-symptoms) of diabetes, besides being overweight, was cataracts. (Putting on weight is VERY easy if you eat meat regularly too. Google for news on MILK CAUSES DIABETES.)

When blood is sticky and does not flow around the eyes in the manner they should, cataracts will form.

Feeling numb or not having any feelings when touched are also symptoms of diabetes because diabetes is more than an “excess sugar” weakening or damaging the pancrea (pancrea has to convert excess sugar to fat by creating and using the hormone “insulin”.)

In severe diabetes or diabetes Type 1, the nerves simply ? lose their ability to communicate with organs. In injured limns, the nerves in diabetic flesh starts to die and rot. This explains why a fraction of diabetic people go on to develop gangrene and have their limbs amputated.

If you are health-conscious, or are borderline diabetes or already have diabetes, I ?highly recommend you pick either an anti-diabetes book or DVD that includes a Diet Healing Plan (pic show above). The healing plan is insulin-free, as in ‘no reliance of insulin to get well’. DeWayne McCulley went against his very experienced endocrinologist to reverse himself of Diabetes.

For example, I learned that CINNAMON SUGAR (ground from cinnamon sticks) are the most diabetes-friendly sugar there is. Not your Splenda, no! (That will be another topic! lol ? ) ?Studies have revealed that it is dangerous to inhale it, but as a form of sugar for diabetes, it’s excellent and does not spike blood glucose levels.


You could learn a lot through life-saving products! ?Even doctors DON’T KNOW half of these stuff!


WHAT made DeWayne McCulley create his DEATH TO DIABETES Book LOADS of church-goers, friends and strangers were asking him how he reversed his diabetes, so much so that he was giving out free talks about it in churches. With the encouragement of his daughter and friends, the idea for his book, was thus, born and placed into fruition!

A text in a bible + info given to him by his daughter + his later mother (who helped him to clear out the canned junk food from his kitchen) + his determination not to allow his Diabetes Type 2 to escalate to Type 1 , kept DeWayne focused on FINDING that diabetes reversal method. And by God’s blessings, he did!

Don’t be surprised if you also find that the raw vegan foods recipes or related recipes found in my recommended products (above) are so yummy and anti-cancer! You know why? Because ?only LIVING cells from LIVING whole foods nourish, repair and maintain HUMAN LIVING CELLS! FACT!

No canned or processed foods are going to do that for you. (There are several more compelling reasons to avoid processed and fast foods but that will be another topic.)

I’ll post another day why WHEAT and Fructose (not whole fruits) is so unhealthy for diabetes sufferers and normally healthy people. Ciao!



How Coconut Oil is Helping Diabetes Sufferers (Video)
Coconuts... Anyone?
Chestnuts and Vege Recipe

Salad Dressings to Avoid (+ 3 Healthier Salad Recipes)


Representative of LiveSmart360 FALSELY claimed “All Our Ingredients Are Natural”!

He could not even answer me on whether their gelatin is vegan or not. This is what I’ve found about some ingredients in products marketed by LiveSmart360.


A. Rebaudisode A in this product means chemically processed stevia?


B. Why is “natural flavors” in the ingredient list? Why isn’t “natural texture” or “netural smell” in the product. lol


C. Is aspartame in your maltodextrin?


D. Although gelatin is not a big issue, some people would like to know if gelatin in the product is vegan.


E. Questionable ingredients: Xylitol, soy lecithin, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax


1. XYLITOL Some people are sensitive to xylitol, even when not eaten in huge ?amounts. Xylitol is WOOD ALCOHOL (usually pine wood). Other discoveries about ?Xylitol:


2. SOY LECITHIN may be bad for the heart. Soy Lecithin: How It Negatively Affect ?Your Health And Why You Need To Avoid It


3. TITANIUM DIOXIDE may be a cancer-causing ingredient.


4. CARNAUBA WAX. A Professor of Biochemistry and a specialist in Toxicology and ?Pharmacology has this to say about carnauba wax: Carnauba wax is in the covering of M&M’s and hundreds of pills. Waxes are inert by nature. It melts way above body ?temperature and we can’t digest it.

“Based on the available data and the lack of structural alerts on carnauba wax it was ?concluded that there is no concern for genotoxicity for carnauba wax. Subchronic and ?reproductive and developmental toxicity studies did not showed adverse effects relate to carnauba wax intake….the Panel considered that long-term toxicity data on carnauba ?wax were lacking…” –


F. Inulin from GMO or non-GMO beet roots?


Other questionable ingredients: Potassium sorbate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium ?benzoate, Artificial Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) instead of natural Vitamin B12.

1. POTASSIUM SORBATE (dangers of consuming it long term)

2. SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE is an essential nutrient, but when consumed without the ?balance of other minerals, may affect kidneys, heart and bones. In animal studies, the ?following effects were reported (when consumed with pet food containing sodium ?hexaphosphate): pale and swollen kidneys, increased kidney weights, bone ?decalcification, muscle fiber size changes, hyperplasia and severe skin irritations. – ?

3. SODIUM BENZOATE – harmless UNTIL it interacts with vitamin c in the body. Please ?do your own research!

4. Artificial Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).


G. Not sure why cranberry extract is used instead of the real cranberries?

H. Evodia extract, Yohimbe extract, Corn Silk, Gunggul Z&E extract, Magnesium Serate, Microcrystalline cellulose

1. EVODIA EXTRACT contains some chemicals that affects pregnant animals. These ?chemicals cause the animals’ uterus to contract and also seem to reduce the size of the ?litter. It’s not known if evodia affects pregnant women (humans).

2. Yohimbine and yohimbe bark may also increase heart rate and raise blood pressure.

3. CORN SILK can decrease potassium levels in the blood and can cause skin rashes, itching, and allergies.

-4. Gunggul Z& E Extract is popularly used to lower bad cholesterol (lipid regulatro) and weight-loss. However gunggul can cause side effects such as stomach upset, headaches, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea, belching, and hiccups. Guggul can also cause allergic AND non-allergic reactions such as rash and itching. (These adverse reactions are more common with higher doses, such as 6000 mg per day.)

As such, Gunggul should not be used beyond 75 weeks. I do not see this warning on a lot of supplements such as the ones marketed by LiveSmart360.

Pic Source

Guggul is also likely to be UNSAFE during pregnancy. It seems to encourage menstrual flow and stimulates the uterus, so some researchers worry that it might endanger the pregnancy and induce an unwanted abortion if consumed. Ref:





6. Microcrystalline cellulose can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea or gas, in some individuals.

Bad News For Those Of Us Who Think Canned Drinks Are Safe

Here is an article from author Lee Eula titled “This Common Metal May Foster Breast Cancer and Other Diseases

“You can use thin sheets of this metal to wrap and store your foods… and you might even use pans made from it to cook the food you’re storing.

What’s more, you may drink many of your favorite beverages out of cans made from it …”

But the truth is, your body doesn’t need it, and a new study suggests this metal could increase the invasive spread of breast cancer cells! Keep reading, and I’ll explain what it is and why it may be damaging…

What is it? Based on the clues above, you may have guessed that I’m talking about aluminum – ?the metal that makes up about eight percent of the Earth’s crust.

Because both soil and water contain aluminum, most foods you eat will contain microscopic amounts of the metal. Taking in small amounts of aluminum won’t necessarily harm you.

…but soil and water won’t be the only sources of the metal in your foods.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its stamp of approval to a host of food additives that contain aluminum.

Check your food labels and you’re likely to see any one of the following items the FDA has placed on its list of “Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)” substances:

Aluminum ammonium sulfate
Aluminum calcium silicate
Aluminum nicotinate
Aluminum potassium sulfate
Aluminum sodium sulfate
Aluminum stearate
Sodium aluminum phosphate

This is another good reason to avoid prepared and processed foods, and to prefer meals you prepare yourself from fresh, raw ingredients.

But food additives are not the only source of aluminum in our industrialized society. You can also wind up ingesting or absorbing excess aluminum by using everyday items ranging from cookware and utensils to deodorant!

Aluminum toxicity can cause muscle weakness, bone pain, osteoporosis, dementia and seizures. It’s often mentioned as a principal cause of Alzheimer’s disease, although I haven’t seen conclusive evidence of that. Like cancer, Alzheimer’s appears to have multiple causes.

So what makes this natural element carcinogenic?

You should know that aluminum is a metal that mimics estrogen. The last thing anyone needs is excess estrogen building up in their bodies ?the real thing or an imitation!

Both sexes need this hormone to regulate growth and metabolism. But some kinds of estrogen are harmful while others are beneficial.

Your body naturally produces the good form of estrogen called 2-hydroxy estrogen. But it might surprise you to know that in December 2003, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) added estrogen to its list of known carcinogens!

The group said There’s strong evidence linking the natural hormone to cancers of the breast, endometrium, and uterus.

Substances like aluminum that mimic estrogen in your body are called xenohormones. These synthetic forms of estrogen are just about everywhere in the environment. You can’t escape them because they’re found in:

Car exhaust Carpeting, Rugs, Furniture, Perfume, Plastics, Room deodorizers, Soaps

When estrogen (or substances that mimic estrogen) enter your bloodstream, they can change how your body produces and metabolizes natural hormones.

Too much estrogen can cause hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gai.

But worse than that too much of the wrong kind of estrogen has been linked to health issues ranging from decreased libido and heart problems to cancer!


New studies suggest aluminum may cause tumor cells to spread

Laboratory studies have shown that aluminum can damage your DNA. And (keeping things simple) damaged DNA can lead to cancer. The problem is that no studies show a direct causal link between aluminum and breast cancer risk.

But one new study published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry clearly associates aluminum exposure with an increase in the ability of breast cancer cells to migrate and invade tissue.

This finding is important because breast cancer deaths typically are caused by the spreading of cancerous tumor cells not just the presence of a tumor in its original site.

Scientists have shown that aluminum can concentrate in breast tissue. Its highest levels often are found in the breast quadrant near your underarm.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that this is the same area where doctors find the highest proportion of breast cancer.

The same journal recently published another study in which the nipple fluids of 19 breast cancer patients had increased aluminum levels when compared with 16 healthy patients.

Commenting on the results, the researchers said they see “aluminum accumulation in breast microenvironment as a possible risk factor for oxidative/inflammatory phenotype of breast cells.” As a layperson, I may be misunderstanding their language, but the article seems to be saying aluminum ions create an inflammatory environment in the breast that’s conducive to the growth of cancer.

Although animal studies have yet to establish a solid link between aluminum and cancer, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that aluminum production is carcinogenic to humans. Workplace exposure can be particularly dangerous.

The sad truth is that until the animal studies prove beyond a doubt that overexposure to aluminum causes cancer, scientists and the FDA will insist it’s still safe to eat in foods to apply to your skin in deodorants and body creams, and to squirt into your body in vaccines.

But you can take some simple steps to reduce your exposure to aluminum. For starters, try swapping out aluminum pots and pans for stainless steel or cast iron cookware.

And instead of using aluminum cooking utensils, try stainless steel or wooden ones instead. You could also swap out aluminum-based deodorants for ones that use more natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or baking soda. Thai crystal deodorant stones (and similar stones from other manufacturers) are absolutely the best deodorant I’ve ever found. They’re available in most health food stores.

These might seem like small changes. But when it comes to protecting your health, every little bit helps! ”

My comments: Fizzy drinks and canned drinks are problematic. If they don’t have high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is really bad for the heart, they’re full of caffeine or aspartame or Splenda (sucrolose) or neotame (another synthetic sugar).

These days even normal plain or mineral water in plastic bottles have leeched chemical from plastics (BPA etc)that feminizes boys even if they do not accumulatively poison people.

It is no wonder that despite high medical technology, “better” foods, we are not any where healthier than our ancestors, unless we know what to avoid.



1. GREAT way to put on the unwanted weight! “The research, by Bangor University and published in the European Journal Of Nutrition, reported that soft drinks actually alter metabolism, so that our muscles use sugar for energy instead of burning fat. >> ?Fizzy Drinks Are Evil, Says Leading Biologist. (And I think he’s right!)

via @Gogoggygo 7 Side-Effects of Z
Soda #fizzydrinks #canneddrinks
Pic image by Dave Summers:

2. Coke, Pepsi banned in India over harmful levels of aspartame, pesticides and other chemicals

3. “Many Americans still drink bottled water under the belief that it is healthier than the water from their tap. Unfortunately, many bottled waters are simply bottled tap water, which may or may not have received any additional treatment. For example, Pepsi’s Aquafina and Coca-Cola Co.’s Dasani bottled waters are both made of purified water from public reservoirs. The major difference is the price. You pay 1,900 times as much for this water, simply because it’s now in a plastic bottle.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

4. THE CANCER-CAUSING METAL Million Eat, Wear or Have Injected into their kids: ALUMINUM

5. Why Avoid Energy Drinks Like Redbull and Additional Info On Caffeine in Coffee…” ?

6. The FDA is preparing to launch a study on fortified snacks and the degree to which they mislead consumers into perceiving junk food to be healthy (ahem, Vitamin Water!)



Genetically Modified Organisms in food and leukemia in humans, infertility or death in animals. Over-growth of superweeds (agent orange). GMO shit that taste sweet (artificial sugar, Aspartame known to be found in Maltodextrin, autolysed yeast, M.S.G etc and sometimes not even labelled! Thank Monsanto for the GMO crap.



What’s really in a glass of milk? MILK ALTERNATIVES:Almond milk, hemp milk, macademia milk, nuts milk, rice milk, oates milk etc.

8b. There’s X.O. in Processed Cows’ Milk and Why You Should be Concerned

8c. Milk Accelerates Heart Disease and Linked to Cancer PLUS 15 Other Things You Didn’t Know of Milk

8d. What does ENSURE milk ensure?

9. How to Make Your Own Raw Ricotta Cheese (without Milk)

What Does ENSURE Milk Ensure?

#milk Most commercial milk formula are problematic. My grandaunt was on Ensure a year before her bronchitis escalated to pneumonia. I was telling my mum that she should have some fresh juices from fruits and wheatgrass. Most milk powders are not healing patients.

In Singapore, Renci Hospital is no longer using Chinese traditional meds to heal patients.

My grandaunt, despite not fully recovered from bronchitis, was transferred from Renci Hospital to Renci Nursing Home cum Hospice (Buangkok). She developed pneumonia a few after that. Her milk feed through her nose, was ENSURE milk. She passed away in June last year. (My mum and I are still missing her.)

Strangely, the IMH was just next door to the ?Renci Nursing Home cum Hospice. I guess both places have something in common: Most who go in do not get discharged until their death (a very sad fact!)

I am also reminded that actor Huang WenYong drank milk on the day that he passed away. Chemo and milk did not work at beating cancer.

“Introducing Ensure to your diet might have a negative impact on your body at first. Common adverse conditions include constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. These conditions are generally mild and typically abate once your body adjusts. Improper usage, on the other hand, can lead to more serious medical problems such as seizures, irregular heartbeat, changes in mood or mental status, weak pulse, muscle cramps, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.” –

I wonder what really is “improper use”? Any one uses these milk formulas for their D-I-Y facial masks?

Queen Cleopatra was said to bath in tanks of camels’ and goats’ milk. But these days the milk you are getting are close to having zero nutrients due to UHT (ultra-high heat treatment). This explains why modern milk is so lousy, manufacturers need to add vitamins to pasteurized milk.

In ending, please google for the info that There’s never been a study to prove that milk is good for bones! You’ll be shocked.


Milk Accelerates Heart Disease and Linked to Cancer PLUS 15 Other Things You Didn’t Know of Milk

There’s X.O. in Processed Cows’ Milk and Why You Should be Concerned

How to Make Your Own Raw Ricotta Cheese (without Milk)

Vegan Ice-Cream Without Cows’ Hormones/Milk!

Top food choices for avoiding and beating cancer

Meat’s Relation to Chronic Diseases: Meat Facts You Should Know

Dr. Michael Greger is right: …what exactly is
in the meat that is so significantly increasing cancer death rates, heart disease, and shortening people’s lives? A few possibilities include heme iron, nitrosamines, biogenicamines, advanced glycation end products, arachidonic acid, steroids, toxic metals, drug residues, viruses, heterocyclic amines, PCBs, dioxins, and other industrial pollutants.


TOP 3 You MUST Know if You Have No Time to READ

1. The risk of colorectal cancer is associated with the frequency of meat consumption in a population-based cohort in Korea. (Korea is fond of pork belly by the way.)

2. Human participants have confirmed that heme iron from meat significantly increases the production of cancerous N-nitroso compounds (NOC) in the digestive tract.

3. Two Components of Red Meat Combined With Alteration in DNA Repair Increase Risk for Bladder Cancer–media/aacr-in-the-news.aspx?d=2882


Studies Related to Dangers of Consuming Meat Daily or Frequently

HOW MUCH study participants ate and HOW they ate meat (fried or sauteed) were included in Harvard’s studies.
Ref: “We prospectively observed 37 698 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (1986-2008) and 83 644 ?women from the Nurses’ Health Study (1980-2008) who were free of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer at ? baseline.

Diet was assessed by validated food frequency questionnaires and updated every 4 years.” –

Red Meat Consumption and Mortality Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies

This study is only one among hundreds finding an association between red meat consumption and increased mortality from heart disease and cancer.

Red meat with a 13 percent increase in mortality risk



Increased red meat consumption showed a strong positive association with cardiac disease risk



Why eating just one sausage a day raises your cancer risk by 20%.

…data support the hypothesis that intake of red meat is related to an elevated risk of colon cancer.”



Two Components of Red Meat Combined With Alteration in DNA Repair Increase Risk for Bladder Cancer–media/aacr-in-the-news.aspx?d=2882



Red meat raises lung cancer risk too, study finds

A high intake of red meat may increase the risk of lung cancer by about 35%, while a high intake of poultry decreases the risk by about 10%.



Higher red meat intake may be a risk factor for ER+/PR+ breast cancer among premenopausal women.



The risk of colorectal cancer is associated with the frequency of meat consumption in a population-based cohort in ?Korea. (Korea is fond of pork belly by the way.)

Human participants have confirmed that heme iron from meat significantly increases the production of cancerous N-nitroso compounds (NOC) in the digestive tract.

High intake of red and processed meat is associated with significant increased risk of colorectal, colon and rectal cancers.

Our results confirm earlier findings of increased risk of gastrointestinal cancers with higher meat intake and suggest that meat consumption increases the risk of multiple other cancer sites.



Red Meat Consumption and Mortality Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies via Harvard

The study, which followed more than 120,000 American men and women, linked daily consumption of unprocessed red meat with a 13 percent increase in mortality risk.

Red meat is blamed for one in 10 early deaths



Study: Eating More Red Meat Linked to Higher Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


A study suggests that eating 50g (less than 2oz) of processed meat per day increases risk of coronary heart disease by 42%, and diabetes by 19%.



Daily rasher of bacon can harm men’s fertility



Halving meat consumption ‘would cut heart disease and cancer rates’

…a very low meat intake is associated with greater longevity.

Reducing or eliminating meat from the diet reduces the risk of prostate cancer. – Kolonel LN. Nutrition and prostate cancer. Cancer Causes Control. 1996;7(1):83-44.



Diet change alone may help to avoid cancer. “…it is roughly estimated that about 32% of cancer may be avoidable by changes in diet…” –

It has been estimated that 30 to 40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone.


Do we need more reasons to reduce or avoid meat

Diet by Social conditioning. Indoctrination. Education through corps that sell fast food and junk foods. This is what is wrong global-wide.

14 Reasons To Refuse Subway

I would never have penned my thoughts about Subway except when a few months ago, I noticed the “VEGAN” ingredients coming to Subway in the USA caught my eye. I could not remember exactly what it was, but it was definitely NOT healthy.

These days, fast food chains are targetting people who want healthier foods and people may be unknowingly falling into the notion that they are getting healthier foods. But are they?


1. Being the first thing listed in Subway’s bread, it has enriched wheat the most as compared to the other ingredients listed later. Ref: Subway would be the healthiest bread on the menu, right?

But ?enriched wheat bread is not the same as “whole wheat”. This kind of wheat is so DEVOID of nutrients, that manufacturers need to add artificial vitamins to make this ENRICHED wheat bread.


2. Bleached enriched wheat flou in WRAP, means the cancer-causing chemical ALLOXAN, is used to bleach the flour till it’s very white. There is no reason to believe that this kind of bleach in flour can be healthy.


3. Besides, wheat (in excess) is what ages you and can cause diabetes. Part 2 of this article explains in detail why flour in vegan foods such as seitan, is so unhealthy.


4. The hydrogenated vegetable oil in Subway’s sourdough bread and regular egg omelet patty, is actually trans-fat. Any cooking oil that has been hydrogenated is very bad for the heart.


