Reversing Multiple Sclerosis Without Prescription Drugs

[ I have to thank one of my friends, Wayne Wong, for sending me a question on how ...

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We Are Not Christmas Trees

Romantic but they could get electrocuted if something goes wrong! Repeat after me: “We are not Christmas trees.” ...

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Emergency Tattoo Alerts – How Useful Are They

This EMERGENCY ALERT tattoo caught my eye recently. Beautiful? Ithink it’s ok (not ugly) but it’s wierd. I’ll ...

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Been Busy Learning & Making Mobile Apps

Like the girl in the pic? It isn’t me! lol Yep, There’s a BOOK A CAB IN SINGAPORE ...

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#Eargasm TRAP (Henry ft. Kyuhyun and Taemin)

Piano never was this good with K-Pop, until this hit! This can also be heard on Soundcloud.

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I Still Love VOLUME UP by 4Minute

  If you like VOLUME UP, please consider buying it at Amazon. It’s just US$0.99! Thank you for ...

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Could an Arctic flower add DECADES to your life?

” As legend has it, famed explorer Ponce de Leon scoured the state of Florida in the 1500s ...

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How to Have Brighter More Attractive Eyes

” There’s only so much a dab of color and a splash of mascara can do for tired, ...

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7 Ways Chronic Inflammation Can Damage Your Body And How Curcumin Helps

The “Silent Killer” Making You Age Faster” You may have heard about the dangers of “silent” chronic inflammation. ...

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What I Did When I Burned Out My Adrenals

A few years ago, I suffered an adrenal burnout. – I ended up urinating frequently. – I was ...

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