Clueless Cow Walked Atop Roof and Crashed Onto Sleeping Brazilian Man, Killing Him

 Share on Tumblr  “The cow, which had reportedly escaped from a nearby farm, wandered onto the

Admittance that ADHD Was Created So That ADHD “Medicine” Could Be Prescribed to Children

 Share on Tumblr  “SPIEGEL: Professor Kagan, you’ve been studying the development of children for more than

Why Soy Meat and Wheat Meat (Seitan) Are Not necessarily Healthier

 Share on Tumblr  Why Soy Meat and Wheat meat (Seitan) Are Not necessarily Healthier 1. Textured

Video: What is the Difference Between “Organic” and “All Natural”

 Share on Tumblr  RELATED INFO Is Ener-G Egg Replacer VEGAN?  Share on Tumblr 

How Long Can Raw Foods Last Outside of Fridge Till it Becomes Inedible and Other Questions

 Share on Tumblr  I received these questions recently: “In the Equatorial context of melting Singapore… 1.

Why Did This Not Burn Nor Decompose?

 Share on Tumblr  Recently my mum had sweet tooth and wanted to buy some creamy cupcakes.

7 Sugar Alternatives To Use Other Than Brown Sugar (Why Not Common Sugar, Xylitol or Mollas Syrup?)

 Share on Tumblr  Although brown sugar is slightly healthier than common sugar, here are 7 sugar

Are There Benefits to Eating Mollusks (Escargots/Snails)?

 Share on Tumblr  Do you eat snails? Escargots? There are 7 classes of mollusks out of

Three Homeless Men That Grabbed My Attention and My Heart

 Share on Tumblr  The Homeless Man that FIRST Grabbed my Attention was Kelly Thomas. This meek

Just a Few Pics of Me On This Saturday And NEEDS Your Help! (McAfee’s Acting Like a Bully!)

 Share on Tumblr  Thought I’d take a break from posting so much about food and health.

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