5. Yeast extract dextrin,maltodextrin and autolyzed yeast extractc may contain aspartame. Yes, aspartame in hidden in Subway’s food. For dangers of aspartame, please google SWEET MISERY Dr. Bette Martini. Aspartame is made from the excrement of a strain of bacteria (Hey, sugar grows automatically!)



Above: 10 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food


6. Their dough conditioner “dough conditioners (DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate, ascorbic acid, potassium iodate, azodicarbonamide)” found in Subway’s 9-GRAIN WHEAT Enriched wheat flour, sounds like a lot of chemicals.

Here are what these chemicals do:

DATEM stands for Diacetyl Esters of Tartaric Acid (E472e).

DATEM studies found it caused heart muscle fibrosis and adrenal overgrowth in mice. While banned in Europe, it is not banned in the rest of the world.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate can lead to an imbalance of sodium levels and is linked to allergies that may cause swelling, pain and over-sensitivity in muscles. Ref:

Over-consumption of artifical Vitamin C aka “ascorbic acid” can lead to kidney failure and hyperglycemia.

Azodicarbonamide is used in the manufacture of foam plastics. Ref:


7. Sodium benzoate found in Subway’s Teriyaki-glazed Chicken Strips and Pickled Cucumbers is harmless until it comes into contact with either Vitamin C in the body or citrus foods. The dangers of sodium benzoate is spelled out in this excellent article at ?

This very same ingredient also known as “BENZENE” does not prevent bacteria from forming at carbonated drink dispensers. Ref:



#quotes ? “No matter where you eat, take the time and respect your body enough to find out exactly what you’re getting!” – Jason Yun


8. Mollasses found in Subway’s Chocolate Chunks, Double Chocolate Chips, M&M’s Enriched bleached flour, Oatmeal Raisin Sugar, peanut butter etc may not be healthy if it is sulphured or it is from regular mollasses instead of blackstrap mollases.

Naturalnews has more info on mollasses

Difference Between Blackstrap Molasses and Regular Molasses

For diabetes sufferers (as well as those without diabetes can always do the blood glucose testing), your blood glucose level test results will always tell you if YOU can take mollasses sugar.


9. I have no idea if soy used by Subway is fermented of toxic phytic acid or if it is GMO-free (not genetically engineered/modified). Read more why unfermented soy is so unhealthy. Ref:


10. “Spice alternatives” – there is no way any food consumer will know exactly what these are!


11. Not sure why “natural flavors” is added to banana peppers, what exactly is it?


12. Calcium silicate found in Subway’s Egg Omelet Patty is used to prevent caking and is sold as a common over-the-counter antacid ?It is a sealant to insulate from high temperatures, fire protection products, used on roads, concrete and housing roofs.

In atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries in the legs), the clumping of platelets that hardens the arteries can be seen as torn lesions in the smooth lining of the inner wall of the arteries. These torn lesions are potentially caused by the jagged edges of small microscopic pieces of what looks like mineralized glass, that is your calcium silicates.

This creates a vicious cycle of arterial sludge growth. Calcium silicates can trap platelets, platelets can trap fats, fats can trap bad cholesterols and the resulting blockage traps more calcium silicates. This leads to calcification, hardening of the obstruction and potentially hardening the artery itself.

Imagine cheese becoming more like plastic, that’s what calcification does to the hardening calcium deposits: the clumping of calcium silicate, trans-fat and excess sugar quickly makes arteries inflexible and stiff.

Is Subway really healthy?


13. Polysorbate 80 found in Subway’s cured ham, pickled cucumbers and ranch dressing can cause heart problems, make cancer tumours grow more rapidly and is a fertility killer.

Dr. Robert Brown of Fort Worth Children’s Hospital undertook a study on E-Ferol – which contained Polysorbate 80 – caused the E-Ferol Syndrome . Ref:,385801

Polysorbate 80 also contains High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which most people know is really bad for the heart. It is also known to cause headaches, dizziness, upper respiratory issues, gastrointestinal problems, and reduces the ability to fend off infection by as much as 80%. Ironically, this substance is also found in some vaccine solutions.


14. Polysorbate 60 (short for polyoxyethylene-(20)- sorbitan monostearate, and aka TWEEN 60 or E435) is found in Subway’s CHIPOTLE SOUTHWEST Soybean oil.

It is commonly used as a food emulsifier and as a thickening agent in food; it’s used in cosmetics and skin care formulas “to dissolve in a solvent in which they would not normally dissolve”. The Cosmetics Database finds Polysorbate 60 to be a low hazard ingredient for cosmetics.

So, what is wrong with polysorbate 60? It is the ethylene oxide inside polysorbate 60 that is cancer-causing and yet the USA’s FDA states that it is generally safe even if consumed in large amounts.


The USA’s FDA states – via Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21 CFR 172.410 (USFDA); U.S. National Archives and Records Administration’s Electronic Code of Federal Regulations) – that polysorbates should not exceed 0.4% of the weight of the finished whipped edible oil topping. Polysorbate 60 should not exceed 2% in table salt, or 5% in baking powder. Are there reasons for this?

“Polysorbate 60 also is used in some vaginal itch treatments, such as Monistat….

According to the “Journal of National Cancer Institute,” the “Journal of Nutrition” and the FAO Nutrition Meetings Report Series, polysorbate 60 can cause detrimental reproductive effects, organ toxicity and cancer in high doses.

However, the FDA designated the chemical as safe for limited use in food. According to the Environmental Canada Domestic Substance List, polysorbate 60 is not suspected as an environmental toxin.

According to the FDA, polysorbate 60 may not exceed 0.61 percent of cake mix when used alone or with polysorbate 65, and the total percent of all polysorbates may not exceed 0.66 percent. When used for confectionery coating or cacao products, it may not exceed 1 percent of the total product weight.” –

Made of corn, palm oil and petroleum, this oily mixture does not spoil (indefinite life span). Is this why some fast foods do not decompose like my cupcake?


SUBWAY in my opinion It’s simply junk food masquerading as “healthy food”. Only eat Subway if you have no other choices!


In my opinion, as long as chemical ingredients and genetically modified proteins and nutrients are being created, our food supply will always be opened to “contaminations”. – Kelly KC, Singapore



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  6. The FDA knows about ill-causing food additives and are not doing anything about it, how about you?
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  8. Paying peanuts for well…..peanuts. The real cost of meat is VERY expensive! >> Study Shows Fast Food Burgers Can Contain As Little As 2 % Actual Meat
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  17. Vaccines Containing Polysorbate 80
  18. Label Check: Mio Water Enhancer Is Best Suited for Fuel Tank
  19. Less Fat More Cancer?
  20. Ingredients to Avoid from
  21. Anhydrous milkfat (AMF): This comes from butter or pasteurized cream made from pure Cow’s milk. The milkfat is centrifugally separated from the butter to produce AMF containing at least 99.9 % fat. AMF is water-free and free from non-fat solids.
  22. Acesulfame potassium, Aspartame (neotame), Saccharin, Sucralose (sucrose aka Splenda or EQUAL sweeteners) are artificial sweeteners that are either unsafe or poorly tested.
  23. Propylene glycol is used as automobile anti-freeze and to lubricate air-conditioner compressors. It is found in deodorant sticks and processed foods (a solvent for food colours and flavorings). Some pizza outlets uses it for their pizza too.
  24. Isolated pea product is a protein additive commonly used as a substitute for animal-derived protein.
  25. Guar gum is a thickening agent commonly found in processed foods.
  26. TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone) is used to preserve vegetable oils against oxidation. TBHQ is found in paints, furniture varnishes and perfumes.
  27. dImethylpolysiloxane is a type of silicone used to prevent cooking oil from foaming through repeated uses. However, it does not prevent oil from turning rancid and cancer-causing. It’s also found in lubricants and children’s Silly Putty.
  28. Sodium diacetate is used as a food preservative and flavour enhancer, and is flammable.
  29. If a wholemeal bread has less than 2 grams of fibre per 100 grams of bread, it is not “high fibre” at all.

Knowing Identity of Infant Milk Manufacturer and Their History Can Reduce The Likelihood of Buying Bad Milk

I recently read a news posted by ChannelNewsAsia that made me dig up part of my communication with a doctor friend. You see, 2 years ago when she asked me what could be causing one of her patient’s baby who kept having diarrhoea. She was very puzzled.

Danone Dumex (Malaysia) recalled some infant formula milk brands.


The baby was not eating or drinking any thing except BLEDINA milk formula (from Danone in Europe). This was also posted to my Facebook timeline 2 years ago, which received scarce response (since most of my friends have much older kids no longer drinking baby formula milk).

Here it is – the part of my communication with the doctor friend:

“Bledina is fermented milk. I found some info here:
The fermented milk is marketed by Danone subsidiary, Bl ƒÀ „¢??? ?dina.

Milk cultures mentioned in one article: “At the same time, an investigation being carried out in the five participating countries Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Poland is to look at the practices of various cultures in terms of infant nutrition.” –

The milk causes Gastro-oesophageal reflux and digestion problems in babies. The sick baby should go off Bledina and feed on normal organic and unfermented milk is possible, since it is the ONLY thing the infant was drinking and not yet on semi-solid foods.

The wierd thing is, clinical trials were completed in 2008 and if Bledina shows any harm, I do not see why it should be sold in the market. Brand names milk recalls included Bledina in April 2010, as shown in this document —> shows Danone as the company creating Bledina milk.”


Additionally Fonterra New Zealand gets its genetically engineered MELAMINE into their babies’ and toddlers’ milk powder products from China. Danone also creates “Bebelac Step 2” and various other snacks like milk cookies.


I had shared the above info in my Facebook timeline 2 years ago. Incredible that it is the food manufacturers that tell you whether or not food or beverage is safe, isn’t it?

Check your food labels and do your own homework. And also best for mums to breastfeed whenever they can (unless they can’t produce milk or on some medicinal drugs).

Consumers should VOTE with their money!



VIDEO: Why You Should Avoid Dairy Milk and Products – by Dr. Vaidya Priyanka

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There’s X.O. in Processed Cows’ Milk and Why You Should be Concerned

How to Make Your Own Raw Ricotta Cheese (without Milk)

How to Have ‘Meat’ without Eating Hormones-Laden Meat and without Unfermented Phytic Acid Laden Soy

How to Eat Better Mock Meat without Soy

Vegan Ice-Cream Without Cows’ Hormones/Milk!

Stay Away from Milk and Colostrum for Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma (Huang Wen Yong had milk on day he passed away of Lymphoma)

Dangers Of Milk – Why this Idolized Drink is More Dangerous Than Helpful

Some Raw and Cooked Vegan Foods I Took Recently

I don’t always take pics of raw vegan food I create for myself or family. Here are some from my digital camera and my Pinterest friends.

I am eating more of these crinkly yellow fruits. When unripe, it’s smooth and reddish-green. Know what these are?

Know the name of these crinkly fruits



Avocado with Tomato Puree (Parsley and Basil flakes). Am a sucker for avocados because their texture is like egg yolk but without the yucky smell and chicken hormones. It’s also a superfood.

AVOCADOS and tomato puree

Holy Basil is anti-cancer.

And so is Avocado, which is listed as one of the ?Anti-Cancer Food #16 to #18 of ?this post.

Used mashed fresh cooked tomatoes instead of canned or bottled puree. Ideally, tomatoes should be soaked in vinegar-diluted water for a few minutes before rinsing well with water. (Natural vinegar kills bad bacteria and is a natural disinfectant for any fresh fruits and vegetables.) ?And steaming tomatoes a little actually increases the tomatoes’ levels of anti-cancer lycopene.

If you dislike pounding tomatoes by hand, use a blender.

We use Vitamax blender at home. Although pricey, it’s worthwhile. It’s tough enough to mash raw jackfruit seeds! (Btw, jackfruit seeds can be boiled and eaten like cooked potatoes or yam too.)

Researchers have found that there are compounds in avocados that can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. In some other lab studies, oleic acid in avocados has been proven to kill breast cancer cells. (Avocados should not be consumed with Warfarin (heart statin) or any blood-thinning or blood pressure drugs.) ?Read more about other benefits of consuming avocados.


The prices of avocado fluctuates faster than commodity pricing. lol ? See any difference between these 2 receipts where avocados are bought from the same store on the same day, but different time?

Prices of Avocado in Singapore

Avocados bought during the day was 3 for $2.50 (extras at 95 cents each). 3 avocados bought at night were $2.85.



If you’re adventurous for this recipe, you can sprinkle flaxseeds. I consider flaxseeds to be one of Earth’ s superfoods. Here are other superfoods you can eat:

7 super foods you should eat


Cooked Oats with Potatoes/Yam. Before preparing this easy recipe, it’s important to soak oats for at least 1 to 2 hours (or overnight if you dislike waiting). Soaking oats (and most beans) help to get rid of phytic acid.

Cooked Oats with Potatoes or Yam

This recipe is really simple ?cos AFTER cooking, I added some apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons), himalaayan salt and black pepper. Sesame seeds are optional.

Btw, sesame seeds are rich in manganese, selenium and zinc. They’re SMALL ? BUT POWERFUL! Sesame seeds ?help to reduce high blood pressure, promotes heart and respiratory health, protects DNA from radiation damage, reduces risk of colorectal cancer and even boost bone health. The black sesame seeds tend to be a little bit more bitter than the brown and white sesame seeds. (I actually love black sesame seeds in peanuts dessert!) ? Read more on benefits of sesame seeds.

And since instant quacker oats are almost ZERO in nutrition, I opt to use non-instant organic oats that require me to cook it for a few minutes. They can become lumpy but that’s ok cos I actually love porridge.

Organic oats are natural antidepresssants, a mild sedative (gives a calming effect) and contain calcium and important trace minerals. In Germany, oats is used by “stop-smoking” doctors to help patients cope with nicotine withdrawal.



Am a sucker when it comes to raw brownies! The brownie ‘bar’ I made are definitely not “bars”, it was more like a brownie pizza and I had forgotten to take a pic before finishing it!

Here’s an excellent Raw Brownie Cheesecake Bar recipe from Coconut Mamma, except I avoid using coconut sugar. The use of sap from coconut flowers etc makes the coconuts sterile, and they no longer produce coconuts. Vanilla beans can be used in place of vanilla extract if you wish. (To do this raw, just refrigerate for an hour before eating.)

excellent Raw Brownie Cheesecake Bar recipe


My mango dessert near Carlton Hotel…I was not able to get a good look at the restaurant name as I had entered it from the back of the building’s carpark with my cousins. lol Mangoes bust diabetes and cancer, by the way!

Mango desserts

The restaurant’s service was top-notched; the waitress would even lay out a serviette over your lap, and ask if you wish to place your handbag or briefcase on a trolley next to your table nearby. This trolley is always in public view.

Chopsticks in restaurant




Did you guess the CRINKLY FRUIT at top-most of this page is PASSION FRUIT? Here’s how the fruit looks like after it’s cut opened:

The crinkly fruits you saw above are PASSION FRUITS

The insides of a passion fruit is like jelly. I eat it with a spoon – including the crunchy seeds – half slurping from it directly. It’s VERY delicious, reminds me of a cross between a mango and strawberries!

Amongst the nutrients that a passion fruit has, it’s highest in Vitamin A, C and iron. 100 gram of passion fruit covers about 20% of an adult’s recommended requirement of iron for the day (ref: USDA National Nutrient data base).

For health benefits of the passion fruit, please check out Anti-Cancer Foods #62. of my other blog post “More Than 60+ Anti-Cancer Foods You Can Use to Reverse or Prevent Cancer”.



Have fresh fruits often!

In the near future, I hope to be able to get my hands on macademia nut oil (excellent alternative to butter) and nutritious hemp seeds!
Nutritious Hemp Seeds


Do you see some values of some raw vegan foods? Cool, isn’t it?


Author: Kelly,



Bill Clinton dishes on vegan diet

Eating This Fatty Snack Can Protect Your Heart and More

Nuts and seeds are excellent foods!

Soybean Oil: One of the Most Harmful Ingredients in Processed Foods

Drinking from Bottled Water and Six Other Actions Account for Premature Andropause

What ?? s Wrong With NATURAL Fruit Juice?

The 3 Food Rules You May Not Have Heard Of

Drinking from Bottled Water and Six Other Actions Account for Premature Andropause

Two curious German scientists from the Department of Aquatic Ecotoxicology in Frankfurt, ] ?Germany, studied ]commercial bottled waters and found that they contained toxic “xenoestrogens”.

Excess Estrogen An Epidemic!


What are xenoestrogens? ?Xenoestrogens are a synthetic form of the female hormone, estrogen, and have been identified as a major contributor to male hormonal issues, such as:

* Low testosterone which may lead to lack of libido
* “Performance” problems in the bedroom
* Increased fats in the body since synthetic estrogens tend to be stored in fats (especially around the chest and belly)

So, no matter how hard one tries at losing excess fat, your bottled water could well be the reason why you are not having any success at losing weight.

Yes, these estrogens could affect male hormones. The scientists’ findings were troubling: A whopping 78% of all water that contained significant traces of estrogen were significantly traced back to plastic bottles. These commercially sold water are bottled in either plastic or composite (paperboard with plastic coating) containers.

So, if you’re a man who drinks bottled water, chances are you’re consuming trace amounts of female hormones with every sip you take!

I imagine this moody clam sticking out its tongue, does not want estrogen-filled bottled water! lol


The more female hormones a man consumes, the more danger he faces in becoming “estrogen dominant” and slowly destroying his ability to naturally produce testosterone.

This is one of the reasons why low testosterone syndrome (also known as “andropause” or “male menopause”) is at epidemic proportions in our society and it’s only getting worse. In fact, too much estrogen are linked to man-boops and cancer. Thailand news once attributed the increase of homosexuality to these hormones!

Of course this does not mean that the estrogens are harmful only to males, I believe that no normal human being need any synthetic form of hormones, female hormones or not.

Sciencedaily once reported that in both genders, “Chronic Exposure To Estrogen Impairs Some Cognitive Functions“.


How can you avoid this and cancer

Staying away from water and other beverages that are held in plastic bottles (including composite paperboard with plastic lining) is a good start.

There are a few other sneaky ways men (and women) are being exposed to xenoestrogens ?on a daily basis. Avoid or reduce the following actions to reduce your exposure to these needless and harmful synthetic estrogens:

  • Eating conventional fruits and vegetables laden with conventional pesticides.
  • Eating microwaveable foods.
  • Eating or drinking from plastic bowls or plates (they are capable of leeching BPA plastic into foods and especially into piping hot soup).
  • Using sunscreens. Some sunscreen ingredients mimic estrogen, disrupt hormones and accelerate the growth of estrogen-sensitive cancers.
  • Using or frequently inhaling chemically scented candles or fragrances means you are breathing in hormones-altering chemicals.
  • Handling paper receipts often may mean you are absorbing BPA ink!


You can reduce your chances of the ill-effects of excess estrogens in your body by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Take care to avoid the above-mentioned six actions (obviously!);
  2. Take good care of your gastrointestinal health by increasing your intake of natural probiotics foods;
  3. Eat more citrus fruits and foods cooked with cucurmin and,
  4. Take more green leafy vegetables; have some uncooked and and added to your favourite healthy smoothie/juice.

Additionally, empty plastic bottles that once hold your mineral water or other beverage, are not meant to be used again and again – even if you are not storing piping hot drinks. They’re just not meant for recycling. There is a tendency for BPA plastic to leech into drinking water.

Demand that biodegradable bottles and packagings without harmful chemicals are used. Let your supermarket know, let your environment ministers and friends know. YOU and your children deserve better health. VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY!


Here’s a question for you:
Since commercial drinking plastic bottles contain ?xenoestrogens, does this mean that BPA-free bottles won’t leak xenoestrogens? Amongst these 5, which is the SAFEST PLASTIC

Try answering this before checking out the answer at the bottom of this post! ?:)



Dangerous Plastics, Safe Plastic

Study shows dangers of BPA chemical used in plastic packaging

Over production of bottled waters….bad decision!

Pic Source

Pic Source

9 Ways to use less plastic

Pic Source

A new investigation by Mother Jones reporter Mariah Blake has revealed that chemicals used to replace BPA may be just as dangerous to your health, if not more. Plastic products being advertised as BPA-free ?? and sold by companies such as Evenflo, Nalgene and Tupperware ?? are still releasing synthetic estrogen.

Pic Source

Plastic Bottles Release Potentially Harmful Chemicals (Bisphenol A) After Contact With Hot Liquids

Estrogen excess: What you need to know and how to avoid it

How having too much estrogen can make you gain weight

The Effects of Too Much Estrogen in Women

Cupcake leftovers baked or microwaved in ?paperboard with plastic coating does not show any signs of decomposition since 15th July 2013 (3 weeks now!)

ANSWER: Look at the recycling symbol usually found at the outside bottom or side of your plastic bottle. If it is a #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene), or a #4 LDPE (low density polyethylene), or a #5 PP (polypropylene), your bottle is fine.

What’s Wrong With NATURAL Fruit Juice?

Natural Fruit Juice?

Where this brand is concerned, the natural juice has been through ultra-high heat processing (UHT). Many brands process the natural fruit juice in a similar way.

What does UHT do to anti-oxidants and vitamins

UHT sweetens the juice by burning some of its sugars (caramelization). Consumption of caramelized foods had been linked to cancer.

William Dufty’s book, Sugar Blues, reveals the precise biological response the human body goes through after ingesting processed sugars, thus demonstrating William’s thesis that processed sugar is a drug, and not a food.

Think about processing, transit, storage, and not just the ingredients used. You’re better off with freshly juiced juice!

PepsiCo brand NAKED juice cuts “all natural” claim after US$9MILLION payout.


Welch ?? s fruit juice cocktails contain more corn than fruit: 80% water and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)! Google for harms of HFCS!

Do you want more information about what’s in your commercial fruit juice, or is this not a big deal to you?

And also, PLEASE demand that the use of pesticides and insecticides are reduced or bannished! There is evidence that ?pesticide compounds like dialkylphosphates (DAPs), is found in fresh orange juice Ref:

Bees are getting closer to extinction due to GMO pesticides (do google for the info!) Being kind to insects is being kind to ourselves!

Do you want more information about what’s in your carton of orange juice, or is this not a big deal to you?



Deceptive Marketing: Pepsi’s Naked Juice ‘Exposed’:

Orange Juice Exposed

#Video Tropicana must face claims that it misrepresents its processed, colored and flavored orange juice as “never from concentrate,” a federal judge ruled a year after a Californian Woman Sues Orange Juice Giant TROPICANA over flavor packs in 2012.

Coca-Cola named in class action over marketing of Minute Maid Orange Juice

Fresh’ isn’t always what you think it is (or what the FDA says it should)

5 Clues You’re Addicted to Sugar

The Truth About Natural Sugar

Sensational Discovery Shows UHT Milk Causes Brain Disease

UHT Processing in a slide-show

The Dangers of Fructose, Caramelized and Barbecued Foods!

The Truth About Caramel Colour

Common Cancer-Causing Chemical in Soda Exposed by Scientists

Caramel Coloring in Soda: What You Should Know About This Innocent-Sounding Ingredient

FDA Urged to Prohibit Carcinogenic “Caramel Coloring”

Classes of Caramel Colour

Why is sugar so addictive?

Clueless Cow Walked Atop Roof and Crashed Onto Sleeping Brazilian Man, Killing Him

“The cow, which had reportedly escaped from a nearby farm, wandered onto the corrugated roof atop the couple’s home, which backs onto a hill in Caratinga. The roof immediately gave way and the 3,000 pound animal came crashing down on de Souza.” Read more

Clueless cow? What an unfortunate accident! Increase security if you live on landed property where wild animals may roam nearby.


Also, may be time people looked into cruel treatments of cows whose calves are slaughtered on first day of their birth without having drunk their mothers’ milk. I don’t believe these cows are happy where they are, with their kin, peer taken away from them, and with their swollen pus-filled udders!


Here’s one more animal accident, this time involving a pet camel, which was unfortunately, given to the victim by the victim’s husband.

How ironic that a birthday gift of love became a gift of death! 🙁
Wild animals kept as domestic pets. The danger… Sorry for this woman!


Growth hormones would endanger milk

There’s X.O. in Processed Cows’ Milk and Why You Should be Concerned

Dangers Of Milk – Why this Idolized Drink is More Dangerous Than Helpful

Stay Away from Milk and Colostrum for Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma (Huang Wen Yong had milk on day he passed away of Lymphoma)

In March 2004, the European Journal of European Nutrition revealed that a high intake of skimmed milk increased some serum levels in 8 year-old boys ?. What this means is that the high growth velocity during early life are associated with the risk of some non-communicable diseases later on in these boys’lives.

In some websites, full creamed milk is not even recommended to children under 5. (Clearly a contrast, partially because your child’s milk is really meant for calves, not humans! )

There is clearly a reason why female humans stop producing breast milk after last child born turns 7 or earlier. IGF-1 – a hormone found in all mammals’ milk including humans’ – can increase risk of cancer!

Your milk is not kind and there never was any studies that proved milk PREVENTS osteoporosis! There is a lot of danger over-consuming calcium and protein as much as under-consuming them.




Cows are fattened on STALE gummy bears!

Drought Causing Farmers To Add Gummy Worms, Ice Cream Sprinkles To Corn Feed

Food Not Vegetarian Or Vegan: Food And Drinks With Hidden Fish Bladder, Gelatin, And Eggs

Price of corn increased? This is how cows SHOULD be fed! Free them! Need no beef industry! Being kind to animals means you’re kind to yourself. TAKE an honourable job!


The bull is not an aggressive animal, and the reason he is angry and attempts to charge at the matador whilst in the bullring is mainly because he has been horrendously abused for the previous two days. Pic



56 Billion Killed For A Taste of Their Flesh. Your desire for meaty taste is satisfied in one meal while their pain or suffering is daily till they are killed.


It is common to see monkeys in chains in Indonesia today. At what point do these animals owe us their freedom, and especially after men has destroyed their natural habitat?


There’s a lot of YUMMY VEGAN RECIPES and INFO!

Turn Ordinary Vegetables Into Immunity Boosters With This Simple Trick!

How to Make Your Own Raw Ricotta Cheese (without Milk)

How to Have ‘Meat’ without Eating Hormones-Laden Meat and without Unfermented Phytic Acid Laden Soy

How to Eat Better Mock Meat without Soy

Vegan Ice-Cream Without Cows’ Hormones/Milk!

RAW Recipe: Raweo Cookies (No Baking Needed!!)

NO BAKE Organic Choc Cookies Recipe

The Asian Raw Chef goes shopping before joining the rest for a raw vegan creation. See how fun and time-saving raw vegan foods are (not just delicious and healthy!

Veggie Vixen Juice: 2 carrots, 2 stalks celery, 1/2 cup parsley, 4 large spinach leaves, 1/2 beet root, 1/2 cup alfalfa sprouts. Recipe from

Discover the most nutrient dense plant based foods that are also complete protein powerhouses!
Kidney Beans, Artichoke and Mushrooms (Cooked) Recipe!

Japanese Cucumber Salad (RAW!)

What’s your excuse for eating meat



This horse may have become blind by neglect and he could hardly stand on his feet! Just so very sad! Please send this sample letter to #Mexico Officials demanding they put an end to the cruel torture of these horses!



Rodents killed because of some brands of cosmetics and personal care products. Small in size does not mean we can do anything we want with them.




Takes 75 of them to make one of your fluffy DOWN pillows! DOWN with the DOWN pillows please. VOTE with your money! Not hard to do so!


#Houston #Texas This dog is on death row unless someone adopts and care for her!


GASSING is cruel! Dogs and cats paw at glasses in attempt to escape while being suffocated from lack of oxygen! When someone told me that AVA gassed dogs, I asked for evidence. He said it’s like putting patients to sleep for surgery. Gassing and “sleep” by injection are not the same!


Have you ever felt numb because sandwiched and constrained in a packed train or bus? Beluga Whales in Cruel Transport to China, Dolphins in Taiji’s Massive Killing. Pls help n take action! Sign at


SHAME on those who say that the fur industry is NOT cruel, defending the culprits and lying through their teeth! Friend, Roger D Mortimer shared: This is how fur coats are made. First they grip the Fox. Then they get it to bit on an electrode and then shove another one up its ass and turn the electricity on. Sometimes it kills it the first time after a few minutes, but other times it takes several attempts. How does YOUR fur feel? Wear FAUX FUR not real fur!

Someone showed a pic of a skinned rabbit the other day. I am not sure if the rabbit was alive but it could be since China skin dogs while they are still alive!! CRUEL!

They “program” baby #elephants into submission with fear tactiques, to make it think it will never be able to free itself. Adult elephants are capable of uprooting a tree and run away but a baby elephant trained into submission will think it has no chance of escaping. THIS IS CRUEL! Boycott all elephant shows in Thailand! Pic from




Excellent info here! If you care about your rainforest, sustainability of food and cruel treatment to animals raised for their meat, to have their children stolen so people can have dairy milk, this is a MUST-read!


Shouldn’t we take bees’ decline seriously?


Very Little Cruelty is Known About The Honey Industry – Nature is Interfered When The Queen Bees become Powerless via

Find out what your support of honey do to the bees:


Related info on Bees:

The Truth About Bee Venom Against HIV (NOT Rosy)

Dangerously High Pesticide Levels In Celestial Seasonings Teas

Why Soy Meat and Wheat Meat (Seitan) Are Not necessarily Healthier

Why Soy Meat and Wheat meat (Seitan) Are Not necessarily Healthier

1. Textured vegetable (or soy) protein is actually very unhealthy. In fact, ancient Japanese and Asians DID NOT eat soy frequently as it was considered a delicacy of the Japanese Royals who only had them once or twice a year.

Commoners? Perhaps they never ate soy! It was only about 20 to 30 years ago, did soy manufacturing boomed, and mainstream media was able to make it look as if healthy Asians eat a lot of soy everyday. The westerners (and even young Asians of the younger generations) are/were fooled into thinking soy was staple food of Japan.

Soy Protein Isolates or TVP is a by-product of soy oil production (soy oil is unhealthy but that’s another topic)! It’s been defatted – removed of most fat and carbohydrates so actually There’s nothing much left in the final product except the following: Trypsin, Goitrogens, Nitrates, Phytic Acid, MSG and Aluminium (acid washing in aluminium tanks leaching).

These days food manufacturers are not willing to sit around and wait 3 weeks of fermentation to happen, so lots of our soy products including soy sauce are unfermented.

Trypsin comes from unfermented soy and prevents the body from properly absorbing ?calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. It is related to obesity in lab rats studied. Even when very small amounts of trypsin were fed to them, they rapidly gained weight.

Unfermented soy is also rich in goitrogen – a substance which prevents the thyroid gland from getting its necessary amount of iodine. The result may be goitre (swollen neck, eyes). You can read more on unfermented soy from

Nitrates – chemical preservative – are also commonly added to processed meats for “taste” and preservation. Nitrates by themselves are not carcinogenic, but becomes cancer-causing when it reacts with dietary amines (protein) and that forms your cancer-causing nitrosamines. So, nitrates are indirectly linked to cancer.

Btw, the NITRITE (NO2-) ? – a good nitrate – in saliva help to reduce high blood pressure. Nitrites (NO2-) in the bodyorms nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which regulate the mechanisms of voluntary and involuntary muscles (eg. heart and tspinster muscles).

According to a Turkish university study from “Nitrates are very toxic matters, which reduce to nitrites at certain physiological conditions in the human body. They cause metchemoglobinemy and produce carcinogenic matters like nitrosoamines and different health disturbances as changes in vitamin levels, disturbance in thyroxin production; negative influence in reproduction; changes in the blood etc.

Almost all food products contain nitrates, because nitrates are naturally present in the soil (e.g. humid matters), the water and the air (e.g. nitrous gases). I believe the good nitrates are not man-made but found in foods like beet roots. When consumed, the phytic acid commonly found in unfermented soy, prevents proper absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. This is unhealthy!

Additionally, some food manufacturers claim that they do not add monosodium glutamate (MSG that contains aspartame) but that they are ‘naturally’ formed during the soy hydrolyzing process (where the soy protein binds with the sodium). MSG is linked to a myriad of health problems and especially more in aspartame-sensitive people.

And do you know? This spongy yet fibrous lamination of thermoplastic soy flour would have become pop-corn if it was high in carbohydrates!

Healthier Vegan Meat can be made at home without any textured soy meat!


You can download and especially EXPLORE page 8 of the ebook from YUMMY!

2. Wheat-Based Meat / Seitan. I recently learned about SEITAN (wheat-based vegan pasta/noodle products) and yes, vegans and non-vegans may be eating a lot of such wheat.

Such wheat consumption is not just risky for diabetics, frequent consumption of wheat can actually age you and make you put on weight – regardless of whether you have diabetes or not.

In this article, Dr. Mark Hyman shares “Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat“.

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). AGES are nasty little compounds that progressively ?accelerate the human aging process, damaging your organs, your joints, and of course, wrinkles your skin.

Biggest factors that increase production of AGEs inside your body? High blood sugar levels over time dramatically increase age-accelerating AGEs in your body. Oftentimes, this is why type 2 diabetics appear that they have not aged well and look older than their real age. But this age-increasing effect is not just limited to diabetics.

How “whole wheat” relates to this… Here is a little-known fact that’s often covered up by the massive marketing campaigns by giant food companies that want you to believe that “whole wheat” is healthy for you.

Wheat contains a very unusual type of carbohydrate called Amylopectin-A. In some tests, Amylopectin – from wheat – spikes your blood sugar higher than even pure table sugar.

In a rat study, Amylopectin-A has been found to inhibit (stop) the pancrea from producing insulin (a hormone) that is needed to convert carbohydrates and sugar to fat. Ref:


Based on blood sugar response testing, amylopectin-A raises your blood sugar more than almost any other carbohydrate source on earth. So, the higher and more frequently this happens, the more your pancrea starts to malfunction. So, it is not very good when glucose in blood flactuates like an over-active stock market!

The more frequently your blood glucose levels are spiked, the more AGEs are formed inside you, making you age FASTER. Makes sense?

Wheat-based foods such as glutinious rice, breads, bagels, muffins, cereals and other baked goods often cause much higher blood sugar levels than most other carbohydrate sources, the good carbohydrates. You’ve probably heard about the potential health-damaging effects of gluten (also found in wheat) in the news recently. Unfortunately, this blood sugar aspect you just read about, is just not talked often enough.


According to a book “Wheat Belly“, the National Institutes of Health (USA) researchers showed that gluten derived polypeptides can cross the blood brain barrier and bind to opiate receptors in the brain.

This is why people get addicted to wheat and not even know it. The author of “Wheat Belly”, who is a renowned cardiologist, explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can prevent fat storage, shrink unsightly bulges, and reverse myriad health problems

Another problem with wheat-based foods and aging… As it turns out, baked wheat products contain carcinogenic chemicals called acrylamides that form in the browned portion of breads, cereals, muffins, etc. These carcinogenic acrylamides have been linked in studies to potential increased risk of cancer and accelerated aging.

Acrylamides are also found in high levels in other browned carbohydrate sources such as french fries or any other browned starchy foods.

Is there a reason to reduce or eliminate wheat-based foods in your diet? When you go off or reduce your vegan wheat product in your meals, losing body fat becomes a fun side-effect!

Go gluten-free – your body will thank you by aging slower and looking YOUNGER! I am glad that a year ago, I took notice of the fact that wheat made a lot of Celiac patients suffer, and I thought something was truly wrong with wheat. The world’s supply of wheat is in fact 90 to 95% GMO (genetically modified). ”

Here’s an example of how to introduce a safe starch into your diet.

Use a food journal and record what you’re eating and how you felt.

  • Day 1 1/2 cup of mashed sweet potato
  • Day 2 1/2 cup of mashed sweet potato at lunch and 1/2cup at dinner
  • Day 3 1 cup at lunch and 1 cup at dinner
  • Day 4 1 cup with butter and cinnamon at lunch and dinner

If blood sugar issues run in your family, you’re overweight, or you believe you might have some blood sugar control problems, it would be wise to use a blood glucometer to check your post-meal glucose readings to see how your blood sugar responded. You might not suffer any digestive problems but your blood sugar could spike out of control. If this happens your body is not ready for that type of increased carbohydrate in your diet.” –

Visit to read more!



JUST ADDED: Check this awesome note by my friend: Is WHEAT BAD For U ? by Rajeev KR Pal

Soy Allergies

Why Soy Formula (even organic) is So Dangerous for Babies

Why You Should Avoid Soy

Nitrate-rich Vegetables can enhance endurance performance

Processed Meats Too Dangerous for Human Consumption

Eight Reasons Wheat Is Making You Gain: Doctor Says Whole Wheat Packs on Belly Fat – And Has a Lot in Common with Opiate Drugs

4 Foods That Accelerate Aging (Beware!)

Just how bad is wheat

Dr. Dennis Clark on The Problem with Wheat Starch

Why Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters May be Eating Cancer-Causing Meat (yes, MEAT!)

6 Non-Vegetarian Ingredients In Processed Foods You Thought Were Vegetarian

How Long Can Raw Foods Last Outside of Fridge Till it Becomes Inedible and Other Questions

I received these questions recently: “In the Equatorial context of melting Singapore…

1. How many hours, can raw food be kept, outside of a refridgerator,..before it becomes inedible ?

2. ditto, if kept in a fridge ?

3. Are there any Singapore-centric resources that lists the types of raw foods that one can consume here ?

4. Ienjoyed munching the Indonesian-style of drenching long beans in HOTTTT wate,..then dipping these beans into the sambal-on-stone,…are these semi-cooked beans, considered “raw” ?

Thanks again.

Wayne Wong


Hello Wayne, thank you very much for your questions! Isee that you are taking your whole foods more seriously, so congrats! You may want to save the information to your pc for future reference.


#1. How many hours, can raw food be kept, outside of a refridgerator’..before it becomes inedible

It greatly depends on the type of food. Ginger, raw, can be kept for between 4 to 6 months (or longer) before it starts rotting. “Wetter” foods like chilli, tends to rot faster outside refrigerator.

100% purely vegetable juice (covered) that you have juiced can be kept without refrigeration for up to one day.

Raw smoothies MUST be drunk immediately after they are made, otherwise they should be refrigerated and drunk in 3 days. Freezing it will lose some nutrients upon thawing (only freeze if you have no choice).

All breads should be kept without refridgeration, in shadowy cool areas. Ref: Store Bread at Room Temperature for 6 Times the Freshness

All ground food powders including the Mesquitie powder or Caro Powder, should be kept in a tight container. Once wet, it should be consumed or used for raw or cooked food preparation.

Dehydrated foods (DIY with a home dehydrating machine) also keep well without refrigeration. Avocados for example may keep longer in fridge but becomes very tough to eat even when it is fully ripe. So, it’s best that raw foods like avocado out the fridge.

Mashed raw food and DIY condiments do not keep well from a few hours to a day, and is meant to be consumed immediately, or else they should be stored in fridge for up to 2 days without spoiling.

Herbs can be kept in the fridge but in my opinion, the condensation will actually make some spoil faster. This is why ginger in fridge tends to spoil faster. Foods like avocados, tomatoes, onions, ginger, tumeric ?keep well for days to weeks or months without refrigeration (continued after image).


Vegan Lifestyle – Raw or Not – Is a Tantalizingly Delicious and Healthy Journey!

Artichoke Olive Tapenade (Use wholemeal bread without alloxan-laden white bread!)


Harold McGee, author of ?”On Food and Cooking”, explains that refrigerating tomatoes damages the membranes inside the fruit walls.

Here’s a list (may not be complete since the list of raw foods are not limited to these) of foods that shouldn’t be kept in fridge (unless they are soaked, wet, cut or already cooked):

  • Apples, apricots, asparagus, avocados,
  • Bananas (red bananas tend to keep longer than yellow bananas), basil leaves, blackberries,
  • Cactus (used like aloe vera pudding), Coffee beans, all beans, carrots, cherries (Californian cherries and Royal Ann cherries were reportedly kept the longest compared to other cherries), pickled Cucumbers or vegetables, Cherry Tomatoes,
  • Dromedary dates, Gooseberries, Grapes (please make sure they are not GMO),
  • Lemons, limes, Mangoes, mustard greens, ?straw Mushrooms
  • fermented/pickled Olives or Onions,
  • Parsley, peaches, pears, pimiento, pineapples, plums, pomegranates, potatoes, prunes, pumpkins, ?red Pepper, pickled vege
  • Rambutans (with skin), raspberries, rhubarb,
  • Strawberries, ?straw mushrooms,
  • Tamarind, Tangerine, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Tumeric
  • Vinegar, watermelon


If you want your raw whole foods to keep longer, do not wash them until you are ready to do something with them. This is because the foods’ own natural army of bacteria sitting atop of the whole foods act as a protective layer against their bad bacteria. If you wash them days or hours before you are ready to use them, they will get bad faster.


NOTE: ?Once these foods are cut or sliced and not eaten immediately, they should be stored in fridge in a tight container and should be eaten within 3 days. Foods like yoghurt and salad dressings can be kept up to a week.


Cauliflower Mash + Mushroom Gravy


#2. ditto if kept in a fridge ?

I believe some raw foods keep longer and some keep shorter in fridge. There is no hard and fast rules although most of them do well without refrigeration (refer to reply #1).

Besides opened canned and processed foods, yogurt (vegan or not), salad dressings (DIY or not) should be kept in the fridge if they are not used or eaten immediately.

They can be kept between 4 days to a week in a cold fridge, and kept longer if they’re frozen.


Additionally, you may want to keep a food inventory (can be written and stuck on a fridge with a fridge magnet) and food menu journal. If something you kept (with or without refrigeration) went bad, you will know how long they are to be kept. Your food menu journal tells you what foods you ate, made you feel lousy or great. This is very useful for fine-tuning and customizing your own healthy diet.


3. Are there any Singapore-centric resources, that lists the types of raw foods, that one can consume here


This is one question whose answer will take you (and me), perhaps some time or may be years to learn. Because there are always new foods being imported here. Unless organic food suppliers have a place where they can submit new whole foods available to public, we don’t really have a Singapore-centric resource that list the types of raw foods available that one can consume.

And also because unlike the USA who have the Organics Consumers’ Association there, we have no authority to actually differentiate between conventional raw foods and organic raw foods. There is potential that some raw foods can be mislabelled as “organic” as GMO whole foods are not classified or not labelled. The integrity of our foods will largely depend on alert food activists and knowledgeable and honest food farmers/suppliers.

However, our best best to get more healthy whole (and raw) foods would be from our local small-business vegetable and fruit sellers. Because they do not need to buy in large quantities or a minimum quantity. Business-owners who buy in large/minimum “stock” of vege and fruits tend to sell non-organic produce – foods with unhealthy fruit wax to make apples look shiny, etc.

Keep updated on GMO foods and you will know what to avoid buying.



4. Ienjoyed munching the Indonesian-style of drenching long beans in HOTTTT wate,..then dipping these beans into the sambal-on-ston,…are these semi-cooked beans, considered “raw” ?

This is an excellent question, of which I had also once asked! 🙂 ? It is like steeping (not boiling) tea bags in hot water. So yes, your “semi-cooked” beans are considered raw food. [Did you soak your beans for at least an hour before using them? 😀 ? ]



About Transiting Partially to Raw Foods


Very hard foods (tough to chew without cooking) like carrots and broccoli CAN BE cooked or mashed and blended into other foods.

The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Jan 2008 once reported: ?Boiled/steamed carrots, broccoli and tomatoes have better preserved carotenoids than fried ones. Also, lycopenes in tomatoes are increased when tomatoes are cooked or steamed.


According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Eating an exclusively raw-food diet is a disadvantage. But eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables is a good idea. STRICT raw food diet (100% raw) is not advisable.


In ending, I would like to say that although there are many benefits to eating raw foods, some foods are just meant to be cooked or mashed, as nature intended. Naturopathic doctors agree that a human can have up to 80% of his diet raw vegan so if you are taking just 10% of vegan foods, that is ok too.



#GMO ? The rule of the thumb is, beware of foods that NEVER seem to rot at all whether you refrigerate them or not!



5 Foods You Shouldn’t Store in Fridge

Mutagenics in Processed/Cooked Food

The results showed that an uncooked vegan diet, rich in lactobacilli, decreased subjective symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Effect of a vegan diet on biomarkers of chemoprevention in females

Highly recommended Raw Food Chefs whose recipes and raw food info you can check out (a handful for now…there are many!): Jeff Ng of , Dimitris Rawvegan Chef (from Greece but teaches raw foods in Thailand and Malaysia, do note that you may wish to replace agave with something healthier), Ani Phyo, author, chef, and host of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen Show.


How to Transit Partially to Raw Foods More Smoothly and more Fun!



Why Did This Not Burn Nor Decompose?

Recently my mum had sweet tooth and wanted to buy some creamy cupcakes. She’sbeen a good gal and I thought, ok, why not reward her? She’snot been adding sugar to her coffee (although I know coffee is dehydrating).

These did not come cheap!

creamy cupcakes

They tasted more like bread than muffins but it’s very creamy inside and had the right amount of icing sugar on top.

It definitely was not vegan but curiosity got the better of me!

This is how the bottom looks after all is gone:
Why Did This NOT Burn?


So, they had BAKED this in the hard paper container.


Question is, how did this bake without the paper getting burned? Think you are brilliant and know the answer?

Hint: What I ate is pretty unhealthy, even if it is 100% vegan (it isn’t).



Answer: As the oven 0r microwave temperature did not hit above 100 deg Cels., the hard board paper mould would ?not burn.

But why is it that the remains of the cupcake not rot (it’s 20th Aug 2013 today and the cupcake was eaten on 14th July 2013)? Microbes that feed on food will decompose food. What sort of microbes do not feed on food….unless the cupcake is NOT food?

Cupcakes with fresh cream are able to stay fresh for up to 3 days and the one I had HAD cream.

Also, there is/was nothing that’s cling-wrapping the remains of my cupcake that could cause it to lose moisture and be very dry. I can only suspect that there are chemical preservatives in the cupcake!

Apparently, I am not the only one who found that the remains of eaten cupcakes do not rot, has a similar experience.

Which reminds me a little of Mcdonald’s long-lasting burgers! Ref: This McDonald’s burger looks the same as the day it was cooked… 14 years ago.

Of course Mcdonald’s would want you to believe that There’s little moisture in our humid weather that disallows mould to set in but I am not buying that explaination. Its french fries can keep indefinitely although they lose their crisp.

The truth is many processed foods don’t decompose and won’t be eaten by molds, insects or even rodents. Try leaving a tub of margarine outside in your yard and see if anything bothers to eat it. You’ll find that the margarine stays seems immortal, too!

Potato chips can last for decades. Frozen pizzas are remarkably resistant to decomposition. And you know those processed Christmas sausages and meats sold around the holiday season? You can keep them for years and they’ll never rot.” ? –

“It may be true that there are no preservatives in the (Mcdonald’s) meat, but what they shrewdly omitted is what goes into the buns, lettuce, cheese and sauces.” ? –

Assuming that my sweet cupcake was not preserved by cancer-causing nitrates (salt), would you eat such foods, foods that don’t rot?


Cupcake baker can’t tell if his 8-day-old cupcakes are spoiled or not!

Happy Meal Doesn’t Decompose After 6 Months

Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers Unfit for human consumption” ?

7 Sugar Alternatives To Use Other Than Brown Sugar (Why Not Common Sugar, Xylitol or Mollas Syrup?)

Although brown sugar is slightly healthier than common sugar, here are 7 sugar alternatives.

No, Splenda is not one of them. In fact, it’s in my Rejection List of sugar to take, besides agave which interferes with blood viscosity. You will find more information under RELATED INFO below about Splenda, if you wish to read.

Why is Cacao Powder Not Mentioned? :: ?Why is Coconut Sugar Not Mentioned? :: ?Why is Common Sugar Not Encouraged? :: ?5 Reasons why XYLITOL not encouraged? :: What about Mollas Sugar/Syrup? :: Related Info


7 Sugar Alternatives You Can Use

1. A healthier option is Cinammon Sugar – it’s what I try to use from time to time. Very anti-diabetes, it’s ground from very tough cinnamon sticks. Read more on the benefits of ground cinnamon powder at

Don’t try to grind cinnamon stick with your home grinder. You may wish to ask your Vitamax distributor if cinnamon sticks can be ground with the Vitamax without breaking. I am not risking it although it can grind hard durian seeds with no problem!

I have yet to convince an Ah Ne (“brother” for Tamil) that he should grind this to sell because they would need an industrial-grade grinder to grind the very hard cinammon sticks. BUT you can find some in nice transparent bags sold in some shops in Tekka (Little India, Singapore). Brown Rice Paradise (at Tanglin Shopping Mall) or Four Seasons (Great World City Shopping Centre) may sell organic cinnamon powder also.

Between Brown Rice Paradise (BRP) and Four Seasons, the owner of BRP seems to be more knowledgeable in whole organic foods, by the way. 😀

Ref: Cinammon Extract supports healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure.





2. The other thing you can use is Stevia. If you see that organic shops sell stevia powder that is white – do tell the shop this: This kind of stevia is so chemically processed that the natural brownish-green leaves turn white – and it’s the same kind Coke and Pepsi use. So chemically processed, the white stevia powder you see is utterly useless in the nutrition department.

Benefits Of Stevia.  The real stevia powder is not chemically processed, is not white.  Look at the colour of the stevia plant.

Natural leaves from the stevia plants are brownish-green or green, so stevia powder from dried leaves should be either brownish-green or green.

You can buy organic stevia plants (little sprouts) direct from France (plant and use stevia) or buy direct from good organic shops in your country.



HealthierVegan Alternatives:
mashed cashew nuts + peanuts + sea salt + cilantro = healthy vegan cheese;
cinammon powder, lucuma powder, mesquitie meal, carob powder, amazuke replaces honey or common sugar;
real mashed peanuts + olive or coconut oil = peanut butter;
hemp or almond or nuts’ milk instead of dairy milk;
flaxseeds ?/ quinoa seeds (ground) + amaranth flour = “mock soy meat”;
coconut flesh or seaweed / kelp = real meat.” ? –



3. Lucuma Powder is sugar from the Peruvian lucuma fruit. This “Gold of the Incas” is high in betacarotene, Vitamin B3 and iron. The State University of New Jersey published a study that evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of lucuma extract on skin aging and wound healing. Ref:

Above: The Lucuma Fruit


4. Mesquite Meal is a sweet, caramel-like, malt-like, used as a staple for centuries by American desert dwellers. The meal is made by grinding ripened seed-pods of the Mesquite Tree. The result is an orangey powder.

It is low-glycemic (good news for those trying to kick Diabetes Type 2), gluten-free and can be used as a flour alternative too. The high protein meal contains good quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is rich in the amino acid lysine as well.

Mike Adams of NaturalNews has more details of the Moesquite Meal:


5. Amazake (sometimes spelled as “amasake” aka “brown rice syrup”) is sugar cultivated or fermented from brown rice.

The amazake-making process requires specific temperatures to ferment eg. cannot exceed temperature of 140 F. Traditionally, the Japanese uses Koji as their culture kit, and to keep the brown rice warm for up to 8 hours or so. If it is not sweet enough, you allow it to ferment longer. Finally, boiling it beyond ?140 F will give the syrup a thick pudding-like consistency.

When buying amazake, you may want to avoid those with dextrin (sometimes labelled as malt dextrin) as some dextrin actually contain aspartame. Google for SWEET MISERY for aspartame dangers or “Betty Martini aspartame”.


6. Carob powder is ground from the dried seeds of the Carob Tree. Carob tree growers like to use to these carob pods to make a gum-like substance called ‘tragasol’, which can be used to make soup creamier.

Carob powder has pectin which is good for heart health. It is also found in some drugs that treats infantile diarrhea (and is very effective). I highly suggest getting the whole herbal source, and not the isolate compound of the carob powder which may give side-effects.


7. DIY natural fruit sugar. You can’t get this in shops. 😀 ?This is one of the best form of sugar intake because the fruit fibre actually slows release of sugar into the digestive system. Raw vegan foodists regularly add juiced fruit juice into their smoothies or cold drinks. Apples are perhaps a favourite amongst vegans.

There are actually many more healthy sugars out there I am sure I have not yet explored. The source, the way it’s manufactured, processed, packaged, transported and stored, will all determine whether it is a healthier sugar alternative.

If it is not chemically processed, and There’s no added perservatives, artificial colours, texturizers, fillers, then it would be worth considering use of them as your new healthy sugar.

Ideally, your alternative sugar should be low-GI (diabetes-friendly), gluten-free and dairy-free, not chemically processed and be free from any thing else that is artificial or genetically modified, or that is not necessary.

Why is Cacao Powder not mentioned?

Cacao powder from cacao beans is sweet too but it also tastes like chocolate. Unlike cacao powder, the Carob powder is caffeine-free and does not contain theobromine.

Why is Coconut Sugar not mentioned?

Coconut sugar/crystals is another very healthy alternative sugar but I would not recommend it. I will explain why in a moment after telling you why it’s nutritious.

Coconut crystals have 16 out of the 20 amino acids (protein) required by humans. Only human breast milk contains similar amounts of medium chain fatty acids found in coconuts.

Pure coconut palm sugar reportedly has a naturally low glycemic index (GI) a measure of how food impacts blood sugar which has led some people to claim that it is a valuable sugar substitute for people with diabetes or those looking to control blood sugar (the low-carb camp).”

Mr. Vitamin K sings the praises of coconut sugar – for good reasons.

Top Traditions too sung praises of coconut sugar but also added that coconut sugar is not sustainable. They said.””When the sap used to make coconut palm sugar is collected from the coconut palm tree, from the flower bud that will eventually form a coconut, that tree can no longer produce coconuts!”

That is to say, the sap to create coconut sugar, will make coconut trees unable to produce any more coconuts.

In my experience, it would make better sense to use flesh of coconuts to create your own “coconut sugar” although it will only be mildly sweet! No harm placing mashed/blended coconut flesh into ice-cube holder with some coconut crystals or cinammon power and frozen until needed. Coconut flesh is very health too!


Why is common sugar not encouraged?

Unless the sugar from sugarcane has not been chemically processed, it does not make a healthy sugar. Like stevia, such sugar is very chemically processed until itt has zero nutrition. Although the human body needs very little of such sugar (converted to glucose in human body), you can ?easily see why you may want to use one of the 3 sugar alternatives mentioned above.

Also, I heard from a genetician that sugarcane is actually GMO, that the original sugarcane was as soft as wheat grass. I don’t have much details on this but you may find you need a lot of time to dig into this info. Since something is doubtful, may be sugarcane drink shouldn’t be drunk too often (or totally avoid it).


Sometimes, in everything I eat, I try to ask myself WHY SHOULD I RISK IT if it’s toxic for animals?



5 Reasons why XYLITOL not encouraged?

Xylitol is actually sugar alcohol from wood, usually pine wood.

There would only be 5 reasons why you may want to avoid Xylitol.

  1. It’s easy to escape detection concerning the source of xylitol because there is no way for consumers to know pine trees are organic or GMO. With the way things are run in the USDA, organic certification from them is no longer credible.
  2. The other “symptom” of a problem with Xylitol, is that it is poisonous for dogs and some cats.
  3. There are no longterm studies about the consumption of xylitol.
  4. Since it is alchohol, no one knows if xylitol causes drunkedness since there are people who would use it for almost everything they eat, from desserts to coffee.
  5. Commercially available xylitol is produced by the industrialized process of sugar hydrogenation. In order to hydrogenate anything, a catalyst is needed, and in the case of xylitol, Raney nickel is used which is a powdered nickel-aluminum alloy….. Can we say heavy metal residue?” ?-


Sugar alcohol = a yummy, lower calorie, carbohydrate that makes carb-counters and dentists happy, won’t necessarily cause us to store fat, but could cause other ill-effects ? short term, and potentially unknown ones long-term.” –



What about Mollas Sugar/Syrup?

Molasses is the dark, sticky syrup left behind after the sugar has been boiled out of cane and beet juices, boiled 3 times.

Is your mollas sugar sulphured? Is it from regular mollasses or blackstrap mollases

Naturalnews has more info on mollasses

Difference Between Blackstrap Molasses and Regular Molasses

Although NaturalNews say it’s low glycemic value, mollasses is still a sugar and high carbohydrate. For diabetes sufferers (as well as those without diabetes can always do the blood glucose testing), your blood glucose level test results will always tell you if YOU can take mollass sugar – no matter what any article claims, because your blood glucose tests won’t lie to you.

Moreover, mollass production is associated with pollution.

DeWayne McCulley allowed his blood glucose test results to tell him what worked for him. He’s been diabetes-free for more than 9 years, without any diabetes medicine or insulin. Here’s his story!

Another food that all diabetics should get to know: Cinnamon Powder



Healthy Sugar Alternatives

The stomach side-effects of Splenda

Splenda and Fibromyalgia by Dr. Janet Hull

It puzzles me why the simple concept sugar feeds cancer can be so dramatically overlooked as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment plan,” writes Dr. Patrick Quillin in this stirring excerpt from his book Beating Cancer with Nutrition.

Recounting the discovery by Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg that cancer cells feed exclusively on glucose, Quillin discusses his own experience in working with over 500 cancer patients as the director of nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Limiting sugar consumption and keeping one’s blood-sugar level within a narrow range, he says, “can be one of the most crucial components of a cancer recovery program.”

That barely any of the four million cancer patients in America receive this information as part of their treatment is nothing short of scandalous! This article also appeared as “Cancer’s Sweet Tooth” in the April 2000 issue of Nutrition Science News.

Sugar: A Food Toxin That Feeds Cancer and Obesity

Increased Fructose Consumption May Deplete Cellular Energy in Patients With Obesity and Diabetes

Cancer cells slurp up fructose, US study finds

A word of caution about maca root powder

Dangers of aspartame, a GMO sugar
from Dr. Mercola’s articles
from SweetPoison

GMO foods, medicine and GMO babies?

Life-saving tips for diabetes sufferers

Video: Raw Lucuma Cookies

Three Homeless Men That Grabbed My Attention and My Heart

The Homeless Man that FIRST Grabbed my Attention was Kelly Thomas. This meek man was mentally challenged and was a fixture in his community, who posed no one no harm.

One fine day, he was repeatedly tasered by the very people who were supposed to uphold the law. And this was witnessed and video-recorded by quite a number of people (who feared these damned cops). Like a child, Kelly Thomas kept calling for his father to help. The beatings, kicks and tasering stopped only when an ambulance arrived.

4 days passed before he died of his brain injuries and other injuries, while his father called for justice. This news made me cry for at least half an hour.



The second one is a hero. If you’re out of your homely cave for any length of time or read the news on a regular basis, this image should be a familiar one to you! ~grin~ ? One who slept with a stray dog that became his pet and companion, he removed his own jacket in the wintery cold for a stray dog.

This is a KIND man! As opposed to some others who would not even dream of giving although they have lotsa cash!



The third homeless man that grabbed my attention is this Bulgarian hero, Dobri Dobrev. Click on following pic to read more:



UPDATE: I’ve added a video on this great man here:


Talking about the poor, do you know the real cause of poverty, or why people become homeless? The kind of poverty NOT due to lack of skills, or qualifications or laziness?

Majority of people are willing to work because they need the money to pay bills, to have a pet, to go for a holiday, to have that long-awaited graduation party, to pay for study loans, marriage, to save for their children, etc. Working gives the elder a sense of satisfaction and perhaps belonging too, if and when they do not want to retire (baby-sitting grandchildren is not everyone’s cup of tea).

If you are to see actual statistics on edible foods thrown away on a daily basis, you will be shocked. And the irony is, there are still poor starving people in different parts of the world! How did this come about?


With regards to the state of our environment and how it relates to our health, here’s just some things I’ve noticed:

1. In some countries, imported vegetables are sold cheaper than local vegetables, forcing some farmers to give up farming. Sometimes, these farmers seek work in poorly-ventilated environments in Spain or other parts of Europe, where they work, sweeping the roads. Who’s to take over the work of making sure the masses get the vegetables and fruits?


2. When Indian and American farmers are forced to used Roundup (GMO herbicides), there are more weeds, and the herbicides proved useless in keeping certain insects “under control” while remaining harmful to people who handle the crops and to consumers. The foods become herbicidal foods for humans. Farmers are forced to fight back Monsanto who sued them for using their patented crop or whatever. Again, the livelihood of farmers (and our foods) are at risk.

As long as chemical herbicides and insecticides are being produced and used (not just GMO pesticides or chemical perfumes and chemical household products etc), there is a likelihood that in 50 to 200 years, there will be lesser edible foods and water. May not affect you but the legacy for our children’s children will be a terrible one. (VOTE WISELY WITH YOUR MONEY on what products you use!)



3. With the commercialization of certain foods, certain countries prefer to burn their crops (eg. wheat) than to use them to feed the starving hungry. I am talking about children so weak, they actually slither on grounds of soil and dust, waiting for the next insect to come (yes, they eat insects). I saw a video like this once!

How is it that, that particular country’s politicians are so fat if the country LACKS food, while the poor starving become so stick-thin? ?HUNGER IS CAUSED BY POLITICS!


4. The starving hungry are fed with GMO (genetically modified) foods – aided by non-profit charities. (VOTE WISELY with your money – vote out cancer-causing GMO foods! Not all charities are the same!)

5. And we get sicker because we may not be eating enough healthy chemical-free whole foods. There may come a time when the “diseases for the old” may hit someone as young as 30 or 40? Already, the world has seen children born WITH cancer or diabetes. You don’t need to wait for old age to get a chronic illness these days, and that is bad news!


Sounds depressive Why can’t people love their environments more? WHAT would you like to leave for your children and their children


LET US BE KINDER to the environment so that one day, no one will be homeless!


I leave you now with a few heart-warming videos that hopefully will renew your faith in humanity:





Homeless man saves newborn baby during roadside delivery

Homeless Man Gives “Kiss of Life” to Bunny Thrown Off Bridge

“The Homeless Man That Changed My Life”

Samarah Ordonez from Corpus Christi is a 6 year old girl who packs lunches for the less fortunate homeless people in her town and personally hands them out

Twitter Saved My Life and Helps Me to Help the Homeless

Colin Farrell: Hero of the Homeless

Homeless Man Turned Millionaire Offers The Best Advice I Ever Got

Zach Galifianakis saved a homeless woman’s life

Cat saved by homeless man to be reunited with family

A homeless hitchhiker in West Fresno, Calif., may have saved two people’s lives

“I was homeless and suicidal but Prince’s Trust saved my life.”

People overcoming adversity to face a better future, with animals playing key roles (requires a subscription to read.)

‘AIDS Has No Cure.’ Really? And You Believed it!

This is from a very dedicated homeopathic doctor who I am full of admiration and respect for: Dr. Mirza Anwer Baig a homeopathic doctor. (Conventional therapies are good for emergencies but do not reverse/cure chronic diseases. Learn more about homeopathy here.)

Kim Cools – who is in my Facebook contact – is another authoritive figure who specializes in reversing ‘AIDS’. He said the disease does not actually exist.

For more than 25 years, opinions of so-called dissident scientists such as Professors Peter Duesberg and Henry Bauer were never allowed in mainstream conferences and any voice questioning the role of HIV in causing AIDS was systematically shut off. Associations for the scientific reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis such as Rethinking AIDS were never invited or even allowed to participate.

Patrick Timpone interviews biologist and researcher Christl Meyer, who provides scientific evidence that HIV does not exist as an exogenous virus and that the various definitions of AIDS ? are non specific, that the alleged syndrome is in fact a cluster of old familiar diseases and is not a disease of its own.

Dr. Christian Fiala, excerpted from the film “Positively False: Birth of a Heresy”, indicates that science has turned into something like a religion, where opinions are perceived to be a threat if they don’t follow the currently held beliefs and if they don’t represent political correctness.

So what we need to understand is that science is not truth, it is one system, one belief system that helps us to understand reality, and like any other belief system, it has mistakes and we need to understand the functioning and try to make the best out of it, without taking it for the absolute truth.”



The Cure For HIV/AIDS Is Found By US Doctors

HIV/AIDS: The biggest lie the CDC ever told

The Great ? HIV ? Hoax. The great HIV/AIDS lie was created by Robert Gallo who was found guilty of ? scientific misconduct

AIDS: The Greatest Deadly Lie in the History of Medicine

Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol For Cancer and AIDS ? (By the way, I often read Tony’s articles via Facebook!)

Scientists in France who followed 14 patients who were treated very swiftly with HIV drugs but then stopped treatment found that even when they had been off therapy for more than seven years, they still showed no signs of the virus rebounding.

Baby Cured of HIV for the First Time, Researchers Say ?,

CURED OF AIDS? “The announcement was hedged with caveats ( ? functionally cured ? was the exact term used). But the bottom line was clear. Dr Persaud thinks her patient, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, has joined Timothy Brown, a man known to many as the Berlin patient ?, as a human who was once infected with HIV and now no longer is.”

OZONE has cured AIDS in Over 300 Cases

Two cases of a functional cure ? for HIV/AIDS

‘Multiple Sclerosis Has No Cure.’ ?Really? And You Believed It?

‘Tetanus Has No Cure.’ ?Really? And You Believed It?

‘Diabetes Has No Cure.’ Really? And You Believed It?

‘Insect-Repellant Wipes are 100% Natural and Safe!’ Really? And You Believed It?

‘These Masks Are Protective.’ and You Believed it!

‘Agave is good.’ ?Really? And You Believed it!

No GMO babies! Failures of Organ Transplants and such

‘Our 4Life Transfer Molecules Products Are Totally Safe with No Side-Effects!’ ?And You Believed It!

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis Without Prescription Drugs

[ I have to thank one of my friends, Wayne Wong, for sending me a question on how foods can help MS. 🙂 ?]

MS or multiple sclerosis is a disease that progressively damages the brain and nerves. Lots of Vitamin-B rich foods and fresh raw and cooked vegan foods can help reverse mS.

The key is to eat some of them at every meal, daily. Unless you have ANOTHER underlying and undiagnosed condition, these foods have been shown to be successful in reversing MS.

The following food therapy is according to Dr. Katherine Leonard’s info on reversing M.S.


1. Have a blood test to confirm that you have no other underlying chronic conditions (besides MS). If this clears, go to step 2.
2. Quit eating foods that contain aspartame.

What is aspartame: “Kevin Bull on Aspartame (Artificial Sugar genetically engineered from excrement of a strain of bacteria)”

3. Reduce consumption of processed foods. They are usually laden with lots of things that may be accumulatively toxic to the human body.


4. Foods to take (invest in a JUICER and a BLENDER because you can’t be having so much time to chew these foods or to eat them, so you DRINK juiced/blended foods):

Non-active yeast flakes, spirulina, whole-grains, organic oats (not the instant oats), wheat germs cereal, celery, courgettes, avocados, lettuce, carrots, and pumpkin (which you can juice into fruit juice, steamed to eat or eaten raw).

Foods made or cooked with like almonds, sesame seeds (black or white), mint leaves, petals of rose, rosemary, basil, curcumin, pistachio nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, aniseed will also help.

Here’s a sweet salad you can tuck into: Freshly juiced carrot juice, avocado, lettuce, 2 organic oats, 12 almonds, 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds, cinnamon powder that is a natural sweetener ground from rolled cinnamon and lemon juice..




These are the foods to increase in your diet:
Calcium-rich fruits (yes, fruits have calcium too!): oranges, kiwis, prickly peards, prunes, mulberries, dried figs, kumqauts

Calcium-rich root: Rhubarb (Sheng Siong supermarket sell this)

Calcium-rich vege: collard greens, garlic, broccoli, mustard leaves, kale, kelp, green beans, Potassium-rich foods: papayas, apricots, prunes, tomatoes, kale, celery, spinach, beetys, swiss chard, summer and winter squash, asparagus, fresh coconut juice (not your canned juice), bananas, cantaloupe

Phosphorus-rich foods: Cabbage, bilberries, pumpkin seeds (yes, seeds, unroasted which you can blend to make a sauce.

Magnesium-rich foods: almonds, cashews, dates, brazil nuts, pepitas, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds (yes, either swallow them or juice them), pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, cacao powder (replaces unhealthy chocolate), sunflower seeds, holy basil, dill, broccoli, spinach, chives.

Omega-3 fatty acids protects brain nerve cells. Pumpkins, flaxseed oil are good sources of omega-3 oils.

NOTE: Whole grains should be soaked in filtered (or clean) water for a few hours (or overnight) to rid phytic acid. It is the same kind of phytic acid found in unfermented soya beans – which is partially why vegetarians get cancer (although they don’t eat meat).

Any soy eaten should not be genetically engineered and should be fermented for at least 3 weeks. These days you can only get such soya bean products from organic stores.

Phytic acid is known to stop the body from absorping iodine, which may give rise to hormone-related diseases.

Creamy Turmeric Tea Improves Memory. Replace honey with cinnamon sugar or natural stevia (should be brownish-green) if you wish!


5. AVOID these are they stops absorption of vitamin B.

Avoid alcohol.

Temporarily avoid all teas (except for the following tea which are good for protecting nerves and brains) : lavendar, chamomile, passion flower, valerian, ?skullcap.


Avoid any thing that is a THREAT to your health and your children’s.

Study: Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Linked to Cancer, Autism, Parkinson’s. And these ROUNDUP is already in your potato chips.






A Round-up of 10 Sensational Summer Salads.

Emergency Tattoo Alerts – How Useful Are They

This EMERGENCY ALERT tattoo caught my eye recently.

Beautiful? Ithink it’s ok (not ugly) but it’s wierd. I’ll explain why.

I can tattoo my blood group info somewhere around my ankle or behind my neck. The question is, will people be able to find it and see it. For any emergency tattoo to be effective, it has to be large somewhere across the chest or somewhere else.

For the very sick people with a lot of ailments, what are they do tattoo?

Unless you have a memory problem or really really like the tattoo design, I don’t really see how this Emergency Alert tattoo is useful. Tattoos also tend too get “out of shape” as a person puts on weight – that is usually the case for meat-eaters.

May be the next trend will be FOOD ALLERGY ALERT TATTOO?


Dermatologist warns consumers about complications linked to newer tattoo inks

Nanoparticles in Tattoos May Cause Cancer

7 Ways Chronic Inflammation Can Damage Your Body And How Curcumin Helps

The “Silent Killer” Making You Age Faster
” You may have heard about the dangers of “silent” chronic inflammation. It’s been discussed on ?The Dr. Oz Show and has made headlines in popular publications such as ?Newsweek and ?Time.

Slow-growing, body-wide inflammation is rapidly becoming recognized as the ?root cause of a wide range of serious health problems.[1] ?Unfortunately, most people don’t do anything until the initial symptoms such as aches and joint discomfort appear. When this happens, their gut reaction often is to go see a doctor, who is unlikely to correctly diagnose the problem and more than likely will prescribe drugs that are far from safe and only provide short-term benefits.

But the initial symptoms of pain are just the beginning. If left unchecked, chronic inflammation can damage your body in 7 unique ways. More on that below.


The Problem with Big Pharma’s Inflammation Fighters
The current medical mentality on fighting inflammation has spurred a multi-billion dollar industry for Big Pharma. However, studies show that long-term use of even seemingly “harmless” over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills has serious side effects, such as permanent joint damage, liver and kidney damage, stomach bleeding, ulcers and increased risk for heart attack and stroke.[2,3]

Then there are prescription pain pills, which are much worse. You may recall the painkiller Vioxx, which may have claimed up to 100,000 lives before the FDA banned it.[4] Any way you slice it, taking OTC (Over-The-Counter) or prescription painkillers long-term is NOT a safe solution.



Inflammation Is a Double-Edged Sword
Now, it’s important to realize that temporary inflammation is a normal part of the body’s healing process. And under regular conditions, once the job is done, the inflammation retreats and healing can begin. The trouble arises, however, when that inflammatory response doesn’t “turn off,” but, stays in a constant state of alert. If inflammation becomes chronic, it can cause serious damage to your heart, joints, brain, skin, waistline and more.

What causes inflammation to become chronic? It’s complicated, but many experts believe it’s a combination of factors such as exposure to toxins, lack of exercise and the consumption of processed foods.


7 Ways Chronic Inflammation Can Damage Your Body
If I haven’t convinced you yet that inflammation is your body’s worst enemy, I’ll let the science do the convincing. Here are 7 health effects linked to chronic inflammation:

  1. Abnormal cell growth: The process of inflammation is initiated by cell-signaling chemicals known as cytokines. When these cytokines remain active long-term, abnormal cellular development can occur and cause healthy cells to become abnormal.[5]
  2. Heart trouble: ?Contrary to what scientists have believed for years, inflammation ? not cholesterol ? may be the primary culprit when it comes to cardiovascular problems. The body responds to inflammation in blood vessels by coating them with cholesterol, which protects them from damage.[6]
  3. Cognitive decline: Brain cells are particularly susceptible to the effects of chronic inflammation. In fact, inflammation has been identified as a primary factor in the development of the beta-amyloid brain plaques that are the hallmark of severe forms of cognitive decline.[7]
  4. Joint pain: This effect of inflammation may be one you’re already all-too-familiar with. Joints are particularly prone to inflammation, which manifests as stiffness, popping, pain and loss of mobility.[8]
  1. Skin aging: Did you know that inflammation is a primary factor in the development of fine lines and wrinkles? Inflammation has also been linked to dryness, itchiness and certain skin conditions.[9]
  2. Digestive problems: An inflamed digestive tract can make you prone to digestive maladies ranging from heartburn to constipation. Not only that, inflammation in your digestive tract can result in decreased absorption of important nutrients.[10]
  3. Weight gain: ?One of the lesser-known consequences of chronic inflammation is difficulty with losing weight. Research has shown that inflammation is associated with certain gut bacteria that seem to promote cravings for carbohydrates.[11]

#inflammation #nutrition #health If you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either. Nature’s Inflammation-Fighting Miracle

There are several natural inflammation fighters out there, but did you know that one herb has shown more promise when it comes to beating back inflammation than almost any other medical finding to date?

Here’s a fact you need to know about. Curcumin, an antioxidant compound found in the root of the turmeric plant, is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory substances ever studied. Curcumin is a potent inhibitor of the body’s most powerful inflammatory chemical, called Nf-kappa beta[12] and it has been shown in numerous clinical studies to tame joint pain and muscle soreness, protect the brain, support cardiovascular health, bolster immunity and more.[13,14,15,16,17]






You may be familiar with turmeric as the bright yellow spice that is commonly found in curry powder. Turmeric has a long history of use as a healing herb and culinary spice in India. Interestingly, India has the highest per capita consumption of turmeric AND the lowest incidence of cognitive decline worldwide![18]


The hallmark pathological process associated with certain types of age-related cognitive decline is the formation in the brain of abnormal protein structures called beta-amyloid plaques.

In 2008, a landmark clinical trial in people with severe cognitive decline measured the effects of curcumin.

Amazingly, the participants taking curcumin had significantly higher levels of dissolved plaque in their blood compared with those in the placebo group. This study showed that curcumin has the ability to effectively pass into the brain, bind to beta-amyloid plaques, and assist the body in their breakdown and excretion.[19] Curcumin is one of the only substances known to have such a profound effect.


How to Get the Most Out of Curcumin
Although you can find high-quality curcumin spice in your local market, it’s very difficult to verify its purity and potency, plus it’s almost impossible to incorporate therapeutic amounts of curcumin into your diet on a daily basis. So, to put it simply, a high-quality curcumin supplement is your best bet!

However not all curcumin supplements are created equal. Unfortunately, most supplements out there don’t have the necessary doses and components to get the job done.

There are 3 major issues to consider when deciding to purchase a curcumin supplement:

  1. Standardization: This is the process by which the active ingredients in a plant is concentrated and brought to a consistent level. In the case of turmeric, the active ingredients are called curcuminoids, and there are actually three components ?curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Any curcumin supplement you consider should include all 3 of these curcuminoids and be standardized at least 95%.
  2. Absorption: One problem with curcumin is that even very large doses fail to yield significant increases in circulating blood levels. However, it was discovered that an extract of black pepper called piperine significantly enhances absorption of curcumin by preventing its breakdown in the small intestine and liver. In fact, one study found that ?the addition of a piperine increased bioavailablity by 2,000%![20] It’s critical to make sure that any curcumin supplement you take contains this important black pepper extract.
  3. Price: Some people mistakenly believe if you pay more you get better quality. My advice is that you don’t need to pay more than $30 for a one-month supply. Many companies are taking advantage of the hype surrounding curcumin and charging more than double this.

Joshua Corn
CEO of ?Stop Aging Now
Editor-in-Chief of ?Live in the Now ?


Food that causes #Inflammation as well as prevent inflammation. #nutrition #health


Scientific References:
1. Clin Calcium. 2013; 23(1): 51-58.
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My comments:

Do you know that most heart diseases are due to an inflammed artery? ?Do you know that most young people who drop dead actually died of a silent heart attack? See how important it is to take anti-inflammatory foods every day?

By the way, curcumin is NOT tumeric. Here are pics for comparison.

Above: Tumeric (shared for comparison with Curcumin).

Usually you have curcumin in tumeric, but not tumeric in curcumin. Both are usually added to curry powders (cooked with coconut milk and some cloves make for an amazing anti-flu natural remedy).


Directly above: This IS Curcumin.

My Opinion On The World’s First Genetically Modified Babies Born

World’s First Genetically Modified Babies Born

No, this is not a joke, I wish it was! There are so many things going WRONG with GMO (genetically modified/engineered) foods, let alone GMO humans!

The “Power” of Geo-Engineering.


This is what GMO food do:

#infertility #death Rats fed with normal food versus genetically engineered (GMO) foods.


What GMO foods do to rats. Are you also eating foods with GMO substances? They may not be labelled! Permitted accumulative “poison”! LEGALLY PERMITTED!


#GMO Spliced Gene and Sterility due to Monsanto’s GMO Corn!


Don’t eat these GMO Corn! Is your corn colourful? They’re GMO too! Read about food allergies due to corn consumption. 90% of the world’s corn in GMO!


Russia Suspends Import and use of American GM (Genetically Modified) Corn.



GMO foods. The longer the shelf life of your processed foods, the shorter your life will be (if you eat it).



Hidden Sources of GMO – take note!


Are we awake…or still sleeping? This is happening in the USA while the rest of the GMO ingredients could possibly be in the world supply of processed foods. The food thugs are also not “letting go” of fresh foods.


GMO Foods like WHITE STRAWBERRIES or SQUARISH WATER-MELONS, seedless apples may have GMO substances that had not been tested longterm on humans. And WE THE PEOPLE may just be that willing guinea pigs without compensation whatsoever if something is to go wrong with your health.

Any foods that is strangely not their own ORIGINAL natural aroma/fragrance, not their original taste (eg. sweet instead of sour, tastes like coffee instead of something naturally bitter), not their original texture (eg. featherless chickens), could be a GMO food. GMO foods and those with GMO substances are not labelled because the law did not make it mandatory for that labelling.

Ever wonder why “farmers” need to wear bio-hazard “uniforms” when farmers of yester-years don’t need to? Have you already linked cruelty of insects to self-murder?

I found out that genetically engineered foods has to do with deforesting (removal or burning of rainforests)! GMO (genetically engineered) soy: The invisible ingredient poisoning children



Ever since the time of evolution of blood transfers and organ transplants, the world has seen wierd cases of parasitic twins in children. More and more people are born with more than one set of DNA, which makes paternity blood tests invalid (and useless). Additionally, GMO vaccine solutions for ineffective immunizations do not work to give you life-time of immunity against what people are vaccinated for, and they may do more harm.


The world’s Genetically Modified Vaccine Solutions (please google for maimed, disabled children as a result of Cervarix (discontinued in UK) and Gardasil. MMR and other vaccinations have also been known to cause harm. The Italian courts recognize and acknowledges that the MMR vaccination has potential to cause autism in children.

DO we now need GMO babies to “fix” the problem? (Btw, please ignore the Facebook like for $1, stupid people added that. lol ? No one is going to pay you for LIKING! )



Europe got the message (Europe says NO to GMO foods and herbicides, when will it be our turn?)

Dangerous Toxins From Genetically Modified Plants Found in Women and Fetuses ?

40 Tons of GMO Crops Torched in America – for DAMN good reasons!


GMO foods are a recipe for a disaster and can harm you. #cancer





Go for unrefined and super grains; cut out wheat and soy (most are GMOs any way!) >> 3 Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Gain Weight (And Its Other Serious Health Problems)

Kevin Bull on Aspartame (Artificial Sugar genetically engineered from excrement of a strain of bacteria)

Judge bans Monsanto’s Superbeets

Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters

Mortality rate for new-born rats six times higher when mother was fed on a diet of modified soya


Top 10 GMO foods to avoid eating


6 Common Sources of GMO (genetically modified) foods…and avoid them! #cancer #leukemia



Ten Reasons why you do not need GMO Foods


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Get to know the world’s most famous food thugs like Monsanto, not just Kellog’s!





How GMOs are SNEAKED into our foods! Your food corporation bullies is the government and call the shots! THEY tell you what unsafe foods are safe for you!

Pepsi, are you not ashamed of your GMO ingredients?


McDiabetes GMO McRib is back! If it doesn’t Bio-degrade, It’s NOT FOOD. Beware!


Junk food is not food. #obesity #GMO #diseases


What Are We Giving Our Children? #brands #GMO



Here’s another reason to reduce consumption of GMO foods! VOTE with your money! >> 70 percent of processed foods have genetically modified substances




Peer-Reviewed Research:
Monsanto’s ROUNDUP herbicide has been linked to over 29 diseases.


Say NO to Monsanto’s GMO herbicides in your food!



Who Controls Our Food And Decide that GMO Foods are Totally Safe For You to Consume?

And the World Definitely Does Not Need GMO Babies

Can you imagine the sickening GMO substances that goes into a genetically engineered/modified unborn child


Take for instance IVFs (invitro-fertlizations). The ethics of IVFs is in question partially because I believe hundreds, if not thousands of experimental animals suffered going through these same IVF procedures. Once pregnancies are stable at 3 or 4 months, scientists force abortions of these female animals and re-use them again.

And if couples are rich, they could continue to spend the next 10 to 20 years trying for a baby. (One French retired professor actually waited 10 years to get pregnant by IVF, so by the time she gave birth, she was in her 60s.)


Organ transplants too, are a danger. It means that organ recipients are forever on a life-time of immuno-suppressants. These immuno-suppressing capsules or pills forces their body to accept the transplanted organ.

If it works, the receiver of the organ will never have a fighting chance against cancer, because the immuno-suppressants deactivate the body’s ability to fight cancer cells too. If the organ transplant does not work, the patient often ends up getting worser than before he/she had the implant.

A genetician I once spoke to revealed that they do add GMO substances to feed organs (meant for transplant), so they keep alive longer in transit to those waiting for the organ transplants.

Additionally, there is NO RESPECT for Muslim patients who are about to receive organ transplants from pigs. Shouldn’t hospitals at least inform those patients if they are to receive a tissue or organ from a pig source? Ref: Cloned Pigs Modified for Use in Human Transplants

Would we humans – for those of us who “need” organ transplants – end up with something in our bodies we are not aware of?


And…believe me when I tell you these 30 genetically modified babies have no human rights! They will be programmed and will be a disservice to mankind!

If any of my Facebook friends remembered about 1.5 years ago, I warned that some are being made to work without foods and drink or rest. Super-human. Not good, unless you want millions of production workers to go unemployed (longterm effect).


Already Monsanto, has done the world great disservice with their GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods, herbicides etc. And now GMO humans? An exploitation of human cells to say the least!

In time to come, the rich who want their designer babies will abort for that perfect baby or the baby with the right sex. Ethics come into question versus human choice.

Am against GMO foods, pesticides and I am against cloning that is related genetically engineering of our cells. Are you?



Are we turning into one great Harvard Experiment with GMOs

Are GMOs All Bad? The Truth about GMOs

Monsanto does not deserve a prize! 😀 >> ?World Leaders Denounce Monsanto Exec Winning World Food Prize

Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

Human Cloning Breakthrough Prompts Religious Objections

Japan halts US Wheat Import

Another reason to prepare your own food or avoid junk food. >> On average, 70% of the time ICE from fast food restaurants is dirtier than toilet water.

Since the mid 1990s allergies among children are up over 400%. Please petition Similac to remove GMOs from their infant formulas here:

6 Common Sources of GMO Foods (to avoid)

Cross-pollination does not involve splicing plant genes. Slicing plant genes is part of the sequence for GENETICALLY engineering our food. Be self-empowered to know you can’t be lied to! Safety and edibility of our foods lies a lot in your farmers’ hands but also in what you vote with your money at the market/supermarket.


Vaccine solutions are genetically engineered. Not truth-worthy and questionable. Thank goodness not more are mandated here in Singapore! >> ? Japan withdraws support for HPV vaccines due to infertility side effects

Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Autism

New Cancer-Detecting Bra Boasts Better Track Record than Mammograms

Since Oct 2012, First Warnings System sent their “Smart Bra” to the FDA for approval.



And this is the most recent news I read of it:

” “A bra saved my life”

By next year, a cancer-detecting bra called the First Warning System should be available. Developers are currently waiting on FDA approval, which they expect by February of 2014.

It might sound far-fetched, but the First Warning System bra is a non-invasive screening device for breast cancer that’s been in the works for over20 years….

Nedra Lindsay of Fairborn, OH, gives the First Warning bra credit for detecting her breast cancer early ? and for saving her life. She wore the device at age 25 as part of the initial study. At that young age, she says breast cancer was the furthest thing from her mind.

But the First Warning bra indicated she had cancer. Nedra underwent three ?different, increasingly invasive medical tests that were reviewed by three independent medical investigations. All confirmed the initial diagnosis made bythe First Warning bra.

Nedra’s surgeon told her that under normal circumstances, her cancer likely wouldn’t have been noticeable till she was closer to age 37. By then it could have progressed to a dangerous level. Nedra points out that under her insurance plan a mammogram wasn’t even covered till she turned 40. Indeed, mammograms for women under the age of 40 are almost useless because the breast tissue in a younger woman is typically very dense.

Now aged 45, Nedra is alive and cancer-free.


Cancer-detecting technology built into a bra


According to Dr. Ronald Fletcher, Chief Investigator of the study and previous Director of Oncology at Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia, OH, “Cancer is probably the most curable of all diseases with the proviso that it’s caught early enough.” ?He points out women under the age of 44 aren’t likely to be screened, but nearly 11 percent will eventually be diagnosed with breast cancer that will have already progressed to a late stage.

In fact, it’s young women who usually have the most aggressive types of ?breast cancer. Tumors found in women under age 40 grow the fastest but are hardest to detect. And the sad truth is, roughly 6.5 percent of the victims will die as a result.

But if those tumors can be detected early, There’s a nearly 100% survival rate.

That’s where the First Warning System comes in. It detects cancer cells years before those cells can be seen on an MRI or mammogram. It uses patented sensor-detecting technology that is painless, non-invasive, and highly accurate.

To the naked eye, it just looks like a sports bra.


The First Warning bra works by detecting minute temperature differences in your breast tissue. It’s these fluctuations in temperature that indicate a possible cancer abnormality. When a cancer tumor starts to grow, your body builds a system of new, albeit abnormal blood vessels. The increased blood flowto the area creates something called a “heat signature” within the tumor. This small temperature variation occurs several years before the tumor itself is visible on a mammogram or MRI.

But normal body temperature fluctuates throughout the day and varies from woman to woman. To account for that, the First Warning System needs to maintain ?constant contact with the body throughout a testing period of at least 24 hours. That’s why a tight-fitting sports bra is ideal. Sensors located in the cup area of the bra stay in direct contact with the breast for as long as necessary to get a good temperature reading.

The sensors collect data that is sent to the Internet, and from there the data is analyzed by complex algorithms and delivered to a trained doctor. You get to see the results, too, either through your computer or mobile device.

So far, three clinical trials have shown an accuracy level of more than 90 percent for the First Warning System. As a screening tool, it’s much moreaccurate at a gratifyingly earlier point in time.

It’s cheaper, too, coming in at around $200. Mammograms cost as much as $300 but are only effective after a tumor has reached a detectable size. Even then, you’ve got the false positive issue. But the First Warning System bra not only detects early-stage tissue abnormalities, it also reduces the false positives that are causing women so much angst.


One step forward in the healthcare maze

This “magic bra” could be a massive step forward in easy breast cancer detection and early intervention. It should prove especially useful for women with dense breast tissue who are severely limited at present when it comes to diagnostic tools.

Here’s a quick update on that note ? beginning in April of 2013, California will be the 5th state mandating that physicians tell patients whether they have dense breast tissue. Eleven more states, as well as the federal government have legislation pending. This is a significant step forward because it means more women will be made aware that their dense breast tissue significantly ? lowers the effectiveness of mammograms.

Navigating the American healthcare maze is a nightmare. With advances like the ?First Warnings bra, we can look forward to new ways to find cancer at a very early stage, when it’s easy to treat.

You may wonder, “Who needs this new breast cancer test? Don’t mammograms do the job?” Glad you asked. Let’s take a look. . .



Cancer-detecting bra heading to FDA for approval.” By Jessica Chasmar, The
Washington Times. 14 February 2013.

Facing Cancer, a Stark Choice.” By Tara Parker-Pope, The New York Times:

Health & Science, 21 January 2013.

False-Positive Mammograms Can Trigger Long-Term Distress.” By Kathleen Doheny
HealthDay Reporter, U.S. News Health.

Legislative Efforts.” Updates from I’

World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer: Episode for 3/18/2013.”


A second opinion that came too late


Just last week, a study from the Annals of Family Medicine revealed a shocking new statistic: As many as 60 percent of abnormal mammograms turn out to be false positives. These are cases where the breast X-ray says the woman has cancer, but she doesn’t.

ABC News with Diane Sawyer underscored this revelation, reporting recently ?on a woman who had an abnormal mammogram three years ago. The biopsy that followed revealed she had cancer. Because the woman’s mother, sister, and three aunts had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, she opted for a double mastectomy ? the most radical treatment available.

But in the messy process of getting her insurance provider to cover ?expenses, the woman had to hire a lawyer. The lawyer sent her original biopsy out for a second opinion. The cancer expert who gave the second opinion said the woman never had cancer in the first place. Both mammogram and biopsy got it wrong.

Unusual? Not really. Another new and unsettling study shows as many as 4 percent of biopsies are misread affecting as many as 10,000 women a year.

While this woman was thrilled to learn she was cancer-free, she’d also ?sacrificed both breasts to medical error.

It’s a horrifying story, but it’s not unique. Because mammograms can detect ?smaller lesions than ever before, an accurate cancer diagnosis has become much harder to make. That’s led to an increase in false positive mammograms. Most of those are followed by a biopsy. And as noted, those are subject to error as well, although much less often than the X-rays.

In the best of cases, women with a false-positive mammogram ? even where breast cancer is ruled out ? experience as much as three years of lingering anxiety about having a close brush with cancer.

In the worst cases, the false positive results are taken all the way to the surgery table, with heartbreaking results like the example above.

So always, always get a second opinion ? and do it BEFORE moving forward with any treatment option. If your doctor is any kind of decent human being, he or she will welcome another set of eyes.

These findings highlight the pressing need for improved screening tests.

That’s why the First Warning Systems bra is such welcome news.

Lee Euler (author) ”



A third of women catch breast cancer in between mammograms. Why am I not surprised since mammograms also causes cancer?

Yes, the world needs a better cancer-diagnosis device. What’s wrong with the pic is that this smart bra will only detect cancer in the breasts, not any where else. It’s progressive improvement and I almost laughed at the thought of someone creating a similar “padding” for the male penis – to detect penile or prostate cancer.

Another question that came to mind: ?How TIGHT does the bra need to be, in order to detect temperatures of a woman throughout the day


LiveScience reported: “A sensor-studded sports bra worn by women for just half a day could make breast cancer screening both easier and more effective, according to enthusiastic news reports. But the prototype
device’s reliance upon measuring the temperature of breast tissue resembles a screening method that has proven ineffective in the past.”


Still, nothing quite beats having a vegan lifestyle like:
1. having a cleaner diet (more vege and fruits, lesser meat),
2. drinking enough water,
3. having enough exercise (12 mins a day) and rest,
4. using lesser toxic products for ourselves, plants, pets and gardens/farms,
5. consuming lesser approved food additives, artificial flavours, artificial food colourings, lesser processed and genetically modified foods and
6. inhaling lesser polluted air.

Women, would you wear a smart bra (pictured above)?


More harm than good: Experts have said that mammogram screening has failed

Thermograms and Blood Tests are more effective – more so than mammograms and biopsies – at diagnosing cancer. More about thermograms in the lower half of this post:

From Dr. Douglas: Mammograms Fail to Save Lives, But Ruin Plenty

Dangers and Unreliability of Mammography: Breast Examination is a Safe, Effective, and Practical Alternative (This is right, except many women can’t tell difference between the size of a lump now and one week or a month ago.)

Where Mammograms Fail

Breast-Cancer Drinking Water. Documented proof: California’s campaign to make excuses for Monsanto while allowing its own population to be poisoned via the drinking water:

What happens when brain vessels are damaged? The brain gets damaged too. This is what “anti-cancer medicine” Avastin does.
Anti-cancer ( Avastin ) drug damages brain vessels

But the cancer industry continues to promote Avastin as if it’s Lord Jesus, look here —>
reports/asco2013/content/article/10165/2146065 And people continue running “for” the cure or shaving their heads.


This emergency bra actually exists!

Middle of an X-Ray Epidemic

#Cancer Tidbit: A British study suggests nearly 1% of all cancer cases in the United States (0.9 percent, to be exact) are due to diagnostic X-rays. That’s a full 50 percent more than in the UK, where about 0.6 percent of cancers are caused by doctors taking pictures. The Brits don’t subject patients to as many X-rays as Americans do.


We’re in the middle of an X-ray epidemic


American medicine has gone X-ray crazy. The total amount of X-radiation we receive went up six times from 1990 to 2006, according to the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement (2009, Report 160).

The New England Journal of Medicine says CT scans alone account for half the medical imaging dose we get. The article estimates that CT scans cause something like four out of every thousand cancers (Issue 357). The number of patients getting very high doses doubled every year from 1996 to 2010, says the Journal of the American Medical Association.

A recent study of people who had cancer when they were children demonstrates the dangers of radiation. More than 95 percent of them suffered from chronic health problems by the time they were 45, including lung, hearing and heart problems.

You see, radiation damage is long term and shows up decades later. As Dr. Melissa Hudson, one of the study’s authors, puts it, “Doctors may not be thinking about a heart-valve disorder in someone in his 30s, but if you had radiation to your chest at 10, this is something to think about.”

The findings, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, are based on detailed physicals conducted on 1,700 adults who were treated for cancer at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis from ten to 40 years ago.

The researchers found that the parts of the body treated then are precisely the ones that are falling apart now. There’s strong evidence that conventional cancer treatments accelerate the aging process of organs. The damage is profound, but it’s not evident right away.

Adult survivors who received radiation to the brain as children suffer from thinking and memory problems typical of much older people. Those who were subjected to chest X-rays are likely to have heart-valve changes, including scarring and leaky valves. For this group of people whose average age was 33, “the health problems were considered striking” (the Wall Street Journal’s choice of words, not mine.)

These people were cancer survivors ? you could argue their treatment was successful. But two points are worth making. One is that alternative treatments could have done the job gently, with no damage, instead of the lifetime health problems these young people now face. There are something like 395,000 childhood cancer survivors in our country. This is a vast tragedy.

The second point is that those of us who just receive routine diagnostic X-rays not cancer treatment face similar risks.



Everyday X-rays and your risk of cancer

To be fair, the doses of radiation used to treat cancer patients are vastly great than those you receive in diagnostic X-rays. But X-ray damage is permanent and cumulative, so all those “little, routine” X-rays add up. Once the damage is done, it never goes away. And each time you have another X-ray, you add to it. Given the escalating use of X-rays in our medical system, the problem can only get worse.

When I was young, I had many chronic health problems myself and received tons of X-rays, so this is personal with me. The X-rays never turned up anything useful. The results were always negative. The problems I was trying to solve ? chronic headaches, chronic body pain and fatigue, terrible GI-tract upset, unhealthy skin ? were all eventually solved by alternative medicine.

My health problems were mostly due to the Standard American Diet (SAD), consisting of sugar and other refined carbs, hormone-and-drug-fed beef and chicken, heaven knows what preservatives and other chemicals, over-cooked vegetables, no fiber and a desperate lack of nutrients. X-rays were never going to identify any of those problems, but if you walk into a doctor’s office with head pain or back pain or intestinal problems, you’re probably going to get an X-ray.

I have plenty of company when it comes to being over-X-rayed. It’s normal, and the consequences are a disaster. A study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute found, for example, that women who had had an average of 25 back X-rays had a 70 percent greater risk of dying of breast cancer than the general population. If you think nobody ever has 25 X-rays, ask a friend with long-term chronic pain. I had four back X-rays that I can remember, maybe more.

A recent study at the University of Hong Kong found that the risk of soft-tissue sarcoma is doubled if a person receives an amount of radiation equivalent to two CT head scans. One of the study’s authors, Dr. Dino Samartzis, said, “The study has highlighted that even low to moderate levels of exposure are enough to cause genetic mutation.”

Yup, I had a brain scan, too, for those mystery headaches I used to have, plus a full set of sinus X-rays.

In one recent year, 2008, a study found that 1.65 million children received a CT scan during a visit to an emergency room ? five times as many as in 1994. A CT scan is equivalent to three to seven years of absorption of the amount of radiation we get naturally from the environment ? all packed into a few minutes. A child exposed to just two or three scans faces three times the risk of developing brain cancer later in life.

A couple of years ago, TV star Dr. Mehmet Oz set off a mini panic when he noted that thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer in women. As one of the causes he cited the harmful effects of radiation from sources like dental X-rays and mammograms.

Thyroid cancer is pretty rare. It accounts for only about 3 cancers out a hundred in women. It’s also highly treatable and nearly everyone who gets it survives. But who needs any kind of cancer? Your dentist should X-ray no more than one or two of your teeth a year. If he’sdoing a full X-ray every year, get a new dentist.

One of the strongest voices against our X-ray mania was the late Dr. John Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. and Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He wrote six books on the effects of ionizing radiation on health, his last title being Radiation from Medical Procedures in the Pathogenesis of Cancer and Ischemic Heart Disease. In this 700-page tome, he presented strong evidence that medical X-rays not only play an important role in causing half of all cancer cases, but also cause 60 percent of heart disease cases.

X-rays are not the only causes of these diseases (see my previous comments about diet) but they are major causes. Preventing cancer is the fine art of trimming your exposure a little bit here and a little bit there, wherever you have the opportunity. Never say, “It’s just one little X-ray” ? especially if you’ve already dozens during your life up to this point.

Sometimes you need an X-ray to diagnose a medical problem, but they should generally be avoided and resisted. This newsletter is on record against mammograms, the most common unnecessary (and largely useless) use of X-rays. Consider thermography. It’s a better way to diagnose breast cancer.

When a doctor urges (or orders) an X-ray, ask whether an MRI or ultrasound is possible instead. These diagnostic tests involve no radiation at all. Refuse X-rays that are part of a general physical “just to make sure everything’s all right.” If you don’t have any symptoms, why have an X-ray?

One thing that’s under your control is your exposure to natural radiation from radon. Check your home and, if possible, your work place to ensure you’re not being irradiated every day without even knowing it. As bad as medical X-rays are, radon accounts for an enormous portion of the public’s exposure to radiation. 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year are attributed to radon, second only to smoking.

Lee Euler Ok, so you can not avoid that X-ray for your bone fracture, right? But women definitely can avoid that yearly mammograms! There is already non-radioactive thermograms, which can be used for any part of the body including the brain. A thermography could detect cancer cells way before they become tumours – that’s HOW accurate they are!

The sad thing is, thermography not readily available in conventional hospitals because they are happy paying for the x-ray sheets that mammogram filming machines churn out on a daily basis. And thermography is expensive in Orchard Paragon in Singapore.

Can you imagine diabetes and cancer epidemics? Or the OBESITY epidemics? We’ve been having those for a long time now! Which makes me think that the most recent haze as an epidemic is a little joke.

You see, a Dr Yeo said: Most of the common questions are the longterm effects, whether it will cause lung cancer. It will not cause lung cancer for this short-term haze. – The question is, ?will the haze be long term since rainforests fire caused by peat combustion (in Sumatran and Borneo rainforests) could be regular since 1991? For as long as I remember, I have inhaled haze since 2006, this 2013 being the wost.

Haze is not the only pollutant that causes cancer, ANY pollutant whether it’s inhaled or consumed or absorbed through the skin, can trigger cancer.

Additionally, ?Cohen and Pope (1995) reviewed the evidence associating air pollution with lung cancer. Studies suggest rather consistently that ambient air pollution resulting from fossil fuel combustion is associated with increased rates of lung cancer.

All Cars Cause Lung Cancer
So why are we not paying attention to the emissions from cars?

Regardless, we should not take disasters or epidemics for granted, in fact we should be prepared for them.

On a lighter note, we have wacky epidemics now!

An embarrassing nationwide epidemic (USA).




Studies have found a close link between exposure to fine particles and premature death from heart and lung disease. Fine particles are also known to trigger or worsen chronic disease such as asthma, heart attack, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that long-term exposure to PM2.5 may lead to plaque deposits in arteries, causing vascular inflammation and a hardening of the arteries which can eventually lead to heart attack and stroke. ” –

An association between mothers exposure to fine particles and birth defects has also been established by several reports.
2 birth defects a minute

217-Year-Old Natural Medicine System Offers an Answer to Today’s Diseases

Got this in my email recently and thought it’s too good not to share. Before I share what I got in my email, here’s some infographics on what this 217-year-old medicine is about.

From the amazing Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig: ” A child aged 5yrs., when came dated 7th Feb 2012, now 6yrs. old. The young father takes out his mobile phone and made switched on for a song which was recorded in that simultaneously by doing so he was telling ” look doctor, if I put this song in his left ear he starts dancing but the moment I take this into his other ear he starts abusing and violent language by protruding his tongue… ”



A common medical and holistic solution got colds and respiratory problems.


Debby Bruck shared,”Kalium muriaticum can be used as a low potency cell salt for influenza with secondary symptoms of sore throat, white coated tongue, and rheumatic pains.”



Yes, it’s homeopathy I am talking about! ? Homeopathy works for plants too!


” When 81-year-old Trish Coleman of British Columbia was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer, she was given four to six months to live, with no hope of a
cure or even a treatment.

She turned to a homeopathic doctor. Six months later, she says she feels
better than she has in months.

Coleman is part of a trend of cancer sufferers turning toward homeopathy,
which is based on the principle that “like cures like.” The system is generally
credited to German physician Samuel Hahnemann, who pioneered it in 1796, though
some people credit Hippocrates for originating the concept in 400 BC. It’s
scorned by conventional MDs, but There’s good evidence it works. Let’s take a
look. . .

The premise of homeopathy is that if a large dose of a substance causes a
disease-like symptom, very small doses of the same substance will cure it. For
example, a cold might be treated with a plant extract that produces symptoms
similar to those of a cold ? but the treatment will utilize a very small amount
of extract dissolved in water. Or poison ivy might be treated with tiny amounts
of a plant that makes you itch again, diluted in water.

Most homeopathic remedies are water-based and contain microscopic amounts
of plants, minerals, chemicals, or animal products ? all of which occur

Roland Guenther, MD, the doctor who treated Trish Coleman, explains
“Homeopathy is a treatment with remedies that are made from substances of
nature that still carry the energy of these substances.”

If it’s just water, I’d like some!

As Dr. Guenther’s statement might suggest, There’s a spiritual element to
homeopathy. Hahnemann himself believed diseases had both spiritual and physical
causes. Many homeopathic treatments are believed to carry certain energies and
vibrations, based on the plants or material they come in contact with.

There has to be an “energy” or “spiritual” explanation for homeopathy,
because most of the remedies are so diluted they’re actually pure water. There
isn’t a single molecule left of the plant extract (although there is a
significant amount of extract present before the dilution process begins).

This makes homeopathy very “unscientific” indeed ? if you ignore the many
clinical studies that suggest it works. Maybe the remedies are just water, but
apparently that water has something special going for it.

In my experience, some kinds of energy medicine are effective, but
mainstream scientists can’t explain why, so they chalk it up to the placebo
effect. You have to realize a great deal of so-called science is “parascience”
? the people who call the shots exclude from consideration any evidence that
doesn’t fit what they believe “must” be true.

As a cancer treatment, homeopathy’s first benefit is that it does no harm.
That’s a far cry from the havoc wreaked by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
But besides simply doing no harm, homeopathy shows measureable results in
rigorous studies. In some cases it not only makes patients more comfortable, it
also cures their disease.

How homeopathy treats the whole person

Increasingly, cancer-survival stories that involve homeopathy are getting
mainstream attention. Breast cancer survivor Devieka Bhojwani says homeopathy
helped significantly with the side effects of radiation treatment.2 Then
There’s Norbert Varga of Philadelphia, who overcame a cancer scare using whole
foods and homeopathy instead of opting for invasive cancer treatment. He’s now
ten years in remission.3

Advocates believe homeopathy heals the whole person and works in your body
on a wholistic (or holistic) level. One theory is that homeopathic treatments
operate through the same mechanism as the placebo effect, underscoring the role
of the mind-body connection in overcoming disease.

Of course, doubters from the medical side wag their fingers and say There’s
lack of evidence homeopathy is effective. But in reality, nearly 150 randomized
clinical trials (RTCs) have been conducted ? 43 percent of which show positive
evidence. Of those studies, 49 percent were inconclusive.

But here’s the thing. Randomized clinical trials measure the effectiveness
of a therapy on a group of people, all of whom are treated the same. But
homeopathy works best when it’s tailored to the individual. According to the
British Homeopathic Association, “A homeopathic prescription is based not only
on the symptoms of disease in the patient but also on a host of other factors
that are particular to that patient, including lifestyle, emotional health,
personality, eating habits, and medical history.”4 Classic homeopathy treats
the whole person.

Plus, most folks in randomized trials have to meet certain criteria to
qualify. Those who fall outside the criteria ? like older folks, children,
pregnant women, and anyone with unusual medical issues ? can’t be included in a
gold-standard clinical trial. Yet these are the people who benefit most from
homeopathic care!



The rest of the world is already
way ahead of the U.S.A


In Germany, homeopathy is part of mainstream medical treatment. In the

U.K., there are three homeopathic hospitals financed by the National Health
Service ? in London, Bristol, and Glasgow.

The Swiss Government even commissioned a report on homeopathy a few years
ago, concluding that the therapy has “real world effectiveness, is
appropriately in demand by the Swiss population, is safe when prescribed by
professional homoeopaths, and should be available to the Swiss public through
the Federal Government ?”

And India, with one of the most advanced biologic development programs in
the world, is a strong supporter of homeopathy.

On the other hand, There’s the U.S., where medical officials seem
determined to put an end to anything not created synthetically in a lab,
especially if it can’t be patented and marketed for big bucks.

Even so, it’s becoming more common to read about medical doctors who gave
up or supplemented their original training to learn homeopathy. When asked why,
the reason has a lot to do with wanting to cure illness instead of just
treating symptoms.

And in 2011, a survey by the American Hospital Association found that 42
percent of U.S. hospitals offer one or more complementary or alternative
therapies, including homeopathy. That number is up by 5 percent compared to the
survey done in 2007. And some medical schools now offer courses on homeopathy
and other alternative therapies like acupuncture and yoga. So at least there
are signs of progress.


Leading cancer research centers see the light


A study that appeared in the February 2010 issue of the International
Journal of Oncology showed positive results when treating breast cancer with
homeopathy. The study showed it was possible to prompt apoptosis (cell death)
in cancer cells using homeopathic medicine.

Moshe Frenkel, MD, of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, examined four
extra-diluted homeopathic remedies against two human breast cancer cell lines.
His findings included “cell cycle delay/arrest and apoptosis.” Dr. Frenkel has
also stated that homeopathic remedies appear to have similar activity to
paclitaxel (Taxol ? the chemotherapeutic drug used most commonly on breast
cancer), yet without any toxic effect to healthy cells.

Researchers at M.D. Anderson are also looking at the Banerji Protocol for
cancer treatment. Developed by Doctors Prasanta and Pratip Banerji, it’s an
approach to healing hypo-thyroidism with homeopathic medicine that has been
proven safe and effective in clinical trials in India.

The Banerji approach uses modern diagnostic tools like X-rays and
ultrasound to diagnose whether a patient has a disease, and then works to
reverse the disease condition through homeopathy. But the difference from
traditional homeopathy is that they use mixtures of remedies and frequent
“repetitions” of the remedies, all personally tailored to the individual being


Never settle for standard operating procedures
when it comes to your health


you’re being treated for cancer in a restrictive hospital where
complementary treatments are frowned on, don’t hesitate to broach the topic of
homeopathy. Remember, in the world of medicine, there are healers and there are
body mechanics.

Your best bet for preventing or overcoming cancer is to find a practitioner
who understands the interconnectedness of the human body and helps you
supplement your individual health needs with safe, natural alternative

Lee Euler ? ”




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Homeopathy cured this lion of GANGRENE!


My only complaint is that homeopathy may also try to use animals’ blood or flesh for their solutions. A homeopathic consultant once reassured me me that animals’ blood or flesh or nails are rarely used as opposed to say, snake venom to cure certain toxicities.





What is Homeopathy and Who Can Use Homeopathy

The Founder of Homeopathy: Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann

The Healthiest Kind of Saturated Fats is Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Found in….

Coconut oil! Yes, not all saturated fats are evil. The Medium-Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) found in coconut oil converts to energy immediately instead of being stored as a fat reserve. This makes it a thermogenic or “slimming” oil. It is also the only oil that can withstand the highest kind of cooking heat you’d use in baking or roasting. This is important as you do not want to consume carcinogenic (cancer-causing) foods.

Here’s an article I received in my email not too long ago.

“While Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been (and will continue to be) a
staple, nutritious, go-to oil for healthy cooking, There’s a ‘new kid on the
block’ that’s getting all the attention as of late, and for good reason.

This powerhouse oil is even being touted by “celebrity” fitness gurus like
Jillian Michaels and Dr. Oz for its metabolism and weightloss benefits, and
even more, Hollywood celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow,
Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie are swearing by its hair, skin, and anti-
aging properties!

Oh me, oh my! What ever could this miracle oil be?

Well, before we get to that, you may be shocked to learn that this oil is 90%
SATURATED FAT…and yes, by most standards it’s even healthier than extra
virgin olive oil.

We’re talking about Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

While Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has a higher smoke point than Olive Oil (meaning
it can withstand even higher temperatures without being damaged or denatured),
its most unique health and fatloss benefits come from a special type of
saturated fat that is most abundantly found in coconut oil: Medium Chain
Triglycerides (MCTs).

MCTs are a very unique form of saturated fat that have been shown to possess
antioxidant and anti-microbial properties to help fight off aging as well as
anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral immune benefits.

Even more, several studies have linked the consumption of Extra Virgin Coconut
Oil to smaller waist sizes and another study published in the American Journal
of Clinical Nutrition found MCTs to be THREE times more effective at raising
metabolism than long-chain fatty acids.

Beyond that, coconut oil has been shown to slow digestion, increasing feelings
of fullness and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Clearly including this “super”
oil as part of your nutrition plan carries many benefits and is a win-win all

But the type of coconut oil that you choose is very important, as some coconut
oils are BAD NEWS for your health (such as hydrogenated and partially
hydrogenated coconut oil).

By far, the purest form of coconut oil is Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and
the top researchers and experts recommend 2 – 4 tablespoons daily. The easiest
way to get your daily quota of this super fat is to use coconut oil in cooking
as you would olive oil or any other oil, in baking, and you can even mix it in
your fat-burning protein shakes.
To your success!

Josh Bezoni & Joel Marion ?”

I have to agree with Josh and Joel about coconut oil, except it’s been around a looooong time now! Maybe organic coconut oil is the “new kid on the block”, and for good reasons.

I and my family have been using cold-treated coconut oil for the last 3 years. Here’s a pic of 2 brands I use that has been shared in my Facebook album for a long time now:

You would want to make sure that our coconut oil is actually in an opaque or dark glass, so that nutrients found in cold-treated coconut oil, is well-preserved ?No refrigeration is required as long as you store them in cool dark or shady place.


For cooking, it’s just best not to use EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil, leave it for salad dressings or to take by the spoonful.


Vegans swear on the benefits of coconut oil for oil-pulling – perhaps the best way to prevent teeth decay and bad breath but you must oil-pull consistently. The ancient Indians use it in conjunction with clove oil to do their oil-pulling.





Conflicting Info about 4life Transfer Factor Molecules From Bovine Colostrum Supplements

I’ve seen people pushing (promoting) colostrum supplements and consuming them religiously, but still fall seriously ill (heart attacks, liver failure, etc). Sedentary lifestyle and an almost complete lack of greens in one’s diet is a common issue in people who eat nutritional supplements. If the supplements worked so well, why does it fail the health of the promoter, the supplement-believer?


Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all supplements are useless products, but not all are made the same. The purpose of my post is to get as many questions about 4Life answered – as as many as possible.


Recently, a mother with a special needs child wrote to me. She gave me her 4Life URL. 4Life Transfer Factor. Transfer Factor is also known by these names: Bovine Dialyzable Leukocyte Extract, Bovine Dialyzable Transfer Factor, Bovine Transfer Factor, Dialyzable Leukocyte Extract, Dialyzable Transfer Factor, DLE, Extrait Dialysable de Leucocyte, Facteur de Transfert, Facteur de Transfert d’s Origine Bovine, Factor de Transferencia, Human Dialyzable Leukocyte Extract.

“BOVINE?” ?was my first response. Another voice came into my head, “OH KELLY, DON’t be such a COW!!! Find out what these 4Life Transfer Factor is about!”

I decided to write to someone who is a believer in alternative meds, you could say we’re old friends on Twitter and Facebook. So this was her reply about 4Life:


“Hello Kelly, I tried to call you at this number xxxxxxxxxx from California and even if I insert “65” for Singapore country code, I can’t get through. Is this the correct number?

Transfer Factor is naturally a “nano” molecule in colostrum. There is nothing genetically modified about it. The colostrum is from Organic cows on pasture. Transfer factors are messenger molecules that teach the immune system how to recognize and respond to threats.

If your immune system was a football team, then transfer factors would be the playbook. Dr. Rob Robertson, MD writes: “I believe Transfer Factor is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the century in supporting and modulating the immune system. I believe a strengthened immune system will be the primary way to stay well in the future. This nutrient can affect the immune system like nothing else can. I sincerely believe everyone needs to consume this product. There is no other product in a nutritional substance, nor a drug, that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated germs, super-resistant germs, and food contaminations, our only hope and defense, must lie within our own immune system.” –

RESEARCH – Over 3000 clinical studies on Transfer Factor.


I’d like to talk with you. My skype user name is “xxxxx” (edited for privacy).

Please add me to your skype contact and I’ll accept you.

Kind regards, Shirley

Oriented to self care, ShirleysWellnessCaf ƒÀ „¢ ¨.com is an educational website dedicated to help promote natural health for people and animals. +1 (323) 522-4521 or (323) 989-3372






“Hey Shirley, thanks for your reply and for your attempt to call me (I did not want you to waste your money on an overseas call partially because of the time difference). In fact I saw the Halal-certificate for 4Life by the ?IFANCA (Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of America) and lots of testimonials also. This is what I think, it could piss you off but still I must say. I doubt the source that ? Dr. Rob Robertson, MD gave because of several reasons:


1. The USDA is sleeping with Monsanto [passing off genetically modified substances and ingredients as “safe” for environment and human health] ?as you know. Any milk/colostrum – used by 4Life – that is certified by USDA as “organic” is very suspect.


2. Additionally, it is not true that BSE (mad cows’ disease) cannot be spread through consumption of milk/colostrum: insists that BSE cannot be transferred via consumption of milk.


3. Non-vegan doctor, Loran Cordain, and author of the Paleo Diet, has proposed that a growth factor in milk, IGF-1, aka BETACELLULIN, may contribute to cancer. This IGF-1 is the “fuel cell” of any cancer. Ref:
4. Is 4Life a universal transfer factor? How many antigens are there in the product[ I got my answer before Shirley could reply. The answer is “no”. These are TARGETTED molecular products. Meaning to say, immunity for liver, heart, pancrea, kidney ?could mean 4 separate products. But this is only one product.

So if it’s not about universal immunity for the entire human body with one product, so what makes this product great?

“Most of the clinical studies of transfer factors have been based on the specificity of each transfer factor ? says ?Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology who says he once declined 4Life’s offer to act as a consultant.]
5. ‘ ?When you say the bovine colostrum is from “organic cows”, does it mean the cows are not shot with up to 52 antibiotics?

[ Igot my answer before Shirley could reply. It is unlawful to use antibiotics in lactating dairy cattle that will give rise to violable levels of antimicrobial drugs. So, there is still a possibility that anti-biotics are given to non-lactating cows before they become pregnant, and they would still be deemed as “organic cows”.

Additionally, 4Life says it is customary to provide some hay or grain to organic cows to munch on during the milking. Are cows designed for grains…wouldn’t that make them sick, and requiring antibiotics?
In yet another 4Life website, they said,”4Life Transfer Factor contains 150mg of PURE TRANSFER FACTOR (No Colostrum.)”

So, they are saying that the product comes from Bovine Colostrum, but it has no colostrum. Hmmm…..

Further, the website mentioned,”Therefore the dosage of Transfer Factor Molecule that is being received into the body is significantly less than the 4Life product.” ?lol

“Colostrum/egg derived transfer factors have been promoted as a treatment for a large number of diseases and health concerns but have not been proven effective in the treatment of any (0f these) conditions.” ? – ? “Transfer Factor”. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 2009-10-08. Retrieved 2010-02-16.; ? “Transfer Factor”. WebMD. Retrieved 2010-02-16.

City Paper’s extensive Internet and database searches turned up nothing resembling objective scientific information on studies of the product Transfer Factor specifically, or on the use of bovine colostrum in humans in general.

Public relations specialists at several immunology organizations said they were unable to find members familiar with such products, nor could any reference to them be found in the Journal of Immunology’s online archives, which date back to 1965.

“I am not aware of any studies of transfer factor being obtained from cow colostrum and [transferring] immune reactivity to humans,” says Dr. Zweiman. “Nor could I find any reference to it in a Medline search of the medical literature……

William J. Hennen, Ph.D., vice president of research and development for 4Life, says two studies ? one involving Transfer Factor’s use by people with HIV, and another involving autistic children ? showed promising results and are now awaiting peer review before publication.

He also cites a 1994 study by Drs. Hugh Fudenberg and Giancarlo Pizza that supposedly demonstrated the value of bovine colostrum to the human immune system. But Dr. Fudenberg, reached at his office in Spartanburg, SC, says the report ? which he described as the results of a review of other scientists’ work ? stated nothing of the sort.

“The conclusion,” Fudenberg says forcefully, “was that the commercial firms making this for humans were invariably run by people who were not scientists and who didn/t care whether their products were harmful or not.”

4Life Research was formed several years after this report was published. However, Fudenberg insists there is nothing to support the supposed efficacy of products made from cow’s colostrum ? and even contends they are potentially harmful to people with allergies to lactose or any other substances derived from cows.” –]

6. Cow colostrum is from organic cows…what about the lactoferrin?


Transfer Factor E-XF ƒÀ „¢? ¾ (a patented concentrate of transfer factors and other natural components from cow colostrum and egg yolk), NanoFactor ƒÀ „¢? ¾ extract (a proprietary concentrate of nano-filtered cow colostrum.), Lactoferrin, RioVida Juice Blend (A ƒÀ „¢??? ?ai, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Elderberry, Grape, Apple), and Vitamin C.

That means it’s cow colostrum, egg yolk, lactoferrin, and a blend of fruits juices with some Vitamin C thrown in. If the creators of 4Life really understood what nutrition is, would they have added Vitamin C in the presence of fruit juices? Or is the added fruit juice just a fruit concentrate containing fructose corn syrup


[The Transfer Factor supplement tells of how much more powerful it is than other immunity-boosting herbs but yet a product like TRANSFER FACTOR E-XF has to rely on the power of soy bean extracts, aloe vera extracts, olive leaf extract, maitake mushroom extract, and zinc, of which the product contains. ]


8. Has NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) funded any research on this therapy or heard of such therapy before?



9. These transfer factors are not made from human cell lines, agreed?

10. How long has this Transfer Factor been tested
15 years as shown in this video:

Or 50 years as stated via and ? ?

15 or 50 years? Noticed the discepancy?

How long was the TF tested on humans? How long for animals? Or the TF has only been tested on human blood in a petri dish?

Thanks if you can send me additional feedback on 4Life. ”



As it was coming to the weekends, Shirley said she would do some research and get back to me on her findings. I did not hear from her again regarding my questions.


4Life agents and literature says their products give ZERO SIDE-EFFECTS. shows “Transfer factors that are taken from cows seem to be safe when used short-term, up to three months. They can cause fever in some people.4Life’s Transfer Factor supplements are supposed to be eaten, and not injected.

I have no idea how the results of their clinical trials can be directly related to the consumption of ?TFs since injected TFs do not need to go through the digestive system.

Also, there are conflicting info on where studies of 4Life products were conducted – in the laboratories of Russia where Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev is, or in a USA lab? Or in both?


4Life claims it is not a drug, and so does not need to be FDA-regulated. listed 4Life as well, as if it’s a drug.

FDA regulations states that you cannot make medical claims for nutritional products. Is “transferring immunity from milk molecules to humans” considered a medical claim? And if so, they have not even legally broken any law. I supposed this info is correct. So in other words, it is not regulated by the FDA, and it is not recognized by the OCA (Organic Consumers’ Association).


However, many 4Life agents continue to market 4Life like an FDA-approved drug. For example, this one here at says,”Transfer factor is effective in a wide variety of infectious diseases including chronic sinusitis, chronic infection, otitis media, cancer, asthma, allergic conditions, autoimmune disease, vaccination-induced illness, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. ”


4Life agents say that their products are only available through agents. Guess what? seem to be selling them too! I doubt 4Life know much about the products they promote!

4Life's Health Sciences Advisory Board4Life’s Health Sciences Advisory Board. You can read more about them at ?

Additionally, the 4Life website states that, Dr. Carol Ann Ryser, M.D, is a member of the AMA. Some info of AMA: AMA (American Medical Association) fails to do homework (its analysis and recommendations are coming from half-cooked homework).

If AMA has the public’s health at heart, why did they declare war on Natural Medicine in 2006?

Now…why should I trust someone, even a doctor, who is a member of the AMA? I am doubtful of any thing that comes from the mouth of a member of the American Medical Association.
The CSO, Dr. Cal. McCausland, is behind the driving force of 4Life. Here’s info about him: Since 2002, Dr. Cal McCausland has overseen more than 10 clinical trials for 4Life Transfer Factor ? products. Cal’s long and distinguished career track includes almost 40 years of experience in the health sciences. He helped develop more than 500 supplements and earned the Pokrovsky Award and the Kosigin Award from the Russian Federation. Along with Dr. Emma Oganova, Cal has been instrumental in opening the Russian market for 4Life products. He earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Ok, yeah, that does look impressive alright! Would Dr. Cal McCausland say that 4Life is the best supplement, beating the other 499 he created since 2002

“4Life obtains nanofraction molecules from cow colostrum using a nano filter…. Nanofractions are low-weight molecules found in the immune systems of certain mammals. ” Nanofraction? Ok, take a look at this image at

Ok, so can we say thatthese nanofraction molecules are actually nano-particles of the bovine colostrum? That is to say, they are sooooo small – smaller than one red blood cell, they are better absorbed or digested by the human body. FASTER digestion. And if there is something toxic in these nano-particles of bovine colostrum, poisoning would also be quicker.

Goenaga-Infante said,”The need for differentiation between natural and engineered nanoparticles and the lack of reference materials and standards for method validation are still the most important.”

Any product that has to do with nano-particles, CANNOT be deemed as an organic product. This is the information I got from the Organics Consumers Association (OCA).

So, as healthy as it is touted, you will never see products like 4Life being recognized as an organic product.

I do not know if this helps, here is a very comprehensive F.A.Q on 4Life:

The last questions I have: Why not transfer factor from tumeric or chia seeds, or Shitake mushrooms? Why bovine colostrum

Although pigs also have a harsher environment than humans, they are not picked for use by 4Life. I believe it’s because cows’ milk is just more immensely
available than pigs’ milk. 4Life argues that IGF-1, a human growth hormone, is not a real factor here due to the minuscule amount contained in colostrum. They say that the important things are water and transfer factors.

Well, I don’t know about you, I am still not convinced this product is as super-sounding as its claims.



1. The evidence assembled here suggests that dairy-sourced hormones, not being subject to any innate feedback inhibition, may be the source of the androgenic and mitogenic progestins that drive acne, prostate and breast cancer. This is the most promising unitary hypothesis available to explain the etiology of diverse diseases that blemish, scar, shorten and take the lives of millions. –

2. The National Dairy Council denies that milk intake causes acne, but a study they supported ?the Harvard Nurse ?? s Health Study ?found otherwise. Video:

3. Another reason why milk sucks: Certain proteins in milk resemble molecules on the beta cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin. In some cases, the immune system makes antibodies to the milk protein that mistakenly attack and destroy the beta cells. According to Dr. Julian Whitaker in his ‘Health & Healing’ newsletter in an article entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Medicine Today’ (October 1998 Vol. 8, No. 10) the notion that milk is healthy for you is “udder” nonsense. While eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains has been documented to lower the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer, the widely touted health benefits of dairy products are questionable at best. In fact, dairy products are clearly linked as a cause of osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, cancer, allergies and diabetes. He argues that dairy products are anything but “health” foods. –

4. How harmful GMO (genetically engineered) foods are
5. Journal of Nanobiotechnology cautions that ? For those nanoparticles designed to stabilize food or to deliver drug via intestinal uptake other, more demanding, rules exist and should be followed.

6. Nanoparticles In Dietary Supplements Cause Health Concerns, Regulatory Challenges

7. Nobody Knows What Nanoparticles Do – Yet They Are in Your Food, Cosmetics, and Toys

8. Nanoparticles in Food, Vitamins Could Harm Human Health, Researchers Warn

9. FACT: Russian researchers found that both nanoparticles (smaller than 100 micrometer in diameter) and microparticles (greater than 100 micrometer in diameter) can cause a series of toxic effects.

Why I’ve Decided to Stop Buying Palm Oil with or without the Haze

Yesterday, I said I will be stopping support (no more buying) palm oil products. Foods, detergents, soups, shampoo that contain palm oil. Sodium Laureate Sulphate (SLS) is also made from palm oil and is linked to cancer tumours in animals, etc and is found in many personal care products.

For those who think it’s crazy, think again: There are people who are much much further away from Indonesia and the haze, and they had already stopped supporting palm oil years ago!

Snacktivists in San Francisco, CA have been raising awareness about popular products containing irresponsible palm oil tied to rainforest destruction (and the haze in Singapore and Malaysia) by stickering them with the message: “WARNING: This snack may contain orangutan extinction.REPIN:

Wow! Iam not sure I will do that and risk getting fined but I want you, readers and friends to know, that we have to do something to HELP stop this haze, and perhaps more. Greenpeace against palm oil

Can I stop buying KitKat? I sure can! Vegans have no problem with rejecting dairy milk products any way. 🙂

Can I stop eating Subway sandwiches or any thing else that use palm oil? Isure can! I know it’s gonna be difficult to stop supporting all palm oil products but there are always alternatives for our shampoo, etc.

If you are wondering why I am doing this, the reason is simple: ?Palm Oil funds the burning of rainforests in Sumatra and Borneo, and many orang-utans are either hurt, traumatised, dead or near extinction because of these fires and their unnecessary loss their natural habits.

Please read this post to get a more detailed idea of the haze’s link with animal cruelty and disrespect for Mother Nature’s rainforests in Indonesia.

Stories from PALM OIL IS KILLING ORANG UTANS facebook page:

“People were chopping down a tree from the jungle in which the orangutans live and they saw the orangutan on the floor. They thought it was dead but soon realized it wasn’t so they chopped it’s hand off. All this just to plant palm oil !!”

“This orangutan was just walking around its home (the jungle) and a couple of men finished there, cutting down the tree job and decided to stay the night, when they saw the orangutan come close to there cam. They poured petrol all over it and set it on fire.”

“Did you know that most orangutans watch there mothers being slaughtered right in front of them when they are only days old.”



One of the most well-known palm oil plantation owners in Indonesia is CARGILL. Cargill, like Monsanto, participate in joint ventures related to hybrid and gmo grains. Surprised? These both are food thugs! Here’s the story by the Rainforest Action Network: For those who’ve known me for years on Facebook, know just how much I detest GMO foods (linked to environmental and human health problems).

Google for dangers of GMO or genetically modified foods. Cargill poses a threat to farmers by pushing its genetically modified products onto the market, aggressively seeking patents for its seeds, and suing farmers that unknowingly cultivate Cargill-patented products on their farms. –

The Organic Consumers’ Association once wrote, “Down with Cargill and their Subsidiaries” ?

As Cargill legally owns part of the rainforest they burned to plant palm oil, it is LEGAL for them to do whatever they want to the rainforests.

What about environmental laws of Indonesia? Can’t any thing stop these food thugs and orang-utan bullies any more? The EU can actually use Hemp Oil in place of Palm Oil for their biofuel.

Long-time friend, Ken Schabelski states that “There is no need to use something so detructive to health and environment, Hemp Fuel can save the world!

On page 8 of the FAS report talks about the global production of Hemp Fiber and Seed ”

The other thing we may be able to do, is to petition the EU parliament to look into using hemp oil, instead of palm oil? It is because of this palm oil, Indonesian plantation owners and farmers were either coerced, threatened or bribed to burn the rainforests.

If we want good quality air, we must be concerned about what is happening overseas; can we continue to ignore what Mother Nature is trying to tell us about the orang-utans losing their rainforest homes? The haze is not going to stop as long as the rainforests in Sumatra (or Borneo) keeps burning several times a year.

Suggestions raised by Singaporeans

1. “More face masks” is a GREAT IDEA, except most of them are out of stock, so that leaves the poor and aged sick without the masks.

One of my friends, Prof. Colin Ong Tau Suan, has broadcasted this to help distribute the masks to those who need them more (you can help spread the word too!): SG Haze Rescue is seeking volunteers give out masks to neighborhoods with aging population. Interested, please send an e-mail to

2. “Cloud-seeding to bring on the rain” is a poor solution and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Cloud seeding involves pumping unhealthy gases into the air. Areas in USA where this is done experienced a higher rate of flu and asthma outbreaks.
  2. Cloud seeding cannot be fully controlled. At one point of time, China did it and Beijing rained icr-cubes (do a google for this news!)
  3. In dryers seasons, the moist (underground) peat of Sumatran and Borneo rainforests produces a lot of CO2, which may result in another rainforest fire. Nature will have a hard time trying to reverse the bad effects of rainforest burns, but I think Mother Nature need time to undo the bad things done to it since 1991! Genetically engineering our weather, foods and vaccines have their repercussions.

About Cloud-Seeding:

Cloud-seeding involves dispersing chemicals orgases into the air to serve as cloud condensartion or ice nuclei. The usual intent is to increase the chances of a rain or snow.

And carbon dioxide, silver iodode, calcium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium hydroxide are some substances used in cloud-seeding. Prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide results in increased calcium deposits on soft tissue (gout-like).

Carbon dioxide is also poisonous to the heart, and causes diminished contactile force. Due to the health risks associated with carbon dioxide exposure, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that average exposure for healthy adults during an eight-hour work day should not exceed 5,000 ppm (0.5%). Silver iodide is considered a hazardous and toxic pollutant by the USA’s EPA.

Potassium chloride has been used in lethal injections to stop the heart from functioning. Solid sodium hydroxide or solutions of sodium hydroxide will cause chemical burns, permanent injury or scarring, and blindness if it contacts unprotected human or animal tissue.

So, should we be concerned if cloud-seeding is used to bring on artificial rain? I’d say, don’t screw with nature! lol

For the lady who told me about palm oil cruelty 3 years ago, I am sorry I did not take your comments seriously. I thought it was a sham message!

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The world’s growing appetite for cheap palm oil is destroying rain forests and amplifying climate change

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Air Pollution a threat in China at one time

Household chemicals cause cancer, birth defects On the flip, the health threat is in your home as well. TV ads of Febreze is one of them.

Chemical Sensitivity in Mainstream Medical Documentation: The 80+ Chemicals Detected in Febreze…

Indonesian Fire Maps (1997 to 1998)

Rainforest Fires are not new, and quite frequent

Palm oil factories are as much to blamed for air pollution even when rainforests are not burned. “Smoke rises from a palm oil factory outside Pekanbaru, Riau province, which also produces paper.” REPIN:

Haze Spread to Singapore ? Can You Hear Mother Nature Calling for Help?

Life-Saving Tips for Hazy Days Cloud-seeding is not as effective as one thought.” seeding fails, water crisis looms”

Haze Spread to Singapore… Can You Hear Mother Nature Calling for Help?

“I am sad that my father has to stay indoors and not enjoy his usual outdoor walks. He is asthmatic and he regrets smoking for 30 over years. You can stop smoking, but can someone stop the haze?” Isuggested Yoga and lots of tumeric and ginger in his foods.

For the past one week or so, Singapore has been hit with highest PSI-rated haze, spread here from Sumatra. And rainforests in Sumatra and Borneo had been ?burning on and off since 1991! (See? So easy to point fingers at Mother Nature for what humans have been doing!)

Why are the rainforests slashed and burned to make way for planting palm trees, to produce palm oil. We’re talking about 4oo to 500 year old trees, burned down in a couple of minutes!

The EU regulations make it in such a way that biofuels have to have a certain percentage of palm oil (instead of corn oil). Corn farmers wanted to keep corn as food (the idiocy of this is that more than 90% of corn is too genetically modified to be considered a healthy food).

Palm oil, an ingredient found in many everyday food and cosmetic products, is contributing to the rapid destruction of rainforests.



1. The destruction does not stop there. The ?relentless march of the palm oil business is the biggest threat facing the orangutans. According to Orangutans-SOS.or orang-utans are losing their homes, losing their children or parents and some are burnt badly (if they survived, most of them do not live beyond one week). Already, about 10 species of orang-utans are near extinction. An orang-utan’s average life-span is only 45 years.

As of 2011, Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park (North Sumatra Province) was the last place where the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan can safely gorge on wild tropical fruit amid the treetops. Will the world also lose this park?

Indonesia’s rainforests are being torn down at an alarming rate. Ulara Nakagawa reports on the pressures locals face from the palm oil industry.

According to the United Nations, 98% of Indonesia’s forests may be destroyed by 2022.




2. Because there are no tree roots holding on the the soil, soil erosion is affecting air currents over surface water in the coastal areas of Asia.


3. The haze caused by the rainforests burning disrupts air traffic and could make driving more difficult and risky.


4. Because more than 2.6 gigatonnes of CO2 was released into the atmosphere (underground) by the moist decaying vegetation (known as “peat”), the underground smouldering fire continue to burn and ignite new forest each year during the dry season. These greenhouse gases further threaten human health.

SATELLITE IMAGES SHOW that almost one million hectares have been affected by the forest fires that were deliberately set last July in the lowland tropical rainforests of Sumatra and Kalimantan.” ?

In December 2009, Greenpeace released a statement that it finds Indonesia’s forest fires a global (health) threat.


5. Your Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) – made from palm oil – is ?in a lot of personal care products and is linked to cancer. A study from the Medical College of Georgia indicates that ?SLS is systemic can penetrate and be retained in the eye, brain, heart, liver etc., with potentially harmful long-term effects. It could retard healing, cause cataracts ?in adults, and can keep children’s eyes from developing properly. (Summary of report to ?Research To Prevent Blindness, Inc. Conference.)

Sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are not known carcinogens, according to the American Cancer Society. However, some studies show the harsher sodium lauryl sulfate may cause mutations that could lead to cancer, notes Columbia University’s Health Services advice column “GoAsk Alice!”


Sadly, the environmental lunacy continues. Farmers and plantation owners in Indonesia continue to burn their own rainforests. They are as much their own victim as a victim of commercial exploitation as you can read from here: “Several plantation companies in Ketapang have been accused of forcing villagers off their lands.

According to numerous reports, the companie’ representatives first make overtures to the villagers, inviting them to plant their fields with oil palms instead of rice. If the villagers refuse, the companies burn the nearby forest, with the flames jumping to the rice fields. This is how many of the forest fires in West Kalimantan on Indonesia’s part of Borneo island have started.” – ‘


How can this not be an issue for everyone

Indonesia's Fire & Haze:  The Cost of Catastrophe
Indonesia’s Fire & Haze: The Cost of Catastrophe


If you are in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, you are not the only one suffering from the haze blown here by the burning rainforests.’ Can you feel or hear Mother Nature calling for help

If the rainforests are caused by global warming, it certainly is not happening in Thailand and Malaysia.


“Despite the country’s (Indonesia) public pledges to protect its forests, the conflict is obvious.” – The Christian Science Publishing Society



Here are some facts on palm oil.


1. They say palm oil is sustainable. While it is true that palm trees are intensively cultivated is true, but that does not mean palm oil is sustainable.

(A) From —>

Orangutans give birth once every 6 -10 years, the longest inter-birth interval of any mammal.

Orangutans are the only Asian great ape; they are the largest arboreal mammal on Earth.

Orangutans will be extinct in the wild in the next 10 years if the palm oil industry, deforestation and burning of peat forests does not change.”

Although palm trees grow faster than soya beans for example, only ?around 50 million tons of palm oil is produced annually; with almost all of that being non-sustainable palm oil, that replaces millions of hectares of dense, bio-diverse rainforest.




According to the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil accounts for less than 10% of the global market. ‘RSPO certified palm oil’ only means sustainable palm oil, it does not necessarily mean that RSPO pushed for new palm oil plantations to be ended. ?How does RSPO decide which palm oil is sustainable

WWF acknowledged that if RSPO-certified palm oil allows continued deforestation, destruction of peatlands and use of dangerous chemicals, then it has become utterly meaningless.

It seems to me that RSPO is just a lobbyist for the palm oil industry and that no real protection is really offered. This is GREEN-WASHING AT WORK!

Friends of the Earth International explains why it does not regard the RSPO as a credible certification process.


(B) Also reported by the Independent: The Guilty Secrets of Palm Oil – Are You Unwittingly Contributing to the Devastation of Rainforests?


(C) Institute of Well Being observed the deforestation of Sumatran rainforests and decline of Orang Utans.



Would you consider your palm oil to be more important than the lives or orang-utans and more?


2. Even food manufacturers like KRAFT using palm oil, agrees that “more needs to be done to enforce guidelines and address deforestation and impacts of palm oil production on climate change”. Ref:



3. “The question then arises as to why then should an edible oil that is inherently healthy and heart friendly should be targeted and come under such withering attacks?” – and also from

(A). There is still no evidence that hydrogenated palm oil is as good as cold-treated coconut or olive oil. All hydrogenated vegetable oil is trans-fat.

This is why you do not hear from Ministry of Health or Health Promo Board any more that “margarine is a healthier choice”.

(B). In one study, when palm oil was compared to milk fat, rapeseed (canola oil) or sunflower oil, the palm oil resulted in higher inflammation in “plasma and adipose tissue” as measured by number of markers. In this study, researchers used red palm oil without the red (refined non-hydrogenated palm oil, excluding oil from the kernel). Difference between normal palm oil and red palm oil:

(C). There is also much conflicting information about healthy red palm oil. Robin Shreeves, a blogger on, revealed that he ?found only one company that makes an organic version of red palm oil, Tropical Traditions. He said that ?its nutritional label showed it contains 8,480 percent of the daily value of vitamin A while nutrition data ?on regular palm oil says it contains no vitamin A.

(D). A study published in the December 2011 issue of “Clinics” found that heating vegetable oil produces free radicals. Over time, free radicals can lead to chronic disease. In this study consuming heated palm oil was specifically linked to hypertension.

However, when the palm oil was unheated and raw, no detrimental impact on blood pressure was seen. This means palm oil may be safer to consume in a raw, unheated, uncooked state. Most of the palm oil in processed foods have already been treated with high heat.

(E). A study revealed: On the contrary, palm oil consumption reduces blood cholesterol in comparison with the traditional sources of saturated fats such as coconut oil, dairy and animal fats.

I wonder where they got the info that saturated fats from coconut oil DOES NOT reduce blood cholesterol. Dr. Bruce Fife touted the benefits of saturated fats in BOTH coconut oil and palm oil. Like coconut oil, palm oil is best cold-treated, to preserve its original natural nutrients.


4. Why is Palm Oil promoted $$$$

Google on the number of food manufacturers who use palm oil in their products.

Palm oil is Malaysia’s leading agricultural export. The palm oil industry accounts for 5 to 6% of Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2011, the export value of Malaysian palm oil and its products was RM$40.4billion or 61.8% of the nationa’s overall export value.
Google SLS from The Organics Consumers’ Association.

Beauty to die for:  Dangers of SLS lurking in personal care products
Beauty to die for: Dangers of SLS lurking in personal care products

(Note: SLS is not expected to bioaccumulate or persist in the environment, which is a good thing, but it is known to be toxic to aquatic organisms as noted in the International Chemical Safety Card (ICSC) Database.)


The palm oil industry will want you to believe that all the extreme activists are ant-palm oil and spreading rumours to do them harm. Really? ?Ask the Palm Oil Foundation if ZOOS around the world are telling lies about palm oil.

The Auckland Zoo ?highly recommend people to go palm oil free.

Till today, Ian Singleton is being forced to tranquilize Orang-Utans so that he can move them from place to place to keep them safe.


So when you buy a product, think about what your purchase actually support. Please consider buying only palm-oil free products: Palm ?oil free shopping list. As you may have guessed, this matter is in the hands of many, not just the responsibility of the Environmental Minister.


P.S. WAIT!! Why can’t all palm oil producers and their food manufcaturing clients be more like these 4 palm oil firms in Sabah

I would consider supporting palm oil ?products if no harm is done to animals, environment or to any humans, and that it has no ill-effects on human health. How about you




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Other sources of news about this destruction of rainforests and orang-utans can be found from organisations like: Borneo Orangutan Survival, Centre for Orangutan Protection, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, Orangutan Information Centre, International Animal Rescue and Hutan, Orangutan Republik Foundation in the USA, Orangutan Land Trust and SOS Orangutans in the UK, The Orangutan Project and Orangutan Odysseys in Australia and Monkey Business in the Netherlands.